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~ Amu's POV ~

May 7th

I woke up with the sounds of birds chirping. I slowly opened my eyes, and for a few seconds they were cloudy until I blinked them a few times to get rid of the cloudiness. I lay there in bed, happy, content, and excited.

For today Ikuto comes back from Europe with his father that he finally found.

I smiled, thinking of the promise Ikuto had for me: "When I come back, I'll definitely make you fall in love with me."

Ikuto, I've already fallen for you a long time ago…

Ikuto was supposed to come back in the evening. He said that first he'll come to his house to drop off his stuff, and then come to my house to see me.

I was actually looking forward to college classes (I was 18), for when it ends, it'll be nearly time 'till Ikuto comes.

I stuck my feet out of bed and put my clothes on. Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia are gone now, shortly after I started college. It was a little lonely not to hear their voices every morning, but I've gotten used to it. I've turned out better than I was before, anyway.

I went downstairs, greeted my parents and little sister (who was 9), had a quick breakfast, then went to the bus station to go catch the bus to college. My major is arts and PE, just like Miki and Ran. I'm also better at cooking and my radiance seems to shine.

I arrived at college and went to my class. Tadase, Rima, and Nagihiko go to the same college as I do. Yaya and Kairi are still in high school, and Utau and Kuukai are in a different college.

When lunch time came, Tadase, Rima, and Nagihiko sat with me, along with a few other friends that I had made.

"Ikuto-nii-san is coming back today, isn't he?" Tadase asked me, smiling.

I smiled back. I still admired his princely looks (which is now growing more mature, as in more "kingly"), but my heart was set for Ikuto. By the way, they're on really good terms now, and it's like they've gone back to their "brother" relationship of old. I replied, "Yes, that's right."

Tadase smiled again, and I noticed some of my friends give a soft sigh. "I'm excited to see him again. You're probably more excited, though."

I nodded. He knew that I loved Ikuto and not him, and he respected me for that. But I think he still likes me. I felt a little sorry for him, but I hoped for him he could find another girl he likes.

Lunch time was over, and I headed over to my next class. One girl, Mayu Nomura from the same class, skipped over to me and said, "Hotori-kun is so cool-looking! How come you aren't interested in him?"

I smiled at Mayu. A lot of girls ask that question, because they often see me with Tadase. Should I dare mention that the ones that ask that question are usually interested in Tadase?

"My heart is set for someone else… and I know that I love that person, and that person only. I like Tadase-kun as a friend, but no more," I replied.

Mayu looked curiously at me. "Then if you're not interested, I can take him, right?"

I chuckled. Most girls also asked that question. When I say "yes", they flirt with him for a while, but since Tadase doesn't seem interested in them, they stop after a few weeks. I felt sorry for him; he's probably still stuck on me and not ready to move on. I had a talk with him about this, and I know he's doing his best to "take his eyes off me", but it doesn't seem like he's ready yet. Hopefully when Ikuto and I grow closer in our relationship, he'll start to realize we're serious, back off, and find another girl. That's what I hope for him, not in a mean way, but as a friend that's concerned for him.

"Of course, Nomura-san. You don't need to ask me," I complied.

Nomura-san brightened up and said, "Thank you, Hinamori-san! Just you wait, I'll grab his heart!" She winked at me and ran off to her class. I stared after her, smiling and chuckling. There have been many girls who have taken up the "challenge" to win Tadase's heart, but so far none have. I kind of found it silly how every girl wants a chance to win his heart even though they probably know that the girls that tried to before them have failed. But then I admire them for their perseverance and "I'll do my best!" spirit. So then that's why I silently cheer for them to win his heart, because he needs someone, as I explained before. I only hope that one girl has enough sense to win his heart not by flirting, but by being sincerely kind to him. So far I don't know of one girl who's done that. Maybe this girl, Mayu, will. I always have this hope in my heart that there will be someone for Tadase-kun, my childhood crush.

After school was over for the day and I was ready to go home, Tadase joined me in the hall. Sometimes he walks me home if he's not too busy with extra homework. He's a well respected student among the teachers and other students even though he just entered in this year. He also has good grades so far. I was, and still am, proud of him.

"Thank you, Tadase. I appreciate you walking me home," I said to him, smiling a little.

He smiled back and pushed his hands into his pockets, looking down. He's probably blushing.

I waved Nagihiko and Rima goodbye as they headed over to the dorms. I smiled behind their backs when I saw them hold hands. They've really improved in their relationship, and they don't really fight or bicker that much anymore. Nagihiko cut his hair to the shoulders and is really tall, while Rima is the complete opposite; she might even be the same height when she was in middle school!

Tadase and I talked about how the school day went for a while until I asked him about Mayu Nomura.

"Oh," he chuckled. "Yes, she did come to me. But she was like the rest of the girls, flirty and showy. Those type of girls don't appeal to me, as you know. Of course, I couldn't tell her that I'm not interested in her. She'll notice in time, hopefully, just like the other girls." He sighed.

I smiled sadly at him. So much for that hope. I patted his back. "You'll find her. I'll be cheering for you."

He looked over at me and gave me a sad, longing look. "Thanks for the encouragement."

Tadase dropped me off at home and went towards his house. "I'm home!" I called out, and received the usual "Welcome back." I took off my shoes, set my bag on a chair, got a drink of water, and walked into the living room where Dad and Ami were watching the national news as they were waiting for dinner.

I looked at the clock. 5:30. Ikuto will arrive around 7:00. It will probably take about two hours for him to finally get here. I could hardly wait.

I heard the news man saying, "Recently, around 5:00, an ANA airplane that flew from London to a direct flight to Tokyo had some engine trouble and crashed into the Japan Sea…"

I nearly dropped my glass of water on the carpet. Ikuto...? Wasn't that Ikuto's flight? Oh no, oh no…

I watched as a number of dead people scrolled on the screen. Then I saw the one name I dreaded to see: Ikuto Tsukiyomi.

"Ikuto… Ikuto… drowned?" I uttered to myself, not believing what I saw. Mom gave me a sympathetic look. Dad and Ami were still fixated on the TV screen, and I thought I heard Ami sniffle.

"No… no! He can't be dead! No!" I lost my senses and before I knew it, I dropped my glass of water on the carpet, ran up the stairs, and slammed the door to my room.

I pressed my back to the door, breathing heavily. Ikuto… gone? No, no, I still can't accept it… I ran to my bed and collapsed on it, not caring anymore for dinner, and Mom didn't come to call me for dinner.

I just lay there for hours, despaired and weary, tears endlessly pouring out of my face. "Ikuto… why did you have to die? Why does life have to be so cruel?" I bawled and bawled until I cried myself to sleep.

Three days later, May 10th

I solemnly stood in front of my mirror, dressed in black attire. Today is Ikuto's funeral. I thought I hardly had the strength to go through it, nevertheless I decided to go. I can't be in despair forever.

"Onee-chan, are you ready?" I heard Ami say from behind my door.

I opened the door without saying anything. Ami looked sad too, for although she was only 9, she understood that Ikuto was precious to me. I walked downstairs with her and then got in the car.

When we finally arrived at the temple, I saw numerous numbers of people there, even Tadase, Rima, Nagihiko, Yaya, Kairi, Utau, and Kuukai. They all saw me and gave me sympathizing looks. Utau especially looked grieved, for although she lost her brother complex, she still loved him a great deal. Tadase looked the second-most grieved out of that group.

I spotted Aruto-san with his wife. They looked to be the most grieved out of everybody, which I can understand. I can imagine Aruto-san thinking, "Why did my son have to drown and not me?"

Aruto-san walked over to me, examined myself, and said quietly, "So this was my son's girlfriend…" he smiled at me, which pierced my heart because it looked exactly like Ikuto's genuine smile back when Ikuto comforted me when I thought Tadase had a new girlfriend (A/N: Read "I'll Make You Forget").

I smiled sadly at him, the tears starting to come. Aruto-san gently wiped them away, understanding my remorse.

We got inside the temple, the funeral almost starting. I saw a large picture of Ikuto stand in a little memorial shelf along with some flowers. The tears started to flow faster. Tadase quietly stood next to me. I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw tears coming out of his face. He looked at me and held my gaze, and for a moment we understood each other's sorrows.

The funeral began. The Buddhist priest started chanting, but I blocked out most of it, as I was lost in my own despair once again. In fact, I didn't really pay attention to most of the funeral.

I heard Ikuto's parents and Utau give some remarks on how Ikuto was a good brother and son, how he always protected his family even though he in turn was hurt, and how he influenced their lives. I wanted to give some of my own remarks, but I wasn't assigned to do that.

The dreaded funeral finally ended, and everybody expressed their condolences to the family. I also expressed my condolences, hugging Utau and sharing tears.

When my family was ready to go home, Tadase came over to me and hugged me. I hugged him back, needing the comfort, and figured he needed some of it, too. I heard him sniffle and felt wet drops fall on my head. I buried my head in his chest, hugging him tighter and making his shirt wet in the process.

He finally pulled back with a tear-stained face. "I'm sorry, Amu. I really wished for the best future for you two. I'm so sorry that was destroyed."

I just cried, for I could not speak, could not express my condolences to him. Tadase hugged me briefly again, gave me a soft "goodbye", and left.

My family finally arrived home, and I just went straight upstairs and laid on my bed, not bothering to take off my black clothes. I lost my appetite for dinner. I cried some more, the pain unbearable. How can I live without Ikuto?

I once more cried myself to sleep.

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