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Feeling returned to my fingers, my first clue that my body was taking control. The fog that had occupied my mind for an indeterminate amount of time faded. I had lost track of the hours, the days. However long I had been sitting here, restrained and apparently drugged, was beyond me. I couldn't remember anything.

Whatever I had been drugged with had been effective. It had been working in my system, but I had been so compliant that my dosage must have been lessened.

Once I had regained control of my movement I was able to remove the restraints. They were easy enough, a simple clip that held both of my wrists to the armrest. I rubbed my wrists carefully as the cuts on them healed quickly.

I looked around, taking in my situation. I was in what looked like a mix between a hospital room and a steel prison cell. Aside from the chair I had been strapped too, there was a bed and a toilet. I knew I had not used either of those, though my memory was still hazy. All I could remember distinctly was the chair, not where I had been before this room or how long I had been in it.

My mind was remembering flashes, nothing concrete. The drug was still in my system; it wouldn't be long before my rapid healing eradicated it from my body, but it was still taking longer then I liked.

Now that I had control, I knew I had to get out of the room. I looked up at the ceiling, looking for surveillance cameras. Surprisingly, I saw none, there was nothing of the sort on the ceiling, there was however something that made me grin…a vent, one which was just large enough for my small frame to fit through.

Problem was, I didn't see any of my belongings, I was naked from the waist up wearing a pair of loose fitting sweatpants, my shirt and jeans were gone, wherever my shirt was I assumed my sneakers and jacket was with it. I would not leave without my bag. It was not going to happen.

If my returning memory was correct, vents led all over creation in a building and this one shouldn't be an exception. If I had any hope of finding my stuff, I might have an easier time traveling through the vent, peeking into rooms and looking for my stuff.

I knew as far as an escape was concerned it wouldn't happen in a vent. But my captors might not realize that. I climbed on top of the chair and pushed the cover to the side. I pulled myself into the vent. I was right in my calculations; it was just big enough for me, and even though I'm pretty skinny I had to really squirm to squeeze my body inside. Anyone bigger than me wouldn't get far: they'd be lucky to get their upper body up here. And if they did, they'd probably get stuck.

Footsteps coming down the hall caught my attention, at least three sets, one of those sets a woman with heels. I was careful to make as little noise as possible as I crawled to a part of the vent that bent around a corner. I slowed my breathing and made myself virtually invisible. I heard the door below me open and the three pairs of footsteps entered.

"Damn it!" the woman shouted, "How the hell did he escape? You assured me that the sedative you gave him would immobilize him!"

"I'm sorry ma'am. We underestimated his healing ability. I was just in here, he was completely comatose," a male voice replied. He sounded familiar, but at the same time didn't.

"Why wasn't he restrained better?!"

"Again we underestimated his body's ability; we were under the impression that simple restraints would be more than sufficient! Who knew how he'd react once he became more lucid and aware of what was going on!"

"Could he really get far in that vent?!" the woman shouted again. There was a long pause. "Find that boy! I don't care what you have to do! Find him or you will be picking a plot in the cemetery. It is essential that he is brought back under our control! I will not lose him; he belongs to us!"

Her heels clicked on the tile floor as she walked out of the room. My mind began turning. Why was I so valuable to them? What did they need me for…and who the hell were they to act like I was their property?

I expected the other two to leave as well, but I was surprised to hear shifting below the opening as one of them climbed onto the chair and looked into the vent.

"Do you see anything?"

"If he came up here, he's deep in. Luckily this particular vent only goes to the lab and back. He'll hit a dead-end in about thirty-yards and either find himself in the lab or come back this way."

"What if he's just hiding?"

Damn it all, I thought.

"He won't be hiding long. The heat is going to kick in; he'll have to move one way or the other. It's going to get very hot up here, even his healing ability won't protect him from the burns. He'll survive them and heal from them, sure, but they will hurt like hell."

"I'd feel better if we did a sweep, that way we can at least tell Ms. Whitcomb that we did all we could. And if we find the little freak even better! Go get the camera."

"You go," the guy with his head in the vent retorted, "I really don't think he's going to stay up here, he's too smart for that. Kids are smart and resourceful, especially when trapped, and this one's had a lot of practice at it."

The second pair of footsteps left and I prayed my calculation on how many there were was right. As quietly and quickly as possible I scooted towards the vent's opening. The guy was correct, the heat had kicked on; it was searing my bare back as well as my feet. I could see the back of the guy's head as he surveyed the other side of the vent.

My instinct to kill was overwhelming. My life was in danger, my freedom was in jeopardy, and therefore my mind was encouraging my killer instinct. But I was able to ignore it, to fight it.

Instead I inched closer, brought my knees up to my chest and before he knew what was happening, my feet connected with his head. He was unconscious before he hit the floor.

I dropped to the tile and reached down to check his pockets, searching for a clue, anything. His ID badge was clipped to his lab coat and in his pocket were his keys…and his key card, bingo!

I took those and got his wallet. Dr. Foley wasn't a millionaire, but he did have about sixty bucks on him and his credit cards, including a bankcard with his pin number scribbled on the card itself. Idiot.

A photo in the wallet caught my attention; he had pictures of his family in here, for cryin' out loud. He had kids, my age! How could a father do this? Even if it was his job, how could he kidnap a kid from the streets, lock him up, drug him, and experiment on him and in the same day go home and hug his own kids?

I knew everyone has to make a living, but this was wrong. I wondered how many other kids they had locked up here. But mainly I wondered,why me? Did they really know about me beforehand? Or had they gotten lucky, nabbed me thinking I was just another street kid, and then discovered I was a little bit more than your average twelve year old? It was so frustrating that I couldn't remember getting grabbed.

I remember arriving in New City, sort of. I know I took the ferry and it was warm, so warm that I would've been okay sleeping outside. I don't actually remember sleeping, so that must've been when they got me, while I was looking for a place to crash.

I resisted the urge to kick Dr. Foley. I'd clean him out, that would be my revenge. I'm not very strong, but I was able to drag Dr. Foley over to the chair. After sitting him up, I cuffed both his hands into the same cuff, making it tough for him to get out of the restraints if he woke up, plus he was on the floor, so it would be even more difficult. I shoved his ID, cards, keys, and cash into my pockets and headed to the door.

I held my breath, praying that the door would open. When it didn't, I nearly had a panic attack. Then I remembered the key card. It beeped as the door clicked open, revealing a long hospital like corridor.

I've got a pretty good sense of direction and my gut was telling me to go left. My backpack was priority number one, a way out was second, and if I managed to find more clothes on the way then hallelujah.

I hesitated for a brief second wondering if I should've grabbed the Docs lab coat and sneakers before locking him to the chair, but it was too late now.

My biggest concern as I snuck down the hallway was finding a place to hide if anyone came by, but my choices were limited. Luckily the hall remained deserted and, walking as quietly as I was, I would hear any footsteps coming my way.

A strong smell wafted past my nose and made my stomach erupt with growls…it was pizza. I didn't know how long it had been since I had last eaten, hours, days, bloody hell was I hungry. I changed my priority list, food first. I followed the scent and snuck around a corner. A security guard was at his desk, snoring. In front of him sat a large cheese pizza, only a couple slices missing.

My mouth watered; I was so hungry. I couldn't stop my body as it walked towards the pizza. I grabbed five slices, stacked them on top of each other, and bolted.

Down the hall I found an unlocked closet. I was careful not to eat too fast, I didn't know how long it had been since my stomach had food in it, and I didn't need to be sick during an escape attempt. It wasn't easy to eat so slowly, one bite of the pizza made me want to stuff my face. However, I was good and careful, but even so it was all gone before I knew it.

I didn't even have time to sit and digest, as an alarm went off, echoing throughout the whole building. I opened the door slightly and saw the herds racing by. Apparently Dr. Foley had been discovered, and I wondered how long until I was discovered too.

Quietly I left the room as the group of soldiers headed down the hall. My time to get out of here just got shorter and I knew I had to act quickly. I left my keen sense of direction and just ran the opposite way, praying that I would get lucky and be going towards the right place. Every time I heard footsteps on the tile my heart skipped a beat, wondering if I was about to be caught.

I took a corner to fast and wiped out onto the floor. I hit it hard and felt my ankle snap. I had to shove my fist in my mouth to keep from screaming in pain. It wouldn't take long for the injury to heal, but that was time I didn't have. I pulled myself into a sitting position and rolled up my pant leg. My ankle was turning a deep purple and was definitely broken.

I took a deep breath, counted to three, and set it back into place, once again I had to hold my breath to keep from screaming, but like I had counted on, my rapid healing kicked in faster with everything set and I felt my ankle heal within seconds.

However my little detour was not unnoticed as my luck ran out. I heard footsteps coming from behind me, quickly.

"Bloody hell," I muttered taking off again down the hall. I didn't get very far however as I ran into something solid.

"Gotcha!" the something sneered, holding me tight, reeking of alcohol and B.O. "Hold fire, I got the freak!" he shouted tightening his grip on my arm. He whipped me around and held his big hairy arm tight against my throat, cutting off needed air supplies and assuring that I couldn't get away.

"Lemme go!" I shouted, muffled, trying to wiggle free, even though I knew it was useless. The thing that made my heart sink even more than the defeat was the room that lay to my left. It was another lab of some sort, but sitting on the table was my backpack. Damnit! I thought.

"Knock it off, Freak!" my captor growled shaking me a bit, "Or I will put a bullet through your head; let's see how long it takes for you to heal from that!" The rest of the troops had joined us by this point and were all grinning and laughing and congratulating him.

The next sound I heard made my blood run cold even though I wasn't sure why, my memory telling me nothing. But for some reason my body reacted to the sound of a woman's heals clicking on the floor.

She came around the corner a pleased smile on her face.

"Excellent work," she said to the guy, before looking me straight in the eye, "What were you thinking, Travis, that you could just walk out of here all by yourself? It isn't safe for little boys to be out this late. You are much safer here." I stared at her for a second. They know my name, at least my current name…how? I hadn't told anyone my name, real or otherwise and I certainly didn't have any of my names written down somewhere for them to find. "You are far too valuable to let go. You belong to the Cabal. You have always belonged to the Cabal."

"What the bloody hell is a Cabal!?" I shouted.

"That is not your concern, think of it as your new home…permanently." She smiled. "Put him in a level four cell, extra restraints and double his dosage. I also want round the clock guards, at least two posted inside the cell at all times. No one leaves or enters that room unless I give the order."

With that ringing command, she left, her heels clicking on the floor sending another chill up my back, though that could have been from my body going numb from lack of oxygen. Most of the soldiers turned and left, save for the one holding me and another very large wrestler-size guy who had a goodly sized gun pointed at my heart.

As we started walking, I knew I had to be quick and efficient. I could feel the guys sidearm in his holster; he hadn't used it to capture me and had left it carelessly on his belt. I hoped it was not only loaded, but the safety wasn't on.

My heart picked up speed as we neared a lift, I would have only one shot at this I had to make it good. The second soldier hit the down button on the lift and I could hear it coming our way.


The doors opened and I made my move. I took the guys sidearm and in the same quick moment fired two shots, the first to his partner's back of the head and the second was to the man…He had let me go when the first shot sounded, and I took that moment to shoot him right in the heart.

His partner fell into the now open elevator, and as the first guy started to go down, I leaned over so he also fell in.

I was shaking and I felt sick…I had killed before, being as old as I am it's impossible to avoid the whole kill or be killed thing. But it doesn't mean I'm comfortable with murder; even during wartime I wasn't comfortable with killing for my own survival.

I felt my stomach turn and I threw up everything that had been on my stomach as the blood pooled around the two soldiers. Tears stung my eyes as I wiped my mouth. I still felt sick, but I had to get out of here. I had just killed two of their own; valuable or not, there were plenty of ways to punish a murderer, even one who will heal from most injuries quickly.

I reached into the elevator and hit the lowest number I could, apparently this building went down fifteen floors…well these guys were heading there.

Once they were on their way I bolted back down the hall to the room where I had seen my backpack. This was a blessing…finding my bag…that is and I wouldn't ignore that blessing.

Not only did I find my bag, but my sneakers, jeans, and tee-shirt were sitting next to it, with tags on them and my name along with the letters Abn Imm S vm. I didn't know what those letters meant and I wasn't going to stop and find out. I had my belongings, so I was out of here.


He was being chased and had been for a good fifteen minutes or so, no matter which alleyway he darted down, which fence he scaled, he could hear the pounding footsteps right behind him. A shot rang out through the night and he felt a rush of air zing past his ear, they were shooting at him. It wasn't like he hadn't been shot at before, and it certainly wouldn't be the first time he'd been shot, but that didn't make him more anxious to be hit.

Another sound filled the night, a motorcycle, Yamaha, maybe a Kawasaki, he'd bet his, well, his life on it. He picked up speed, there had to be some place he could lose his pursuers, he just had to use his instincts, he was old enough to survive, and this would be no different. He slid to a dead stop as he faced a dilemma: left would lead him towards the motorcycle, going right, towards another chain-link fence with electrified wire at the top.

The motorcycle was getting closer. So were the footsteps, one bike, at least ten sets of feet. He didn't like those odds at all—fence it was. Taking a deep breath he backed up a few steps and took a running leap at the fence, and, grasping the links tight, he began to scale it quickly. He was nearly at the top and prepared himself for the coming shock; he took a deep breath and reached out for the wire. He heard the shot first, then a split second later felt the hot metal enter his back; it must have gone right through his backpack. He felt it exit through his chest and instinctively grasped at the wound and lost his grip on the fence as he plummeted towards the wet pavement below.

He heard the motorcycle skid to a stop nearby, just as the rain began to come down in earnest. He felt his blood washing across the dirty alleyway towards a drain…an open drain just large enough for his small frame to fit through. If he could drag himself over to the opening, he'd be safe. None of his pursuers would follow him; they'd assume he was dead.

He was so close, he just had to stay awake long enough…a few more feet. He heard the click of a gun being cocked into place and recognized the sound as right above his head. Crap, he thought. He closed his eyes and waited for the shot and death.

The latter didn't come, he did hear a shot, but the shot took out the handler of the gun aimed at his head. He heard the gunman hit the pavement near him and tried to breathe a sigh of relief, but instead his body erupted in pain, beginning to feel life start to leave his body.

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