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Karun 'bakery will be close in 10 minutes. But everything had sold out so Shion starts his cleaning.

"All done! Mom I will go to meet up with safu." The boy said happily to his mother.

"Thank you for your help Shion. Have fun tonight" Karan kiss her son on the cheek. And hand him a small basket, which contain sandwich and some juice.

"Snack For you and Safu" She added with smile. Shion take the basket and hurry run down to the street.

"Thanks you Mom!" He shout back to his mom. Nezumi could hear how much happy Shion is…

…When he about to see Safu…

The airhead takes a long breath as he runs along the way. But suddenly Shion stop running. The dark hair boy wonder what happen.

"Little Lili What are you doing here? Eh Why are you crying? "

"Shion… " That's all the girl said before break down to tear.

"What wrong my good girl?" Shion asked with gentle voice.

"I …lost my mom ring…" the girl explains.

"It's… wedding ring from my dad… I am a bad!"

Shion hugs Lili, trying to comfort her.

"Don't worry Lili I will help you. Do you remember where you drop it?"

"In… the park"

"Ok let find that ring"

Shion hold Lili hand and said gently. Change his direction to the park. Nezumi waits until nobody there. The young man steps out from the shadow turn his head to the way Shion goes.

That's right he just get boring so he came to pay Shion a visit.

Nothing related with Shion and Safu!

…Shion … Are you idiot?... You only have 30 minutes to left! Why are you such an air head!

…Always help out people who are in need. Just like… that time…

Nezumi closes his eye before lets out a long whistle. Only in a second the large group small red eyes appear in the shadow around the owner. One of them steps out in front of Nezumi. The young man knees down and sets the program on its.

When he gets up, the mouse disappear like the wind so did its comrade.

… What the hell am I thinking…

Nezumi looks up to the sky. Today the moon is full so bright and gentle. Just like the boy in his mind…

...Because I own you Shion…

He reminds himself.

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