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Chapter 1

It had been the same thing every day for four years. Ever since he could walk he would do all the chores they told him to do and still he would get very little food and if he complained Uncle Vernon would take a belt to his backside. All in all it was not the best environment for one so young or anyone at all.

It was after another belting that the little five year old finally stopped crying and started to beg and pray.

"Please anyone or anything take me somewhere, anywhere but here." Harry begged.

As Harry continued to beg his magic started to stir in response to how emotional he was getting. Magic in its most basic form is all about intent and willpower so when someone focuses so hard on something happening it can break any rules surrounding it. What most wizards and witches forget is that magic is supposed to be able to break or at least bend the laws of the universe and when they put limits on it they are restricting what magic is capable of doing and as such cannot access their full potential. But when a youngster who has magic but doesn't have any idea of limits of what it can do uses it they can access their potential for a very brief amount of time.

And so it is that after about fifteen minutes of his magic building up it was all released in one instant that created a crack in the timeline which harry fell right into and after blacking out from using so much of his magic he was deposited right into a forest.

A while later he was happened upon by a pack of wolves who were curious about this little cub that smelled both like man and nature. And so it was that when Harry regained consciousness the next day that he found himself among a pack of wolves.

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