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Maxs PoV

The next morning was a flurry of packing everything into the car, which was huge by the way. It took until noon to get everything situated. Then we had to drive there. Angie told us it was about a half hour away. Fang and I sat in the back seat while Angie drove.

I had my headphones in, and had Break by Three Days Grace pounding in my ears. My music was cut off when my phone started ringing. Carelessly, I answered. "Hello?" "Max." that cold voice again. Goddamn it, cant he just leave me alone? "Stop calling me and leave me the hell alone!" I hissed. Fang immediately became alert when he heard that.

"Max, you should have known better than to move. Oh well, I'll just follow home. That's how I met you, do you remember?" My eyes widened. Ari. The first day I met him, he followed me home and saw how my dad treated me, which led to us becoming friends. "Ari." I breathed. Fangs eyes widend, then narrowed in recognition.

"Yes, Max. Congratulations. You finally figured it out." Quickly, I waved for Fang to take out his phone. He handed it to me, and I hit the record button. Then I put my phone on speaker. I motioned for Angie to be silent. "So you're the one whose been stalking me?" I asked. "Yes, Max. Must I spell it out for you? I, Ari Johnson, have been stalking you. Sheesh, a little slow aren't you?"

I grinned to myself. He;d just admitted it on record! "Why, Ari? Why have you been stalking me?" "A. Because your hot. B. You deserve it." He said coldly. I snapped, "It wasn't my fault you had to abandon me for the red headed bimbo!"

"It wasn't mine either." He sounded bitter. "Name one guy who wouldn't fall for Lissa." Without missing a beat, I responded, "Fang didn't." There was a pause before he said, "How is Fang? I bet he's just as emo as you, right?" "Goodbye Ari." I said sweetly, and hung up.

I stopped recording and grinned at Fang. "We're going to the police station." Angie said. "No buts." I nodded and leaned against Fang, who held me close and kissed my forehead.

We got to the station and turned in the letters and the recording. Ari was arrested.

Life is good. For Once.


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