I was bored so I typed this up

The day started out fine. We got on the bus to go to Saratoga battle field. I didn't really want to go but it was better than sitting in a classroom trying to read Letters doing flips.

After about fifteen minutes we arived at Saratoga battle field.

I got out of the bus and the sun shined on my face.

"Okay. Were going to take a tour now and whatever you do don't..." The tour guy said but I zoned out so I didn't hear what he said after that.

We walked around for a while.

Then I stopped in front of a revolutionary war cannon.

The tour guy kept walking with the group in toe but I stayed back.

I walked closer to the cannon. curiosity was overwhelming me.

I put my hand on the cannon.

The I banged it with my knuckles.

That was my mistake.

A cannon ball shot out of the cannon and hit the school bus.

The bus exploded.


Some of the kids were running around screaming while others yelled "That was awesome!"


That's how I got expelled... again.

Hope you like it I just came up with it and I decided to post it.