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9:45 Ship Board Time

11:45 since planet entry message was broadcast-ed

It had been a few minutes since the USG Caliber arrived at the planet. The massive vessel was in geosynchronous orbit over the planet and was about to launch the first of its manned crews to scout the areas that they were going to set their gravity tethers. Captain Thompson watched one of the monitors on the bridge as it showed one of the docking bays starting to open and reveal four landing crafts filled with equipment and two ships that were larger than average gunships that were used as escorts. Each landing craft would fit up to four people while the gunships held six soldiers, a pilot, and had six motorcycle-like vehicles attached underneath it and could be deployed at anytime. Thompson watched as the ships fired up their engines and began to do a vertical take-off.

"On your go watch tower." One of the pilots said over the communications on the bridge. The pilots liked to joke around with the people on the bridge by calling them by those kinds of names.

Captain Thompson pressed a button on the large control panel that allowed him to speak to the pilot directly. "You are clear for launch."

All of the ships began to slowly move forward toward the airlock and entered it. The doors closed behind them and began to equalize the pressure in the airlock and then opened the docking station doors to let them out.

Sergeant Willis looked out of the window of the gunship to get a better view of the planet.

Visiting a planet for an extended time was nothing new to him but something about this one seemed strange to him. It was also his first time going to one under the new laws regarding about retrieving unknown artifacts from planets. They had to report anything to the Earth Gov and they would handle it from there. They also had to report unusual actions of crew members in the event of a find.

After taking a look at the mostly green planet, Willis sat back down. A yellow light started to flash around all the soldiers as the pilot made an announcement, "Everyone needs to strap their ass in, we are approaching the atmosphere."

At once everybody did as they were told. They all could feel the ship start to slow down and become parallel to the surface. From where Willis was sitting, he couldn't see out any of the windows, he just had to sit there and wait until he was dropped off.

Around ten minutes later, the ship came to a halt and the side hatch opened up. Willis and two others got out of their seats and walked down a ramp that extended out of the ship. The vehicles that were underneath the gunship detached and dropped down a foot to the ground. The three of them backed away from the ship to allow the ramp plenty of room to retract and for the ship to take off. Once the gunship left, one of the landing craft took its place and opened up to let the crew out and to set up a camp site and to start the process of setting up an area for the gravity tethers.

Willis took a moment to look at their surroundings, they were in a large clearing in some kind of forest or borderline swamp, it was hard to tell to him. Trees surrounded them but weren't extremely dense, bugs and small animals were everywhere and were being pest.

The other soldiers went to greet the crew while Willis checked on the vehicles for anything out of place. The bikes were around six feet long and had a V2 engine, the body was silver and had these lines going along it that would pulse blue when it was on. It was a two seated bike and in the front it had a holster for either a pulse rifle of a seeker rifle. Willis wasn't much of a talker and not very social in anyway. He never went out to bars or parties, in fact the only time that anyone has seen him smile was when he was working out on the field and putting a pulse round through the skull of an enemy.

After an hour of being on the ground, two of the other soldiers approached him. "The scientist asked us to leave one of us here while the rest of us scout the area." One of the soldiers who goes by 'Sherman' said as he got on one of the vehicles and started the engines. "We should split up, I will go north do you mind going west?" Willis shook his head from side to side and got onto the bike. Sherman replied, "Alright, I will send you a message if I find anything. We will meet back here in three hours." Willis turned up the choke on the bike and was about to start the engine but Sherman had already left before he had touched the ignition.

He started the engine and turned to face a more open area and took off. He needed to move more slowly than he was use to so he could be on the side of caution. Tree roots that came up from the ground were making the ride a very bumpy one and causing him to stand up for quite some time. Willis would take occasional brakes to just look at his surroundings. He also had to take pictures and document any creature that he made contact with.

Willis had been driving for two hours at this point and was taking photos of some kind of animal that was similar to a raccoon but had a golden coat. The creature had crawled up a tree after Willis took a few pictures, he went over to his bike and was about to get on but stops when he got a smell of something rotting. The stench was one of the worst things that he ever smelled. He activated his RIG's helmet and allowed it to get a seal before he started breathing again. The source of the smell wasn't in his direct field of view so he got on his bike and drove in the direction of where he thought it could be.

He went a little faster than what he was going a little while ago. The drive only took him around five minutes before he found what he was looking for. He stopped his bike and walked up to the rotting body of an ape like creature that still had some meat on it. 'This thing looks old.' he thought to himself. He pulled out his camera, knelt down and took a few photos of it. 'If this thing is so old, why hasn't anything eaten this sooner?' He stood up and noticed another of the bodies. While walking towards it, Willis looked around and saw two more bodies. The Sergeant took some more photos and walked farther into the trees. He would find more and more bodies as he went farther. 'These things have gashes and have been torn apart, so a sickness is out of the question.'

He didn't have to walk much farther before he stopped dead in his tracks. 'What the fuck happened here?' In front of him were piles of the bodies, they were stacked in columns going through the trees. Willis took as many photos as he could, 'These bodies are organized by size into piles that something big could walk through. At least this explains the smell and why that thing wasn't already eaten, there is already a surplus of food here.' Willis started to walk back to his bike but heard something moving through the columns. He hid behind the wall of bodies and poked his head out to see what was making the noise. He quickly pulled his head back and immediately regretted coming here. He took another peak to get a better look at the creature, it was a large red reptilian creature with wings, four legs, and a large tail with a blade at the end, it also had eight spikes coming out from the top of its head. 'That thing looks like a dragon.' Willis thought.

The dragon was blocking his path to his bike, and his gun. The thing was just looking through the bodies and didn't even notice him. Willis slowly drew his camera just slightly out of his cover and took a photo. Again he regretted his decision when a bright flash came from the camera and the dragon turned towards the light. 'Shit! The flash.' He was able to duck before the dragon was able to see him but not the flash. The footsteps that the dragon made were able to be heard by Willis. His heart was starting to beat faster and faster as it got closer. He looked around for something that could be used as a weapon but couldn't find anything. He knew he probably wouldn't be able to out run this thing without something to distract it. The Sergeant decided to get a handful of dirt in his right hand and waited for an opportunity. The dragon slowly turned the corner while Willis threw the dirt into its eyes and sprinted off into the trees to get to his bike. As he ran he could hear the red dragon roar and start to run after him.

While dodging all the trees and bodies, Willis turned his head to look at the creature and watched it open its mouth and start to spit fire at him. He ducked down and turned back to the trees and could see his bike just waiting for him. The heat from the fire went right past him but was able to make him trip. Willis stumbled to get back up but was hit by the dragon who slammed its tail into his side. He was thrown eighteen feet to the side and the dragon was immediately running towards him again. If it got close to him there would be nothing that he could do to defend himself, he looked to his right and saw a large stick that he could use as a club and grabbed it. The dragon was only a few feet from him when he swung the club which made contact with the side of the dragon's skull just as it was about to bite him.

This was his chance to run and he took it while the dragon was stunned. He arrived at the bike and unhooked his pulse rifle and drew it at the charging dragon and fired. Eight rounds went into its chest while three went into the neck. The dragon fell to the ground and started to scream and kick in pain. Willis walked up to it and stopped a few feet from its head, put the laser sights on its chest and fired another fifteen pulse rounds into it.

Just as it drew its last breath, Willis revived a call from Sherman, "Willis you might want to see this." Sherman had his projector on his wrist unlike Willis who had it on his chest. Sherman looked as if he was in a large open field next to a lake. He adjusted his wrist so that Willis could see the ground. On the screen were large shards of metal and parts of a gunship. "That is not the only thing, I found these tracks, not from anything from this planet but from somebody. They must have crashed somewhere around here and are or were alive."

Willis turned so that the dead dragon could be seen behind him. "With these thing around here I wouldn't doubt that they are alive. I almost died trying to kill this thing. That son of a bitch can breathe fire." Willis said.

"So you're saying that thing is a dragon?" Sherman replied.

"That is not the only thing, there are an ass load of these ape-like bodies that are organized back there. Anyways, let's head back to base and send a transmission out to see if those survivors are still alive."

Willis said. Sherman nodded and ended the transmission while Willis got onto his bike and hooked his pulse rifle in its rightful place. Willis used his locator to find his way back to the camp but used his memory for most of the way. The event with the red dragon repeated in his head over and over again for the entire ride there. So many things could have gone better and worse, he could have been standing in rocks instead of dirt by the corpses, that branch could have been just out of his reach, the pulse rifle could have not had a round chambered. He tried to keep his mind off the subject but kept wondering about two things, how many of those dragons are there here and who stacked the bodies like that, certainly not just any kind of animal. Willis finally arrived at that base and parked his bike next to the unused one. The camp already had a large tent set up where they would sleep, keep their communication, and map out the area and prep it for the gravity tethers which will arrive in two Earth weeks and be ready to be activated.

Willis entered the tent and saw that Sherman had made it back before him and was already at the radio along with the rest of the men who were dropped off. Sherman went up to him and said, "Glad you got back without any more trouble. We are just about to send the broadcast, we've also sent an alert to the other camps to keep an eye out." They walked over to the radio and Sherman picked up the microphone and cleared his throat, "Here goes nothing." He said to the crew. He turned on the radio and set the transmission to all frequencies, "This is Technical Sergeant Michael Sherman of the USG Caliber, we have found wreckage on an Earth Gov. gunship we have evidence of survivors. Can anyone hear me?" The crew remained silent for a while. "This This is Technical Sergeant Michael Sherman of the USG Caliber, we have found wreckage on an Earth Gov. gunship we have evidence of survivors. Can anyone hear me?" He said again.

"This is Isaac Clark! Myself and Ellie Langford, thank you so much for finding the crash site! We have been stranded here for months!" Isaac shouted over the radio.

Excitement surrounded the crew as they heard his voice. Willis thought to himself, 'How could they have survived for months with those dragons out here?'

"Isaac Clark, I want you and Ellie to get to your old crash site so we can pick you up. Are you able to get there or do you even know the way back there?" Sherman said.

"We know how to get there but it will take us a while to get there, can you give us at least twenty-four hours?" Isaac said.

"We will meet you there in one Earth day." Technical Sergeant Sherman said.

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