Pain Fades, Hurts Don't

(Hello! This is the not so long awaited sequel to Hurt. I know your very eager to read, so without further ado, Pain Fades, Hurts Don't!)

Maxs PoV

Hi again. Its me, Max, and Fang of course. We're back, to tell the second part of our story. This part begins about three weeks after we escaped from Jeb, Iggy, and the other two psychos, Dylan and Sam. They are all awaiting trial, along with Dr. M. Nudge and Ella have been adopted by Angel and Gazzys parents, so they all continue to live happily together.

How nice for them. Fang and I are still in foster care, but we're not complaining. There had been a time when we had thought we'd be separated, and it was the worst thing either of us could imagine. My social worker, Dean, had seen this and kept us together.

Unfortunately, as a pair its harder to get foster offers. But I don't care. Im never letting go of Fang, not ever. If they separate us, Ill find him again. Nothing can stop me. In case your wondering, I still haven't gotten over the trust/ people touching me thing. In fact, it was worsened by recent events.

The same with Fangs claustrophobia. We help each other, and its not always that bad. We both, before we were together, cut to relieve our pain.(Which in my case was ironic.) But now? Right when we're on the edge of falling, the other pulls us back. Its really sweet sometimes.

Like right now. We're sitting in my room, just holding each other and laughing. Not for any reason, just for the fun of it. Fangs obsidian eyes sparkled, one slightly obscured by his scruffy raven hair. His olive toned hands rubbed circles between my shoulder blades, making me dangerously drowsy. He was clad entirely in black, from his sneakers to his leather jacket.

I buried my face in his back t shirt. Closing my eyes, I inhaled his scent, which only made me drowsier. He started running his fingers through my loose, dirty blonde hair. "Don't." I groaned. "You'll make me even sleepier." He just chuckled.

Fangs PoV

Max groaned as I ran my hands through her mostly dirty blonde hair. I say mostly because there was every other color of the rainbow ever so slightly mixed in with the blonde and brown. It was beautiful. But not as much so as her sparkly brown eyes, which were closed as she said, "Don't. Youll make me even sleepier." I chuckled, amused by her antics.

I was getting pretty tired myself. Max had this warmth that constantly radiated around her, one that always relaxed me, no matter how tense I was. I kissed her forehead and murmured, "Just go to sleep then." I closed my eyes, wrapping one arm around her waist while I buried my face in her hair.

One hand rubbed up and down her back in a hypnotic motion that relaxed both of us even more. I felt her muscles relax, telling me she had fallen asleep. I smiled to myself, then allowed myself to follow.

Maxs PoV

It was several hours later before Dean woke us up. He had sandy hair and green eyes, which were sparkling with excitement. "What Dean?" I moaned, not wanting to leave. "We have a foster offer for you!" he proclaimed happily. Fang slowly opened his black eyes. His gaze said, "Who?"

Of course, Dean couldn't read his eyes like me. So I asked, "Who?" "I think you should meet them first." Dean replied. Fang and I shared a glance as we got up. Grabbing our pre packed backpacks, we followed Dean down the hall to the waiting rooms. Fang held my hand tightly, and I gave it a little comforting squeeze.

The last foster home had been both a blessing and a curse. There had been the craziness with Iggy and Jeb of course, but I also met Fang. He gave me a tiny smile, then Dean led us into one of the rooms. Inside was a woman about 40 years old, with pasty skin and pale blonde hair. Her eyes however, they were a startlingly bright green.

Next to her sat a boy me and Fangs age, with brown dreadlocks pulled back into a ponytail. Brownish skin, darker than Fangs olive tone .He was about my height, meaning Fang towered over him by four inches. He looked extremely bored and not at all happy to be here.

As soon as Fang saw them, he pulled back with a hiss. I gazed at him, concerned. "What is it?" I murmured quietly, only loud enough for his ninja hearing to pick it up. He looked at me mutely, but all I had to do was search his eyes.

They were sad, angry, and now that I looked closer, terrified. My jaw dropped slightly. "No." I muttered. It couldn't be. Could it?

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