It had been exactly one month since Danny had been kidnapped. Since then, everything had been perfect. Josh was now six months old and had grown so much in such a short period of time. Stella was now six months along in her pregnancy and Reed was officially Mac and Stella's son. Everyone had been thrilled to find out that they were adopting him. They had been hesitant at first with a baby on the way, but there was no doubt that Reed belonged with them. Angell was almost at her due date and they were getting very excited to meet their son who Angell had told Lindsay was going to be named Wes.

Danny and Lindsay were walking through the park with their son. They stopped next to the sandbox and Danny got Josh out of the stroller. The park was empty except for them which meant the young couple could focus solely on their baby and not worry about other kids stepping on his small hands. They watched Josh pile the sand onto his lap and smile in delight as it slipped through his fingers.

'Yes,' Lindsay thought, 'Everything was perfect.'

2020 Update:

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