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When Stevie agreed to help Zander study for their anatomy test, she had been expecting to help him memorize and catalog the bones in the human body – not her human body.


Sure, Zander was upset over his broken wrist, but every time he glanced down at the small electric guitar Stevie spent an entire lunch period etching onto his cast, he couldn't help but smile.


It was their ritual – rainy day, movie night; a power outage meant forts made out of pillows and blankets.


The longest time Stevie went without speaking to him was twelve hours, seventeen minutes, and thirty six… thirty seven… thirty eight… seconds, not that he's counting or anything.


Before they went their separate ways to different colleges, Stevie and Zander figured out the shortest path between their two schools.


Stevie had ten different smiles, but when Zander came into her life, she found she actually had eleven.


When Stevie volunteered at the library one semester, Zander amused himself by taking out various encyclopedias and laying them on her shelving cart, chuckling as she became more and more frustrated with the Dewey Decimal System.


He never expected Stevie to be the one to propose to him.


As she watched Zander dance with Molly on stage, Stevie disregarded the twisting in her gut as lingering resentment towards the Perfs.


The only girl Zander ever changed his relationship status for was Stevie.