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The Prophecy

This story begins not in london or ireland or even scotland but in the far, culturally distant United States of america, New york to be exact. It was October 30, 1997 and The death eaters were on A mission for lord Voldemort, Voldemort had seen a prophecy that had made him send death eaters out immediately It read; 'Four children born all from one womb, raised by Hogwarts hand shall become the most powerful wizards ever seen and shall be the enders of the great war, shall the child of prophecy live the light shall prevail, should he be killed by the dark lord then the four shall make the end of secrecy and balance of the world'. Now Voldemort was DESPERATE to retrieve the four children and kill Harry Potter so he could achieve what he wanted, he was so excited he didn't finish the prophecy, much like the first. it ended as such; Shall the bearer of two fall in love, darkness will not retrieve him'.Foreshadow? i think so.

The Beginning.

In a A dark alley in new york city there was a sudden loud crack and two gray ashen cloaked figures stood, breathing heavy, carrying two bundles each, Four one year old children each sleeping in a deep sleep. The first figure, a woman spoke.

"Michael, what do we do?", she asked concern hitching in her voice.
"Annabell, i really dont know, im not sure why, HE wants our kids but i'm not gonna stick around and find out", The other figure, a man, answered obviously angered.

"Michael, we have to protect the kids we c-" Annabells sentence was cut off by a high pitched laugh, a deranged laugh.

Standing at the mouth off the alley was a woman in a dark black cloak with heavily lidded eyes, crazy curly hair and a crooked smile. Two more death eaters stood behind her and she slowly made her way to the couple, who in turn set down the now awakening kids as they withdrawn stick like objects from their womans eyes widened in mock surprise.

"Withdrawing our wands i see..."she drawled in a British Accent "how threatening" she said sarcastically copying the action stopping her advance and making the other cloaked figures withdraw their her left Was a woman with Bright hazel eyes and Brunette hair tied in a bun, on her right was a Man with sandy hair, dark forest green eyes and sharp features. Behind her a man with dark grey eyes and brown hair hid from the two grey cloaked people. The figures threw back their hoods, Annabelle had Dark Black hair and grey eyes, and Micheal had Short blonde hair and Bright blue eyes, recognition crossed his face as he saw the man hiding in the back.

"Marcus? How could you do this to me? your SISTER!, annabelle cried obviously recognizing the boy as well. He remained silent with guilt crossing his face, The woman stepped aside to reveal to his dismay.

"Mark?" Michael whispered. "Wha-, what are you doing with these people?"

The man flinched at his nickname and pain crossed his features.

"I-I'm protecting you." He replied, more to michael than his sister, much to his sisters suspicion.

"Protecting who? Who? Marcus Tyler Rodriguez LOOK AT ME!" Annabelle screeched.

The man looked at his sister with a blank studied her for a minute.
"Mike.' he answered in a tone to match his expression.

Michael looked at the man with an odd expression, well odd to Annabelle because it was one that he only looked at her with, well what he Used to look at her with, it was...Love, added with true betrayal and pain.

"Why?" she asked.

"Tell her michael."he said again not really talking to Annabelle.

The Raven looked at her Fiance expectantly but he remained silent.

"Tell me what?" she shifted uncomfortably and sighed, he would have to tell her sooner or later.

"Me and Mark have been getting together behind your back, but its not like that, i fell in love with him not too long ago and i'm so sorry i never wanted this to happen but..." Michael trailed off.

Annabelle was frozen, he mind tried to compute what her fiance had just said to didn't know whether to be happy that she figured out why michael has been so distant or angry that he cheated on her with her she did the one thing she knew how to do, fake it.

"It doesn't matter, i knew something was up i guess it was only a matter of time" she laughed without humor

"Well isn't this good Family drama" The crazy looking woman sneered.

"SHUT-UP!" annabelle snapped. pointing her wand at the Woman.

"Give us the kids now, darling or we'll MAKE you do it" The brunette quipped.

"Not my babies you bitch!"annabelle roared. " 'Terracorpus'!" the spell hit the burnett square in the first nothing happened, then the burnett clasped her chest as sand fell out of the bottom of her robe then her hands began to crumble into bits and pieces of sand and rock, it ran across her skin like a fire and slowly she began to fall apart.

"Help me Brandon!"she cried.

"There is no counter-curse, i made that spell up" annabelle chuckled as the woman's eyes bugged out and crumbled as well.

"Tracy!"Brandon cried as she screamed and completely crumbled , blown away with an invisible turned very angry.

"Nooooo! die Mudblood!" He cried stepping forward. "Avada Kedavra!"

The green light filled the alley and annabelle dodged it aiming another curse at the death crazy woman laughed and began dueling Michael and Marcus seemed unsure of what to do.

"STUPEFY!"michael yelled and the woman deflected it.

"CRUCIO!" But the woman smiled as an idea crossed her mind while she shot spells back and forth with the man.

"Marcus , fight your sister, " she commanded " Brandon, do it now"

The obliged and brandon let marcus take over, annabelle fought with renewed vigor, seeing her brother betray her and steal her husband was too would think the pair had the fight under controll , that is until brandon revealed the plan. He walked to the back and had lifted one of the now awake babies and smiled. If it werent for voldemorts orders he would take this one and go, but as he looked into the scared bright grey eyes of the one year old quadruplet he felt something, almost pushed it off and cleared his throat catching the attention of the grey cloaks and they halted immeadiatley.

"No..." Annabelle whispered."Dont.." Michael said at the same volume.

"Stop fighting and surrender them to us, or ill kill them one by one" he said both looked at eachother and nodded.

"Over My Dead Body" annabelle sneered.

"LocoMortor Mortis!" The deranged looking woman screeched and the spell hit the Raven and she dropped to the floor.

" 'Frio' " Marcus hissed and Michael Was surrounded and trapped by crystalizing ice.

"You see, The Dark lord wants your kids for some reason and he said we should ask Nicely first but i guess you don't care for politeness"

"You call telling us your going to take our kids Niceties?" annabelle snapped.

" 'Crucio!' " Brandon yelled looking at the woman with a screamed and tried to writhe in pain as the The t torture curse relentlessly got baby seeing his mother in pain began to cry. " 'Silencio' " he murmured pointing his wand at the child.

"Now," the woman said as brandon put down the child next to his siblings who were now sitting up with curious expressions on their faces. "We either obliviate you or kill you, choose, i feel merciful."

The couple glanced at each other and shared a knowing look, no matter what happened they were going to die tonight.

"Well if neither of you can decide then i will for you, Death for both...but i want to kill the mudblood first." she continued advancing on the stunned witch on the floor. The woman smiled her wicked smile and pointed her wand. "Any last words ?"

Annabelle debated, she loved her children and wanted to be in their lives, she then swore that even in her a afterlife she would try and protect she wasn't going out without a looked at her brother.

"I forgive you," then she looked at her kids, " 'Impendentis Travelius Darkus' " then at The woman " Equilibrius Musicus " the wandless spell hit he woman and she fell backwards.

"A misbalanced spell really?" The woman scoffed, toppling as she got up. Brandon and Marcus giggled as she tried to get up. "I'll admit that was funny but humor won't revoke your sentence, 'Avada Kedavra!' " annabelle gasped as the killing curse hit her, she looked at her fiance one last time and winked mouthing 'i love you' and he watched as the light faded from her eyes.

"Noooooo!" Michael and Marcus howled in heartbreak.

"Now for you McCorvick" She smiled as she approached the Frozen wizard.

" 'Avada k'-"

"NOOOOOO!' STUPEFY STUPEFY'!"A voice yelled out, sending the witch and the wizard reeling to the ground. Michael looked to see his boyfriend clutching his wand with a bone white grip pointing at the place where brandon was breathing heavily." Incendio" he said Melting the ice, freeing the man. He ran to the other man hugging him close, murmuring his apologies over and over. "I'll leave the death eaters ill protect the kids, i'll help you" Marcus murmured, tears running down his face.

"Its okay baby, we'll get through this" Michael whispered in the shorter man's hair, They were 21 in new york city , they would be safe and happy, for now, he just knew it.

"Dada?" One of the children called, Michael turned and looked at the youngest quadruplet in the group of blankets and kids.

"Look Nathaniel said his First word", Michael said proudly.

Nobody knew how but the woman got up and growled, "Avada Kedavra" she had pointed at the Marcus but Michael jumped in front of him with the speed of some sort of silently whimpered as michael landed on the floor with a sickening thump.

"Traitor," she screeched "Avad-" she began screaming in pain and clutching her left forearm. Marcus feeling this same exploding sickening pain screamed as well, as did brandon. "The dark lord , He is dead!" she said through her teeth. Marcus felt the same thing, for he bore the Dark Mark as well and he sensed the dark lord getting hit with the killing curse, but how?

"We must leave!" she yelled as she flew away in a black cloud of smoke, brandon followed suit but marcus stayed behind.
He didn't want to leave the kids here to die, so he picked two up and levitated the other two to they stuck to his back, with a loud crack he was gone.
Marcus reappeared by an orphanage he transfigured the nearest lamppost Into a carriage for four and walked inside with the carriage changing his robes to regular clothing as well. He had a lot to explain to them, A whole lot.

End Chapter.

A/N Sooo guys this is the Backstory of the four new Oc and Next chapter well actually meet them :D YAYYYY! I want view b4 i continue because im scared its really sucky...btw did you guess who the crazy woman was? i know who it is MUAHAHAHAHAA :D ok so for the kids their names are from oldest to youngest + description 1) Damien Jose McCorvick , age 1 DOB 6-16-96 8:15 pm eyes are Blue like michael, hair like michael, 2)Rose Faelin Rodriguez-McCorvick age " DOB " 8:17 pm eyes are blue like Michael and hair is Blonde like him too, 3)Jaymie Danielle Rodriguez- McCorvick 8:18 pm eyes, Gray, hair Raven, 4)Nathaniel Luis McCorvick gray eyes black hair smallest one and 8:20 pm , he is Jaymies twin as its not unusual for Quadruplets to be two sets of twins :P SO REVIEW PLEASE :*