Hello everyone! This is my first English fans fiction!
I always write No. 6 fans fiction in my language. And will translation in to English when I have time!
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Why the time has passed so quickly?

When he was realized, season has change from spring to summer. It has been 3 months after he found Shion whereabouts'.

Nezumi could hear Shion voice from micro-phone on the robot rat which track him anywhere Shion went.

So he won't lose any sign of the boy again. But…. monitoring the airhead gave him a headache at less 3 times a day!

Many girls wanted to ask him to go out for a date. But he rejected by smiling and said "Sorry I have promise someone else (with little girl Lili)".

What the hell was he thinking! Turn down beautiful women offer and date with almost 5 years old girl!

Even many people want to tease him by make him wait outside in the cold day over than 3 hours until those guy got boring and went home. After know the true he JUST SMILE and said "Is that so?".

(A few day later those guy got attack by some street rat…. Just an accident!)

And he always talks to cleaning robot like talking to some kind of pet! For example

"Ippo you look not happy today let me clean you after work. I will make you sparkling"

Which make him totally want to chop Shion head and see what inside his brain!

But Nezumi didn't know that he always smiled a little when think about Shion.

Not noticed why he wants to hear the boy voice all time.

But He will know someday.

"Shion long time no see!" Unfamiliar voice from micro –phone catch Nezumi attention.

...Another poor girl who don't know how silly Shion is….


Shion cheerful voices catch Nezumi breath.

...Why the air head reaction is so different with this girl….

"How is your grandmother doing?"

...Does He know her family too?…

"She fine and healthy, Shion today at 9 o'clock you are free right? Let's go to see the firework"

...I feel sorry for you Safu. Shion may not…


...What! Why did you accept her date so easily!

"But I have to close the shop. It's takes time to clean up. How about meet up at the hill we went last year? What do you think?"

"I could help you clean the shop too."

"Thanks! But cleaning might ruin your beautiful dress. And you have class until 7.30 right?"

…Did he just hit on her?...

"If you say so. Let's meet at 9. I have to go Shion see you tonight"

Safu cheerful voice make Nezumi heart ache.

…Who is she? Shion…

…Why do you care her so much?...

…She is not a child like Lily….

…May be she is…

Nezumi close his eyes. Lay his body against old dirty wall. Listen to Shion voice….

…To clam his loneliness…

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