A/N: This is a short story and will thus be only about 4 chaptes long! Sorry that there isn't a lot of lovey dovey moments - saving that for the fourth chapter!

Swan Song and the Reichenbach Fall

I leave Zachariah in his prison of holy fire, shutting the door to the old office building. Only a matter of time now I think sadly moving my green eyes to look up the four flights of stairs to the roof.

"It is time, child," a voice I know as God's sounds over my head.

"I know," I say back to the empty air. "No turning back."

Letting out a long breath, I turn my body and begin to make my way up the stairs. I suppose this is confusing you. I'd be much more surprised if you had any idea what was going on here. This isn't the storyline you all know. Michael and Lucifer are not going to hell. Sam and Adam are not going to hell. Dad never met Lisa and Ben never existed. Savannah - Dad and Sam's sister - saved Gabriel. How do I know this? Because I changed the story. My existence changed everything which is what lead up to today. The last day I'll see my family for a long time…the last day I'll see Lucifer…

Flashback – Scarecrow

"I hope your apple pie is frickin worth it!" Dean Winchester screams at my adoptive parents who just left us here to be sacrificed to a Vanir God.

Rolling my 12 year old eyes and smirking at him I let out a laugh. "Wow, you really do have quite the mouth don't you?" I ask cockily staring at the man I know, but who doesn't know me.

The hunter stares at me for a second. "You were at the diner," he states. 'Duh.' "Aren't you their kid?"

"Adopted kid, actually."

This causes him to get kind of uncomfortable. "Oh…sorry. I'm-"

"I know who you are. Dean Winchester, 28 years old, playboy hunter extraordinaire, travels with his little brother in a '67 Chevy Impala," I rattle off interrupting him.

Stare. Stare. "How did you know that? Who the hell are you? Better yet…how do you know about hunting? What are you…eight? Ow!"

I smirk because I know his entire body just felt an electric shock. "I'm Parker Bishop, and I'm 12 years old thank you very much. My mom hunted. This is my sixth foster home this year because most parents don't want kids that carry guns and talk about the supernatural as if it's real. Oh, and I'm tired of playing bait."

Suddenly my bonds burst into flames and I stand up. I look over at Dean and snap my fingers, releasing him from the ropes. "Much better," I say looking down at my hands which now have guns in them. "Here."

He fumbles with it. "You're a-"

"Witch? Yes, I figured that would be obvious by the last name. Bridget Bishop…first witch executed in Salem. She wasn't a fraud like most were. Oh, hello Sam, Savannah," I say walking past the younger Winchesters who just appeared in the darkening forest to save their brother.

They looks between me and their brother. Savannah starts, "Who-"

"Witch. Better if we just don't ask questions," Dean says.

Soon all four of us are running through the forest looking for a way out before Mr. Straw-up-his-butt finds us. We make it to the intersection when – click.

There is the sheriff and my "parents" standing there with loaded guns. "Really?" I ask cocking an eyebrow.

I grab my "dad's" and punch him in the face. Turning around I point it at the other two psychopaths. "You need to understand, darling. We have to do it," old mama tries to explain.

"Tell that to him," I say pointing the gun behind her as a scythe pierces her stomach. She screams and Sam, Sage, and Dean stare at me…expecting me to do something. I just shake my head as the Vanir takes her and the sheriff away.

The next morning all four of us are standing around the Vanir's magic tree watching it burn. Suddenly Dean speaks up. "You said your name was Bishop?"

"Yeah," I look at Savannah. "I didn't think he was deaf as well as dumb."

Sam and her stifles a laugh as they looks at his brother's face. "Smartass…she's a smartass kid," Dean whispers under his breath before looking back at me. "Your mom was Diana?"

"Yup!" I say turning back to Sam and Savannah.

"Wait…don't you want to know why I know that?" he asks catching my shoulder with his large hand.

I sigh and stare up at his eyes which are so very similar to my own. "I know how you know that," I whisper.

"Your mom and I went to school together once. We were the same age," then he looks down again. "You're twelve? That would have made her…sixteen when she had you."

"Oh God," Sam whispers under his breath. I stare up and nod at him.

"What?" Dean asks.

I point to him staring up at Uncle Sammy, "Is he always this stupid?"

"What are you talking about!?"

"Nothing, Dad!" I say cheerfully looking up at him.

He looks at Sam and Savannah, looks at me, opening and closing his mouth before…SMACK.

I step closer to Savannah. "Is he going to be okay?"I ask pointing at my fainted father.

Present time

Yup…Dean Winchester is my father. Didn't you ever wonder why he hated witches so much? He was upset when he heard that my mother was murdered when I was three. I suppose it is kind of understandable.

Anyway, that's how I came to be involved in this whole Apocalypse mess. That's how I came to be walking up the stairs of Reichenbach Industries in London, England on the day that Michael and Lucifer are going to fight at Stull Cemetery.

Wait a second? Now why are you in England and not Kansas? Is that what you want to know? Do you want to know why Zachariah is here? Because I can't watch Lucifer 'die' or whatever going back to hell technically is to him. Yes, I'm telling you that I love Lucifer. And right now, Dad, Sam, Savannah, Castiel, Bobby, and Gabriel are all going to walk right in and help get rid of him and Michael. That can't happen.

Why? They need each other. They all need to work together to kill the real enemy. Raphael. He's the one that wants to destroy everything – and I mean everything. Family, the world, hell, heaven – anything that means anything to anyone. That's why God came to me…he knew I could stop this mess. However, it's going to cost me a lot.

If you want to know what's going on, you're going to have to suffer through a couple of flashbacks. This is how I came to love Lucifer, and how this whole plan formed in my mind. It's kind of crazy…think you can handle it?

Flashback – Abandon All Hope

"Castiel?" I whisper, walking cautiously through this hotel in an abandoned…hotel?

Whatever it is! I need to find him now! He could be in serious trouble…I mean this is Lucifer…it's not some random demon. You already knew that though, right? 'But what's with all the reapers?' I ask myself looking out the window of a third story room.

I step out on the balcony to take a closer look when suddenly it feels like I can't breathe. There's this immense pressure pushing down on my body, forcing me to grab at the banister to hold myself up. A chuckle sounds and suddenly, the weight is lifted and I can breathe. "Lucifer," I state turning around

Freeze. Oh. My. God. I think to myself as I look at the man who is meant to represent the devil. He's…hot. Strong body, large hands, powerful legs, short blond hair, stubble on his face, and gorgeous steel blue eyes.

"Damn," I whisper.

"I suppose you could say that, Parker," he says eyeing up and down my body. From my 5'10" athletic body, green eyes, lean jean clad legs – covered in gray boots, torso covered in a blood red tank top and a black leather jacket, and long silky brown hair. I suppose I'm not too ugly to look at. "However, it's not politically correct."

"Why not? You are the devil," I point out sarcastically moving cautiously around the side of the balcony.

Lucifer feigns hurt, "Not by choice. What you people know about me is so wrong. I loved my father, I really did. You people took advantage of his love for you."

"Yeah, yeah believe me I actually do know this story. Mom told me. Sorry you hate us…sorry your brother tossed you in the cage. However, I can't let you destroy the world," I tell him stubbornly refusing to yield to his sob story. Crap happens to people all the time…they don't all go ape-shit bitch.

Suddenly I'm slammed against the outside wall of the hotel. I gasp and look up at the devil – no…Lucifer – with fearful eyes. 'Pissing off the devil…bad?' "You think you'll stop me?" he asks seemingly looking into my soul.

I gulp forcing myself not to melt under his gaze, at the sound of his voice. I put on my strongest front, "I think I can help you."

Flashback – Angel Attack

Gasping I hold onto my side which is gushing red liquid. 'Damn angels!' I scream in my head, biting my lip to stop me from screaming for real.

I just killed a group of angels who were trying to eliminate me for their master – Raphael. Oh don't tell me you're shocked. That guy is one lab accident away from being a super villain. 'Well, at least I'll have a pretty scar!" sarcastic peppiness…there's a new one.

I dig my nails into my skin harder – not helping by the way – and arch my back. This really hurts! My 17 year old body should be use to pain by now, but contrary to popular belief - I'm so good at knife fighting and witchery that I don't get stabbed that often!

Crack! My eyes snap open at the sound of a twig being broken in two by someone's approaching foot. 'Not the Ghost of Christmas Screw You. Not his brother…Oh dear Lord in Heaven not his brother!'

"Parker?" a deep voice asks. Moaning I lift my head up to look at the person then like a cartoon character my eyes pop out of my head.

"…Lucifer?" I ask back weakly lying on the grass covered ground. "Why are you-?"

He kneels down by me, and puts his hand over mine. "What happened?" he looks around at all the dead angels. "Who sent them?" he asks darkly.

"Raphael," I spit. Lucifer's eyes darken. Well, at least we both hate his ass of a brother. "Jackass wants to make sure I don't interfere."

Suddenly, my side feels warm. I look down to see Lucifer's hand glowing, and the blood slowing down. 'He's…healing me?' I question myself. Looking up at him into his concentrate eyes I can't help but think that he isn't that bad. Well, for the King of Hell who is trying to destroy the world.

Then I'm in the hotel room that my father, uncle, and I share. They aren't here; they are doing something with Cas. I'm laying on one of the beds and am about to ask Lucifer something when he places something around my neck.

A pentagram necklace surrounded by Enochian symbols looks back at me. 'A protection sigil,' I recognize immediately. I'm about to ask him why he'd give me such a thing when a large hand brushes a piece of stray hair out of my face. Through bangs, I shyly look up at him as his hand stalls on my cheek for a moment. He looks like he's about to say something then…I'm alone.

Flashback – Hammer of the Gods

(If you want to know how she got in this position…read For the Love of a Trickster…it's kind of like that).

"Don't do this, Lucifer," I whisper as one strong arm holds my body to his, the other holds an angel blade to my throat as I stand protectively in front of Gabriel. No I don't love Gabriel. Gross! He's my aunt's boyfriend for godsakes! I just don't want to see Lucifer do something he's going to regret.

"Parker!" Gabriel exclaims ready to jump up and take on his brother. 'Without an angel blade? Get real!'

"Leave, Gabriel," I say sternly not taking my eyes of his big brother. "Now!"

"No! I'm not going to-" He starts.

Snap! And he's gone. Doesn't being a witch come in handy every once in a while? It means I can make people go wherever I want. 'Well…most people' I remind myself as I stare up at the fallen angel.

He sighs and drops the angel blade. "I will never understand your fascination with almost getting killed," he rubs the back of his neck.

"Neither will I," I joke, trying to lighten the mood.

"Well?" he asks. "Aren't you going to try and kill me now? Or wait, no. You said you wanted to help me. So where's the speech?"

I roll my eyes. "Sorry, that's Daddy's thing. I'm not into speeches, but I can give you one. You and Michael are stupid. There. Happy?"

Cold eyes get colder. "Excuse me?"

"Oh, do not even start with me. You two are family! You love each other, but no you can't bring that up because then you couldn't go through with it could you?" I ask him loudly, verging on yelling but not quite at screaming.

"Why do you care?" he asks softly staring at me with sad eyes. "He didn't. None of them did."

Cautiously I move closer to him, my heart beating wildly. 'Damnit! Don't go all girly now! This is the devil for God's sake!' I reprimand myself, but still move forward. Slowly my outstretched hand lands on his shoulder and squeezes.

"I care," is all I say looking up at his 6'2" form. His eyes look into mine…searching for something as his head dips down…

Flashback – Yesterday Morning: Two Minutes to Midnight

"You can't just throw them back in the pit!" I scream at my father who just told me their plan to stop the Apocalypse. Call me dense, but this is the first time I'm hearing about the horsemen's rings, and I am soooo not happy.

Dad just looks confused at my rage and pours himself another glass of whiskey. Which I promptly dump down the sink, partly from anger and partly from the fact that he is drinking far too much lately. "Why not? This needs to end. This is how we have to end it," he says sounding not at all happy with the idea.

"What about Uncle Sam, huh? What about Gabriel and Castiel? This is their family, remember!" I scream at him tears rolling down my face. 'Lucifer…'

He slams his hands down on the table. "Damnit, Parker! I know this is risking a lot, but if I don't do this I'm risking you. There's nothing you can do from here on out. You can't stop the Apocalypse! And you will not stop us, you understand? I don't play the dad card often, but I am now. You are staying here and that's final," he screams back walking into the kitchen.

I run up to my room at Bobby's house and slam the door. Remember I am only a seventeen year old kid. I get to act like a brat…I still am one! I'm about to start sobbing, drowning in my own sorrow when an old conversation with God creeps back into my overwhelmed mind.

"Lucifer is repented, thanks to you my child. For that I am grateful, and I want to bring him home. However, that means someone needs to take his place. As bad as it sounds it is true. Zachariah and Raphael have grown far too large in their egos. When the time comes and the fight begins, save your family and save mine from their destruction."

Then I knew what I had to do.

Present day – One flight of stairs left

That's when this whole plan formed in my mind. I was going to get Lucifer and Michael out of my uncles' bodies and into others and send Zachariah down to the pit. Why Zachariah? Well, let's face it…he's much easier to beat than Raphael. If I'm going to send Raphael down with him, I'm going to need some serious help.

What's the plan? Despite what my family thinks, there is more than one way to open the gates of hell, and as long as one door is opened another one can't be. That's right. I'm going to open the gates of hell here in this abandoned office building. How? An ancient spell found in my family's book of shadows.

Right now Zachariah is just waiting to be sucked in…and maybe so am I.

Last Flashback – 5 minutes ago

"Well, well, well Parker Bishop – or should I say Winchester? – Oh, it doesn't matter. What does matter is why you're here. I'd figure you'd be too busy helping your family destroy our plans!" Zachariah yells at me from his spot in a circle of holy fire.

I roll my eyes. "Yeah, see I could be, but instead I decided to ruin your plans form right here while at the same time saving your brothers and my uncles," I tell him. What can I say? I'm a huge fan of the big reveal.

Zachariah looks around the room examining all the symbols and supplies I had to collect for the spell. "Ahhh," he says finally getting it. "The sealing spell."

"Very good," I say in a little kid voice causing that vein in his head to start twitching. "Yes, the sealing spell. You see…your dad isn't very happy with Raphael and your plans and has decided you will take Lucifer's place in hell."

This gets the best reaction out of him that I have ever seen. Have you ever seen an angel flabbergasted? Well, I'm telling you right now…it's pretty frickin' awesome! "You lie!" he screams.

I click my tongue, "You know I don't. Oh, come on you had to figure that this was coming!" I tell him with a cocky smirk.

He just glowers at me before a sadistic smirk slowly makes its way onto his face. Well…that can't be anything good. "What are you so cocky about?" he asks me. "This spell means your death as well."

Yeah that's the problem. You see this spell means that I can't leave the area that the spell is being cast in. I can go anywhere in the building, but I can't leave it. You see the issue here? "I know. I don't care," I whisper before leaving Zachariah in his prison of holy fire.

Back to the action…

I open the door to the roof and am immediately greeted by the warm sun of the late English afternoon. Wind whips my long hair behind me as I walk to look over the very edge which may be my saving grace.

"Almost time," I whisper looking down at my watch. "Time to save Sam and Adam."

Last night I went to Stull Cemetery with two bodies. No I wasn't burying anybody! They were Lucifer and Michael's new permanent vessels. Nick and a man that looked remarkably like a young John Winchester – Grandpa! Yeah, there's a spell to push an archangel out of somebody's body. Please don't tell me that shocks you.

Forcing my body to be still, I have to focus. I have to focus. This moment means everything I have worked for. Everything I have fought for. I need to know that they are okay, in case my plan doesn't work out and I can't get Raphael…I need them – especially him – to be okay.

My mind is thrown to Stull Cemetery where Michael and Lucifer are walking into the unseen sigils that I had drawn on the ground with spray paint. What? It was a spur of the moment things! The same sigil that I had drawn on the bodies' forehead.

Little closer, I think. There!

My eyes open and are glowing green as they often do when performing high end spells. I whisper a bunch of Latin words and use my entire being to push the powerful archangels out of Adam and Sam.

Bodies fall to the ground. "Sam! Adam!" Dad, Bobby, and Aunt Savannah (For the Love of a Trickster) scream rushing to help.

"The hell?" two more bodies raise, the sigil still painted on their foreheads.

Then everything is spinning and I find myself gripping the edge of the rooftop. That sucked, I think rubbing my head. Never doing that ever again! Have you ever read the Harry Potter series? Remember in the sixth book when he's describing how to apparate and how painful it is…that's what I just experienced!

I know, I know. That spell didn't seem like a big deal…in fact it probably seemed simple. Well, news flash! None of y'all are witches. What seems like a simple snap of the fingers can be draining. The amount you can do at one time depends on the witch's power, luckily I have a lot of it or I couldn't be performing both of these spells at once. Speaking of which…

The gates of hell will be opening soon.

I only have so much time left.

Quickly I take out my old flip phone and open up a text message, preparing to send it to three people. I love you. Then I open a new one and send it to my best friend, the baby brother, the trickster. Breathing heavily, holding in those crystal tears. There's no time for tears. No time for thinking. I have to do this or everything we've fought for these last two years would have been a waste. But…I'll miss them. I really will. Maybe they'll miss me too? Tell him…tell him I love him. I always have. Always will.

I stare at the phone for a moment before gripping it with both hands and breaking it in half, and throwing it over the side of the building. That completely separates me from them. Breaks off the ties...for now.

Thank you, dear child His voice sounds in my ears once more as the building beneath me begins to tremble.

Standing at the very edge, I let one stray tear slip from my eyes as everything begins to crumble. My body falls as the gates off Hell suck its new king in. Concrete falls on top of my small 5'10" form and my green eyes only see black.

3rd Person POV - At the bottom of the wreckage

Raphael - disguising himself amongst the crowd of onlookers - makes his way to the bottom of the rubble with his little brother, Uriel. Why? Because there, sticking out of the blocks of concrete, is a small pale hand.

"Is it her?" Uriel asks his big, demented brother?

Raphael reaches down and pulls back the sleeve of her long red shirt to see a black scar running up her right arm. A scar Parker got when she fought a Rakshasa in her early years.

"It is," Raphael smiles, standing up. "She may have got Zachariah, but looks like all didn't quite go according to plan. Come Brother, we have plans to make."

The two feathery-ass jerks make their way out of the crowd and disappear - off to undue Parker's spell and bring back the third member of their little conspiracy.

Gabriel's POV - Bobby Singer's House

Parker what have you done? I ask myself as my family and the Winchester boys make our way up the long walk to Bobby's house. Singer's already here since he left before us, complaining about all the yelling and screaming and questions. What? We're all curious what happened! My brothers got pushed into their own bodies, and the rings didn't open the gates of hell. Furthermore, Sam, Dean, Savannah, and I all got these strange messages from Parker. Why couldn't she tell Bro that she loved him herself?

"Hey, Bobby!" Dean yells as we get into the house. "Where's Park - What's wrong?"

As the entire Motley Crew entires the house, we all take notice of Bobby's shaking form staring at the television. Some news report about an accident over in England. What's got him so worried? I look at Savannah who is wrapped up in my right side with a confused look.

Sam steps forward carefully, "Bobby?"

Singer looks up and we all gasp. Is he...crying? All he does is point at the television and leave the room probably going to get liquor. What the -

"No," Lucifer whispers looking at the television.

According to some reporter, a company called Reichenbach Industries collapsed for completely no reason today. However, that's not what got my brother or Bobby Singer so upset. Sticking out of the rubble is a small hand.

"Officials haven't released any information except that there is one confirmed death. A woman with a black scar running up her right forearm was caught under the rubble, how has yet to be -" I didn't hear anything after that. Parker! My arm tightens around Sage's waist as she reaches her hand up to cover her mouth.

Dean sinks to the floor...I actually feel bad for him. That's his daughter for Father's sake! "Cas..." he trails off.

"I'll go check," my baby brother agrees quickly and leaves the room.

Sam and Savannah move over to console their big brother, telling him that they don't know what really happened yet. Telling him it's not time to worry. I just stare at my phone and back to my big brother. Parker...

"It was a spell," Cas announces popping back in the room. His blue eyes looking bluer due to the water pooling in them. "She did a spell. That's why the rings didn't work."

Michael puts a hand on Lucifer's shoulder, "So she's okay?"

Cas just shakes his head. "The spell opens the gates of hell, but spells have a give and take. The take for this was she couldn't leave the premises of the building until the gates of Hell closed. It seems - according to some of the people - she was on the roof. I think she was trying to avoid Hell's doors, but the rubble crushed her body."

"NO!" Dean screams falling to the floor completely...sobbing. "Why would she do that?"

"She trapped Zachariah. Apparently...he's the one stuck in the cage now. For some reason, she thought he and some other angels were more invested in this than we thought. I think...she was trying to save us.," Cas looks at Michael, Lucifer, Sam, Dean, Savannah and Adam. "All of us."

"Raphael," Savannah hisses out angrily.

Cas just nods, "I felt his presence there as well. I think he was checking to make sure it was her as well."

I look over at my big brother and see his hand covering his eyes. You saved us, didn't you? You had to save all of us...especially him. I walk over to Luci and put a hand on his shoulder. "Big brother," I whisper forcing him to look at me his eyes letting silent tears slip out. I hold out my phone. "This message is for you."

As he looks at the message all I can think is, this battle has only just begun.

Reichenbach Industries - Midnight (the witching hour!)

A small pale hand with a long black scar sticks out of the rubble that once was Reichenbach Industries. Suddenly, it begins to glow under the full moon. Then...it disappears. Vanishes like a ghost that hides in the night. Somewhere in a dark alley near the sight a dark figure stands drapped in a black cloak that covers jeans, gray boots, and a dark red shirt.

Breathing in a slow breath as it takes in the magic filled night, a smirk is seen under the cloak's peaked hood. "Let the games...begin," glowing florescent green eyes snap open.