In regards to the conversation we shared last week, I have been working to pinpoint the center of the problem you expressed to me, and I've come to a conclusion. You stated that memories, above all, have been particularly rough for Peeta. In my experience with him, I have found that the best way to solve problems like these is to face them directly. Yes, I am suggesting exactly what you suspect. I believe that the best solution is to share memories, both your own and his, as often as he is faced with the difficulty with comprehending them. Not the way a doctor would share thoughts with a patient, but rather, just the way two friends would reminisce. Tell him about your childhood, ask him about his own. Find what is too tender, too fuzzy. Work around it.

Now, of course, you are not his doctor, nor are you his therapist. You did not come to me for help, it was my bringing up that brought this to light. With medication and some basic tactics I taught Peeta during his stay in the Captiol, he will still be able to function as you have seen. I do not expect you to put your life in hold for Peeta. It can be the hardest thing to watch a person you care for try to overcome something so slowly. But maybe that's key: a person you care for. The choice rests in your hands.

Please call me as soon as possible.

Give Peeta and Haymitch my best,

Dr. P. Aurelius