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Bruce Wayne

Batman Begins/The Dark Knight

This happened every damn day.

"Mr. Wayne," Harry Potter, or rather Harrison Black for the undercover assignment he had been tasked to, said sharply, and he frowned with irritation when he didn't get a response other than low masculine groan, "Mr. Wayne!"

Hazel eyes finally snapped opened and the promiscuous woman sitting on Wayne's lap glared at him when the billionaire pushed her away from his neck, where she had been leaving open-mouthed kisses, "Ah, Mr. Black! What can I do for you?" He asked casually, as if Harry hadn't just interrupted an inappropriate scene for the office.

"Lucius Fox is requesting your presence down in the Applied Sciences Department," Harry stated, masking his irritation quite well with a blank tone, "I need to escort you down there." He pointedly ignored the woman who was now openly sneering at him for interrupting.

Bruce Wayne nodded, throwing the woman a charming smile, "We'll finish this later," He said in a low tone and the woman let out a whiny moan, rubbing herself suggestively against Bruce, "Miss Gabrielle." His voice grew stern and the woman huffed, but reluctantly got off his lap and tried to adjust her top where her breasts were practically spilling out of.

Harry didn't bother to react when the woman stomped past him, her hair and clothes still in a disarray, "You British fag!" She snarled, trying to insult him.

"No thanks, had a drag outside already." Harry couldn't help to say in an amused mocking voice, and not surprisingly, she didn't get the British slang of it.

Wayne, however, did seem to understand it and Harry looked at his employer with a dry look when Wayne slapped him friendly-like on the shoulder, "Mr. Black, you don't need to accompany me," He said with that charming smile, "It's only the Applied Science Department."

"I was hired as your bodyguard," Harry stated, "To do my job properly, I need to be with you everywhere you go." He said, rather uncomfortable when Wayne pulled him close to his side by wrapping an arm around his shoulder.

"I hired you so you could keep the overzealous paparazzi away when I step outside," Wayne smiled, "There's no need for you to be this serious about your job."

"Constant vigilance," Harry replied, knowing he had to keep his guard up for anything these days. The fact was that he was only undercover as Wayne's bodyguard because there had been a reliable rumour that an escaped Death Eater was apparently working at Wayne Enterprises, "You are a target for those who would like to kidnap you for ransom."

"I can see why the UKSF sent me you," He glanced up and down Harry's lean figure with an appreciative eye, "I can say with confidence that I feel much safer with you around, Mr. Black." He murmured.

"No problem," Harry said, a bit uncomfortably with Wayne's sudden behaviour change, "That is what my job is, to make sure you are comfortable in every aspect of your life."

He would regret those particular words.

They were in the elevator now, where no prying eyes could spy on them and that was probably why Wayne deemed to safe enough to abruptly pin him against the wall, staring down heatedly into Harry's surprised green eyes, "Comfortable in every aspect, hmm?" Wayne repeated with that low husky tone that would have women rubbing their thighs together, "Tell me what exactly you mean by that, Mr. Black."

Harry forced his hand to retreat from his pocket where his wand was located, "I think you are mistaken," He said, trying to keep his voice blank, "I am not a woman, Mr. Wayne." He said in a slightly hardened tone, slightly insulted actually.

"Haven't you noticed it by now?" Bruce asked with a quiet amusement and caressed Harry's cheek quickly before Harry could react, "About the women?"

Of course he had noticed, he couldn't miss any small details because of his job as an Auror.

The women that Bruce Wayne now 'dated' were all similar in the fact that they all possessed black hair and vivid green eyes much like his own. It had started not too long after he had started working for Wayne and Harry had wanted to think that it was a coincidence and nothing more.

"I've got to keep up some appearances," Bruce shrugged, "The media would be in a frenzy if they found out that Gotham's billionaire playboy is actually fixed on his own bodyguard – a male one at that."

"Merlin's beard!" Harry couldn't hide his flustered tone because everything in Wayne's face screamed he was telling the truth, "I'm a divorced bloke!" It was the truth after all, "I have three little buggers of my own!"

Wayne, if he were surprised, didn't show it, "You are available and that's all that matters to me," He smiled that irritating charming smile, "So, what do you say, Mr. Black? Are you free for dinner tonight?" It really wasn't like he had a choice.

He couldn't get unprofessional in this mission, "It can only be strictly as associates," Harry said firmly, still not too sure how to react to this situation, "That's it."

Bruce's smile turned victorious, "Sure," He leaned away, giving Harry his personal space back, "But you can relax. I doubt anything will happen, with that Batman character running around and all." It didn't escape Harry's notice the sly smirk on his handsome face. The proceeding awkward silence, on Harry's side at least, was finally broken by Wayne.

"Three kids, hmm? I'd like to meet them."

The mission had strangely gotten a little more complicated...