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"Ahh... just a boring old day. I wonder how Flynn's doing..."

Yuri Lowell sat near his window and just stared out into the city life of the lower quarter. It had been boring since Brave Vesperia had taken a break from guild work and parted ways for a little bit. He slowly sighed, being bored after all of busy noises of Zaphias. Just being around there made him feel a bit lonely and longing again. Repede slept silently in the corner near his bed as the wind breathed into the room.

"Huh. The world is so quiet since we put an end to the blastia," he said to himself, "but there's such a overwhelming boredom here. I guess it can't be helped since what I've done outside the capital."

It was then he heard footsteps coming upstairs loudly and approach the door. Repede's ears twitched annoyingly as he opened his eye. Yuri sighed, rolling his eyes then turning his gaze to the window.

"Ted, if you're gonna barge into my room, the least you can do is knock first," he said loudly, anticipating the boy coming in.

However to their surprise, it was Hanks walking through the door with a smile. He folded his arms and caught Yuri off guard by his unexpected appearance.

"Seems you're slipping, Yuri, though I do appreciate the compliment of me being thought of as younger," he said.

"Oh, sorry," Yuri said, smiling a bit as he stood up, "It's rare for you to come up to my room, Hanks. What's up?"

"Well, I came to tell you that it appears that Princess Estelle is back in the capital," he said.

Repede's ears perking up, Yuri blinking in surprise and replied, "Wait, she's here? I thought she lived in Halure."

"Well, then, explain why she's down right now in the lower quarter with two friends of hers looking for you, surprisingly," he retorted with a smirk.

Yuri chuckled, shaking his head at the teasing remark, "Well, I guess I can't keep the princess waiting. How about you, Repede?"

Repede barked, despite his dislike for her constantly trying to be friends with him, he did miss time traveling with her and the others.

"All right, we'll be down in a second, Hanks," he nodded to the old man.

"Yeah, better not keep her waiting. Seems she's really anxious. Tell her I said hello too, would ya? I have a lot of meetings today, so I can't afford a visit. Good luck," Hanks chuckled as he walked out of the door.

Yuri walked over to his sword, sheathed and hanging from the wall, grabbed it and began to walk out the door. Repede slowly followed behind him as the two began to make their way to meet Estelle.


Skit – Estelle is back

Yuri: (neutral face) Well, Repede, looks like Estelle's paying us a visit. I hope she's been doing good in Halure.

Repede: (barking upward, neutral face) Woof woof!

Yuri: To be honest, I wonder why she's traveling back here to Zaphias. She was going on and on about living in Halure. (closes eyes) It makes me wonder if she's here for more than just a visit.

Repede: (barking upward, neutral face) Woof woof WOOF!

Yuri: I know, I know. (opens eyes) I'm happy to be able to see her again too.

Repede: (barking upward) WOOF!


Walking up the stairs that led down to the inn, Yuri and Repede came up at the same time Estelle, Raven, and Tai came down from the public quarter. Immediately, the man was able to spot the three. Seeing the princess, she looked around curiously and even stood on her tiptoes to look for him. He blinked at the old man being there. He didn't expect Raven by her side, especially since he was in Dhangrest when they left him. But it made perfect sense that he would help her get to the capital.

"Heh. Seems the old man has the same sketchy and slimy look as ever. And the princess looks completely innocent-appearing also," Yuri said, smirking.

He was rewarded with an agreeing bark from Repede. But his smirk faded as he laid eyes on the third person. The teenager hidden in a green hoodie slumped as if he was in agony. He had never seen him before at all; and he looked like a sore thumb with Estelle and Raven.

"It seems they picked up somebody new with them; I wonder who he is..." Yuri said, obviously interested after seeing his weapon and glove-covered arm.

Over on the other side, the trio were searching for the dark-haired man and his partner. However, since black is a common color to wear and you're not like the three wearing unique and bright colored clothing that make you stick out, it's easy for people with dark colors to blend in. Worried about a certain someone getting uneasy more than he was, Estelle turned to them.

"Hey, Tai, I have an idea," she said smiling.

The boy looked up, his eyes screaming of her to make it quick, as she continued, "Why not wait down there near the ramp there for us? It's an exit right outside of the city, so if you feel uncomfortable, you can just head out there. Raven and I will come out that way so you won't be left behind, okay?"

"Don't worry, kid," Raven winked and saluted to him, "We won't be leavin' ya behind. But just stay close, just in case of the unexplained-unpredictable stuff happenin' on us, 'kay?"

"Okay," Tai said, nodding as he turned and immediately headed down the ramp.


Tai left the party.


Just as Yuri and Repede started to head over, they noticed the teen walking away from the group. He seemed pretty shady of a character, as he buried his hands in his pockets, hid his face in the hood, and walked off, only to stop and rest against a wall near the lower quarter exit of the city. Why was someone like him traveling with Estelle and the old man? However, he shrugged it off (for now) and began his way over to his friends, only to see the Princess got a glimpse of him.

"YURI!" She yelled happily as she ran over to him and hugged him.

Caught off guard by this, he stuttered a bit with widened eyes and blinked a few times. Hearing her sigh, he slowly smiled and let her hug him gently as she soon broke it and stood happily smiling.

"It's so good to see you again, Yuri!" she chimed, holding her hands rather tightly in excitement.

"It's great to see you too, Estelle. It's been a while," Yuri nodded to her, and said calmly.

"Aww, ain't that cute? The two of you youngings huggin'," Raven said, walking over and saying with a smile, and causing Estelle to blush a bit.

"Well, well, I thought something stunk around here. You know, there's a thing called baths, Raven; you should use them, so that way you don't smell, old man," Yuri glared unimpressed at him, putting a hand on his hip, as Estelle pouted at her failed attempt to pet Repede, who backed away from her.

"Hey, com' on! Several months go by since we were together, and this is the welcom' ol' Raven gets?" Raven said, losing his smile and making a disappointed face.

"Act that way, and your answer is yes. Actually change, and I might be more cheerful to see you. Emphasis on both 'might' and 'cheerful'," Yuri said, smirking.

"Heh... ya know I'm gonna be stickin' around like this for a while; guess it's no use, even if I tried," the old man shrugged, grinning, "And here I've been sent ta ask for yer help."

"Hm? What now?" the man asked, as Repede turned his head and looked towards a certain someone.

"Commandant Flynn has been assigned a task regardin' some former imperial knights and guild members stealin' blastias and cores, although they don't work no more," Raven explained in a serious tone, "He's right now headin' off to the port city to recruit some friends of his, but he asked ol' Raven here ta com' for yer help on the matter."

"Hm... if he asked you to come all the way from Dhangrest to here, then this is definitely no joke," Yuri said, looking down and holding his chin, "Maybe Brave Vesperia could help. I bet Karol and especially Judy would like to get in on this."

"So, you're coming with us?" Estelle said, happily.

"I guess I can spare time to help out. How about you, Repede?" he asked.

Repede, still staring at the person his gaze was on, still was able to reply with a bark. Yuri noted the person who his partner was eying was in fact Tai. Raising an eyebrow, he turned his head back into the conversation and noticed Estelle celebrating a bit.

"Yay! We can travel again, just like we used to, Yuri!" she said, causing him to smile.

"And this will give Flynn a bit of a relief as well. Glad you could spare the time ta help us out, Yuri," Raven said, smirking with him rubbing his chin.

"Hey, I don't mind. Now..." Yuri said, then deciding to investigate, "About that other person who was with you..."


Wow, just incredible. A little ramp had less noise than all of the city. He guessed maybe he'd have to stick with exits from now on. A lot more happy, Tai silently listened to his music and bobbed his head back and forth slightly to the tunes he was listening too. That didn't mean, of course, he didn't take a look around the place. If it wasn't so noisy, he would've loved living in this lower quarter. The people did look nice and kind and the water fountain in the middle was pretty sweet.

"Ahh, come on, you two," he said, gently to himself, "Hurry up."

He took the time to gaze up at them just to see how it was going. He saw Yuri, the long haired man, speaking with the princess and the old man. He was pretty skilled, just by observing his sword and how he stood. Glancing around, he couldn't seem to find this "partner" of his, but he did happen to see the dog. That's when a thought hit him.

"Wait a minute... That's... Repede?" he thought, his eyes narrowing with a mixture of annoyance and let-down, "Estelle is seriously comparing me... to a dog?"

His pupils turning into dots from how much of a disbelief and irritation the calculation in his head rang, he groaned/grunted and shook his head. Face-palming came across his mind, but he'd rather not, for he was comfortable with how he was standing.

"Way to go, your highness, making me feel wonderful about who I am..."

But upon taking a second look at the dog, it seemed that Repede was staring at him. Not blankly, but as if he was studying him, observing his movements. Once he took note of it, he lowered his head a bit, so the dog couldn't see his eyes. Turning his head back into a neutral viewpoint, he still glanced at them, counter-studying why he was being stared at. Suddenly, it hit him. In different parts of their conversation, once Estelle and Raven looked away or at each other at the same time, Yuri would glance at him from the corner of his eyes with a very serious look. What, did these two suspect him as something?

"I get the feeling these two think I'm some sort of bad guy..." he thought, "I better get up there and make sure they don't get some kind of bad impression of me."

But before he made his way up the ramp and could get close enough to be seen for their attention, he was suddenly stopped by a huge sword and spear being pointed at him. Before they got too close, he jumped back and kept his right arm back, just in case he needed his bat. Quickly tracing where they came from, two imperial knights, one who was really skinny and had bloated lips with a black mustache, and the other who was really short and round, held their weapons out in front of him, preventing him any further access.

"Halt! What do you think you are doing approaching the princess?" the short one said, announcing it boldly.

"I'm just walking over there; what's the crime?" Tai said, stunned but then allowing his attitude to flow into his words.

"Don't think you can fool us! I say, we will defeat you, scum of Leviathan's Claw!" the skinny one declared, struggling to keep his helmet from closing.

Tai tilted his head, and with a bit of silence, muttered, "...Um...What?"


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