I Miss the Misery

Parker's POV – The French Mistake

I don't understand what is supposed to be so special about this thing I mumble inside my head as I slash another pretend target with the Savior sword. Yup, Balthazar and I found the damn – I mean holy – thing, and almost got caught by our families in the process. Family

That word has been almost like poison on my tongue this last year. I try not to think about them as often as I can, but it is just one of those things that happen. My heart aches for me to talk to them as I did once before…before this Apocalypse shit started and I had to go into hiding as a dead girl.

I smile to myself as I let my slender fingers gently trace the necklace around my neck. At least they seemed to miss me. I'd be lying to everyone if I said that wasn't my biggest fear. Raphael may be powerful and have methods of torture more creative than even I could come up with, but you never want to believe that the people you love most didn't care that you ceased living.

Maybe I'll get to see them soon. However, there are more pressing matters at hand. What can I say? The Savior's sword is hard to handle because it has so much power in it…well, it does now. You see, the reason Balthazar and I took the weapons was for me to use their powers and my own together through the sword. That's what makes it so powerful, and why Raphael can never get his hands on it. Fusing some of my power into the sword, I feel it begin to glow as do my eyes behind my eyelids. Preparing to strike, I suddenly hear wings flutter behind me. Thinking fast like my daddy taught me, I whip around and snap my eyes open ready to unleash a deadly blow.

"Holy shit!" I scream dropping the sword and moving my hands to my clutch my fast-beating heart. "Damnit, Balthazar! You scared me!"

I'm about to rake him over the coals for being stupid enough to surprise me while I was training when I notice the look in his eyes. He's scared. I'll take it he received some bad news from one of his brothers I think to myself remembering that he went to check with some of our angel allies on Raphael's movements. "What's -" I begin.

Balthazar is quick to pick up my sword and thrust it into my arms. "You've got to get out of here," he tells me hurriedly.

Blink. Blink. "Why?" I ask tilting my head to the side and raising an eyebrow.

Cue dirty look. "Raphael's best hitman is on his way here right now to kill me…or torture me. Frankly, I'm fine with that being a surprise," the angel explains as he continues to push me toward the front door.

"So? We've got almost all the weapons. I've got this sword! We can take him!" I tell him turning around and planting my feet firmly into the ground. I cross my arms over my chest after returning the sword to its sheath.

He runs his hand through his hair in frustration. "You don't get it. If by some fluke that guy gets away, he'll be able to tell Raphael you're alive. That will end badly. Parker," he grabs my arms. "You are the only hope my brothers and sisters have. Your family is in danger, too. Now, you need to get out of here and move the weapons of Heaven."

"Wait. My family is in trouble?" I ask and have to force myself not to hyperventilate. Looking up at him through my choppy bangs (Jennifer Lawrence style only brown hair) I respond, "I've got to go help them."

Frantically, Balthazar shakes his head. "You can't do that. The strongest needs to move the weapons because they are the only one that can protect them. If Raphael gets those, it doesn't matter if we get the rest of the archangel swords. Those weapons and the two swords they already possess will overpower anything we could get. That means you've got to go and relocate them whether you like it or not."

"No!" I scream back at him. My family needs me…I need to go to my family.

"Parker!" he scrams back. "Do you want to see your family ever again?" I nod wearily. Where the hell is he going with this? "Then you need to make sure they live long enough to see you. Look, I know you miss them, but the best thing for them is for you to stay gone just a while longer. Once the weapons are moved, absorb the final pieces of their powers into your sword. After that, I think you'll be ready. At least, I don't think you could be more ready," he says calmer looking me in the eyes.

A brief pause ensues. "…Damn you," I state and begin to walk down the stairs. I can hear him sigh behind me.

Thunder cracks the through the air and the lights begin to flicker. I turn around to look at him and he looks at me. Wasn't us. "Parker…" Balthazar trails off while I stare at the door. "Parker go!"

Not liking it, I nod at him and surround myself in flames. I disappear right as the door to our hideout was blown in.

Lucifer's POV – 10 minutes later

The sounds of rain and thunder fill the room as a storm rages on outside. "Can you believe Mr. Singer went out in this weather?" Michael whispers to me as he thumbs through a book.

Shaking my head, I look through my own. All of us on…what do you call it? Team Free Will? Well, we're all still looking for the rest of the archangel swords in an attempt to get to them before Raphael. If he gets one more, we're screwed. He might already have the Savior's sword. Bastard I curse in my head letting out a small snarl.

Michael looks up at me with sympathetic eyes. "It's hard, I know," he says putting a hand on my shoulder.

"I can't believe the bastard has the balls to virtually cause her death, and then he goes off and takes the sword that was rightfully hers…" I trail off forcing my tears back into my eyes. I don't cry…even if it is about Parker.

Michael is about to say something in return when a flutter of wings is heard. Considering everyone – minus Singer – was in the room this caused everyone to immediately jump out of their seats and look for any signs of danger.

"Hello, boys," a French accent sounds. Worst kind of danger there is I think sarcastically as I turn to see Balthazar standing in the doorway between the 'library' and kitchen. He nods toward Savannah, "And girl."

I see her shake her head back and forth and imitates a sarcastic laugh. Just like Parker. However, that train of thought is quickly cut off as Balthazar quickly walks past most of us and to Bobby Singer's desk. "You've seen the Godfather, right?" he nods at Sam and Dean. The what?

"Balthazar?" Dean asks looking at him. No, really?

Our brother is unphased by the hunter's question and continues talking while rifling through Bobby's things looking for something. "You know when Michael Corleone sends his men to kill his enemies in one big bloody swoop?" He asks placing a mixing bowl down on the desk.

"Hey," Dean tries again.

"Dead Sea Brine. Good, good," Balthazar continues going on about this, what I'm assuming is a movie.

Savannah steps up and grabs his arm. "He said, hey," she says firmly making him look her in the eye.

He stops pouring salt and brushes her arm off. "You did. Twice. Good for you." He pats her on the shoulder, and begins looking around again as Gabriel comes up to talk Savannah out of killing the idiot. "Blood of lamb? Blood of lamb?"

Suddenly he is at the fridge and looking inside. "Beer, cold pizza, blood of lamb! Yes! Blood of lamb!"

"Why are you talking about the Godfather?" Adam asks stepping up next to his other siblings.

Back at the mixing bowl, Balthazar responds, "Because we're in it, right now, tonight. And in the role of Michael Corleone, the archangel, Raphael."

"Mind telling us what you mean?" I ask him as he begins looking through the draws. I swear this kid is getting on my last nerve.

"No, no, no," he shakes items of a drawer before removing the false bottom. He looks up at the rest of us, "Yes. Bone of a latter Saint. This vertebra will do very nicely. You're Mister Singer does keep a beautiful pantry."

"Wait," Gabriel interrupts as Balthazar continues mixing. "Raphael is after you?"

"Raphael is after us all. You see, he has consolidated his strengths and now is on the move."

Michael stops him, "What about the weapons." Typical.

"Don't worry. They are being taken care of by someone much stronger than any of us. However, good old Raphie has put a hit list on every last Good Samaritan that has ever had any sort of contact with them including all of you and so much more importantly, me," he finishes and begins drawing some symbol on the window with his concoction.

I nudge my big brother, "Have you seen that before?" I can't quite put my finger on it, but it looks familiar.

"Yes, but I can't seem to remember where."

Savannah scoffs and moves forward as do her other siblings, "You expect us to just believe you?"

"No, I don't. You'll go where I throw you either way," he tells her. I get the feeling the rub each other the wrong way, don't you?

Before any of us could say anything, the lights begin to flicker. "What's that supposed to mean?" Dean asks quickly.

Balthazar looks around, "And that is all the time we have children." He says and begins looking on his person for something. "Where is it?" he lifts his jacket to reveal a bloody stab wound to his left side.

"Woah," I say. "What happened there?"

Brother looked down. "Oh, yes garish I know. You see, Uncle Raphie sent one of his nastiest to handle me. I'm flattered, actually, and dumb with luck at the moment," he says and hands Sam and key. "Here's for you."

"What are we supposed to do with this?" Sam asks as he examines it.

"Run with it," suddenly a large boom cracks through the room and Balthazar is thrown into a bookshelf. Immediately my brothers and myself get ready for a fight. As a man in a suit walks purposely into the room toward the Winchesters, Balthazar stretches out his hand. "Virgil," He turns to the siblings, "I said, run!"

All four of the Winchesters – Dean, Savannah, Sam, and Adam – are thrown through the window. I turn back to the oncoming follower of Raphael only to hear a flicker of wings. Seems he did not think dying at the hands of an archangel was worth it if his targets weren't even here. Well, he's not stupid. However, we appear to have another problem than an escaped, rebel angel.

"Where are they?" Castiel asks looking out of the broken window.

Balthazar is struggling to stand, "Another dimension. It was the best way to get them out of harm's way. It's a place where almost all powers are useless, so they should be safe."

"Balthazar…what's going on?" I ask tiredly. Frankly, I'm sick of all of this. It seems to be the same thing day after day. I wonder if this is what it was like for Parker during the first round of the Apocalypse…

He sighs and looks me in the eye. "Raphael found out where the weapons were-" he starts before I interrupt.

"Great we got that. However, what is the reason for you sending them to another dimension? A distraction? If so, what are you trying to distract Raphael from? You have the weapons…use them."

"It's not that simple," Balthazar says. "Their power has not been…"

"Been what?" Michael asks.

He just shakes his head and refuses to answer. That does not fly with Gabriel who is having a small panic attack at the idea of Savannah being in great danger without him there. I understand, brother. The youngest archangel slams his brother into the wall, "Balthazar, you send our friends to another dimension where we can't help them and now you refuse to tell us why? You can't do that! Tell us!" He pleads desperately with his baby brother.

"I'm so sorry, Gabriel, but I can't. I can promise you that they will be alright. However, certain promises forbid me from telling you…at least for a short while longer," he explains. "Believe me; you'll appreciate the outcome a lot more if you're able to enjoy it. That can only happen if you let the weapons be moved."

Plopping on the couch behind me, I rub my hand over my eyes getting the headache that has always been associated with Balthazar. "I don't understand."

"I know you don't, but Brother…please. You all need this to happen, and so does…someone else." He looks at me and the other angels sympathetically. "I'm sorry."

Suddenly, he is gone and we're all left wondering what the hell that crazy, fortune-cookie sounding brother of ours meant.

Fast Forward to when Raphael brings the Winchesters back

Parker's POV – 20 minutes passed in "Real World"

(I know that Raphael did not throw him back to Bobby Singer's in the show, but he does here for the purpose of the rest of the story.)

2 days in my family's alternate universe has the equivalent of 20 minutes in the real world…if you can call it that I guess. At least this explains why the angels gathered in the living room of Bobby's house are so thoroughly confused. I smirk as I hide amongst the cars in the skin-peeling rain as the Winchesters are thrown back into reality by Raphael through the re-broken window that Gabriel had just fixed.

After the initial shock wears off, Heaven's warriors move in to help their friends who are struggling to get up from their spots on the floor. However, they don't get very far because from the same spot Virgil came through earlier comes Raphael…in a girl's body. Hold it together, Parker! I tell myself while biting my lip. Hey! I'm only an 18 year old and I find this hilarious! I mean this is taking the term transsexual to a whole new level. Man this just made this situation so much more enjoyable for me.

"You four…have the strangest luck," Raphael says slowly looking at them on the floor.

Sam's eyes bug out of his head and he asks unbelieving, "Raphael?"

My father snorts. "Nice meatsuit," he tilts his head toward Savannah who is holding in her own laughter. "Dude looks like a lady."

The archangel's eyes narrow and he squeezes his fist causing my dad to bend over in pain. "Ah, the key," Raphael says slowly picking it up from the floor. Lucifer moves in to stop him, but Mr. Dick with Wings makes a big point of putting his…her…its hand on its archangel sword. Well, if I had any doubts that it was the same person I don't now.

Just then, another angel makes his appearance. "And that will open you a locker at the Albany bus station," Balthazar says leaning on the doorframe.

Another glare comes from the she-man, "Really?"

Balthazar nods and takes a few steps forward. Yeah, now you're all brave because I'm here with a completely charged Savior's sword I think rolling my eyes. "You see, I needed a modest decoy to make it more convincing."

"Give me the weapons," Raphael responds taking a couple of his own steps forward.

The cocky angel ticks his tongue and smiles. "Sorry, darling. They're gone. And I have no idea where they are…not like they'd be very useful to you now anyway."

This causes everyone in the room to flip out. I don't think I've ever seen so many confused and mad people in one room before. "What?!" Raphael, Lucifer, Michael, and Gabriel scream at him.

Balthazar stares at the brothers he actually likes in a Shut up I'm trying to help you kind of way. "I said, too bloody late. You see, they were so well-hidden the first time that I needed time to retrieve them. So, I volunteered these four marmosets for a game of fetch with Virgil. You guys were such an adequate stick. Thank you. Thank you, boys. Savannah."

"What do you mean you needed time to retrieve them?" Michael asks looking warily at his brother

Gabriel pipes up next. "Yeah that shouldn't have taken that long. You could have done it with a snap of your fingers."

"It doesn't matter. You've made your last mistake," Raphael snarls at him moving forward like a predator stalking his prey. Too bad ol' Raphie doesn't know that I'm the real predator and HE'S the prey.

Not looking concerned at all, Balthazar retorts, "Oh, I've got a few more up my sleeve, honey."

Suddenly another sound of wings is heard. What is this? An angel free for all? I ask myself cocking an eyebrow. The appearance of Uriel with his sword thickened the tension in the room greatly…accept for the area around Balthazar who appeared totally zen with the world.

"Step away from them, Raphael," Uriel warns trying to bring his big brother away from the other angels.

Confusion appears on the evil archangel's face. "Why in the world would I do that? We've got our swords. We out power them," he reminds his brother turning his head to stare at the worried looking members of Team Free Will.

However, Uriel's demeanor doesn't change. What does he know? I wonder cautiously moving forward a tad. "Balthazar didn't steal the weapons!" He yells at his brother.

Shit, damn, fuck. I think in my head. Please tell me he doesn't know. I bring a hand to my forehead and rub slightly. There's the headache I always get when these two are around.

Everyone's eyes automatically go to Balthazar who is looking just as worried as I do. " ?" Raphael asks looking murderous at his little brother. "He had to have. We felt his grace near the vault where the weapons were originally kept."

Uriel just shakes his head. "No, someone tried to make us think that it was his grace. Someone powerful. They have been helping him the whole time. This person is the reason he was able to disintegrate your vessel!"

"I knew you didn't have enough power to do that!" Lucifer exclaims pointing at him. A small smile graces my face. He can be such a child.

Raphael disregards that. "So which one of our siblings is helping him?"

"That's just it! None of our family has this kind of power either. It's not even angelic!" Uriel tells him looking around the room panicked. "How could we have been so blind…" he trails off. Yeah, I think he knows it's me. Well, looks like the Winchesters are in for a little family reunion.

Now even Raphael is looking a little panicked. "Are you saying we know this being?"

All Uriel can do is nod before Balthazar interrupts, "Are you two insane? So now you're the guy on the History Channel who believes in aliens? This is all superstitious nonsense."

You better be ready for this, Parker I hear him tell me through my mind.

I narrow my eyes at the two traitors and nod to myself as my long hair sticks to my face thanks to the roaring winds and rain. I'm ready.

" .It?" Raphael grits his teeth stepping forward. Showtime.

Uriel reaches for his brother, "No, Raphael! Don't! Let's get out of-"

Suddenly, all the lights in Bobby's house begin to flicker and it feels as though an intense weight as been put on the people in the room due to the surge of great power. This causes me to smirk as I remember when Lucifer and I first met. Then a sudden flash of light almost as if the lightning from outside had entered the house.

Hand on the hilt of my sword, I remain in the shadows that are cast all throughout the kitchen area, stopping any of the people in the library from seeing me. "Hello, Raphael," I state emotionlessly.

Raphael eyes my silhouette cautiously. "Who…are you?"

"It's-" Uriel starts before I use my power to throw him into the wall.

I look at his body as it falls to floor. "No one asked you."

I make a small step forward not enough for any of the others on my left to see me, but just enough for Raphael to catch a glimpse of my glowing green eyes. He begins to walk backwards almost tripping over several books, "Oh dear Father, no."

A maniacal laugh escapes my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I see Balthazar smirk, "Ooohhh yes!" My sharp teeth, almost like a cat's, are seen through my wide smirk.

"Y-You-You're dead," Raphael stutters. "I SAW YOUR DEAD BODY!" He screams more to himself then to me.

"…So?" I ask without any emotion not really getting his point.

Slowly, Raphael begins to realize where he is and who is watching him while remaining very clear as to who is in the room. I allow my eyes a quick wander only to be met with many confused faces.

Returning to his calm and alpha-male demeanor, Raphael slides his mouth into a smirk. Real nice try, douche-nozzle. "So the 'Savior' has returned? The person who saved a dying world. Last of the most powerful witch clan in history…Parker Bishop," he says elaborately.

I step forward out of the darkness and into the…somewhat…lighter room that we call a library. A series of gasps was heard from the group spread out on the far side of the room, however; I refuse to look at them. Right now, I intend on showing Raphael just how much stronger I am. I can't exactly do that if I'm crying or telling my dad, "Please, no, not the face!" You get that, right?

"Raphael, so good to see you again. I was hoping after all these years you would have done us all a favor and died already," I say pointedly at him.

That jackass clicks his tongue. "Now, now, watch that mouth of yours, Parker. That tends to be what gets your kind killed."

"Really?" I ask in an overly sweet voice. "Cause pissing off your father tends to be the end for your kind…doesn't it?"

This gets him mad. "How dare you talk to me like that you ignorant creature. I am an archangel and I have more power than you could ever hope to possess. This is going to end just like last year with you the loser and me on top," he states very unsure of himself. Not sure if you're stronger than me this time are you? Then it is almost if he gets an idea and his eyes trail over to the group of people on the left side of the room, landing on…Lucifer?! "And unlike last year…You can't save them!"

Moving fast, Raphael draws his sword moving to kill. However, the asshat did not account for my strength. Drawing my own sword, I stand in front of my loved ones and shield them from Raphael's deadly blow. My power mixed with the power of Heaven causes the power-obsessed angel to fly across the room landing next to his other brother.

I walk a few steps forward glaring down at them, "If you don't want to die tonight back off."

"This is not the end dear witch," Raphael spits at me, grabbing Uriel they disappear into the universe leaving me with my family.

I hear Savannah as the first to speak up, "P-Pa-Parker?"

Refusing to turn around, I stare longingly out into the rain. Sure I missed these guys, but frankly I can feel that they are not too happy with me right now. Maybe what I did doesn't seem right to them, but it does to me.

Suddenly, I'm picked up in a gigantic bear hug. "What on this screwed up planet were you thinking disappearing like that?" Uncle Sam asked me while I struggled for a breath. Realizing that if he wants answers I need to be able to talk, he lets me down with a sheepish smile.

"I was thinking that if I opened the gates of Hell none of you morons would be sucked into the deep, dark pits of the cage," I say looking at him and Adam pointedly. Discreetly I let my eyes wander over to the person that all of this was really for…Lucifer. His face causes the feeling of a knife being stuck in my heart. He looks so upset…betrayed. Michael has noticed this also, and he gently puts a hand on Lucifer's shoulder whispering something to him in Enochian most likely trying to stop him from destroying the planet.

"How you adjusting to hunter life, bro?" I ask looking at Adam whom I never really had the chance to spend time with before…y'know.

Hey, it is so not a crime to try to get the attention off of yourself. "Parker Bishop Winchester," however, my dad apparently has different opinions.

Slowly I turn my head to look at him, "Yes?" I say in the sweetest voice possible. I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I don't want to diiiiieee!

Dad steps forward slowly looking at me most likely trying to determine if I'm real before bothering with a lecture. However, I get the exact opposite reaction that I was expecting. Instead of hitting me or yelling, my dad just hugs me tight. Not as tight as Sam mind you, but I could tell that he missed me dearly.

Smiling to myself, but holding back any tears, I hug him back. A sudden movement behind my back startles me then suddenly, "Ow!" I scream jumping back and rubbing the back of my head where my father just DiNozzo slapped me. "Jerk!" I yell at him.

"Bitch," he says back at me. "What were you thinking? Do you have any idea how upset all of us were? We thought you were dead, Parker. Not missing, not hurt, but dead. Do you know how it feels to think that you will never see your own daughter again?"

"No, but I know how it feels to believe you'll never see your father, family, or friends again!" I scream back. "I didn't know how this was going to turn out either, you know. But honestly what was I supposed to do? Watch everyone I love fall apart due to the emotional trauma of watching their loved ones get shut into the cage? I couldn't take that idea!" I scream back at them.

Dad sighs and runs a hand through his hair violently, "So you lied to us and let us all believe we'd lost you?"

"I had to get the weapons and get stronger! If Raphael knew I was alive before that, the entire point of the Apocalypse would have been mute because it would have started all over again," I tell him as calmly as I can. I need all of them to understand because I really did do it for them…some more than others, but I'll never tell him that.

"Wait a minute," Lucifer's deep voice sounds from the back of the room. Scared, I look over at the devil turned angel. However, he rounds on Balthazar. "You have known she was alive since we were at your house…since before that?" he questions stepping toward him. Suddenly Balthazar isn't so cocky.

"Balthazar," I call over rubbing the back of my neck. He looks over at me. "Run."

"Oh, I am so far ahead of you," a snap later and the room has one less divine presence. If that is what you can really call these guys.

My dad, however, doesn't miss a beat due to this engagement. "We had this talk already. I told you I would not risk losing you no matter the cost. I thought you understood that."

"I thought you understood that was a stupid idea! I mean what about Sam and Adam, huh?
What about Angel? Could you really have lost her, Dad?" I ask him angrily referencing Lucifer's daughter and the love of his life. If you really want to know about her, go read Dancing with the Devil by moonlightshadow1

My dad physically flinches at the mention of Angel's name, but neither he nor I push the subject. "I don't care! How could you do this to us?! Don't you realize how much you mean to me and the rest of this family? Why couldn't you have just let this whole thing play out the way it was supposed to?!" he screams in my face.

"Because I wasn't about to watch him die!" I scream while letting tears fall, my hand subconsciously pointing at Lucifer whose eyes just widened considerably. A resounding gasp fills the room. Oh, holy shit I think to myself remembering that I wasn't originally going to tell him that.

Looking around the room, it is apparent that Gabriel and Castiel already knew this piece of information. It wouldn't shock me if Castiel had an idea that I was alive though, so this isn't a shocking idea. Michael is very shocked, but also pleased that I would do what I did to save his brother. Savannah just nods understanding my position perfectly now. However, Dad, Sam, and Lucifer were completely still and unable to say anything.

I stare at Lucifer guiltily, "Lucifer…" I try, but am unable to get a sentence out because as the former devil snaps out of his daze a glare inhabits his eyes and he takes off out the door.

Quickly, I go to run after him only to be stopped by my father. "Parker, are you serious?" He asks me not fully comprehending my choice.

"Yes," I say with absolutely no hesitation in my voice. I fling my arm from his grasp and run outside back into the pouring rain. His body is shaking and his fist clenched at his side. God, I didn't want to upset him…I didn't want him to know what I did was for him. I just wanted him to live and be happy…

Sensing someone else was now outside, Lucifer turns around to see me getting pelted by the skin-ripping rain. His eyes are sad, longing, and a touch peeved and honestly I don' really blame him.

"For me? Really? You risked your precious life to save the devil?" he asks as sarcastically as he can, trying to hide his real emotions like he always has.

I shrug my shoulders, "I promised you that I was going to help you, remember? This was the only way that I could think of doing it?"

Suddenly, Lucifer is in my face gripping hard onto my shoulders and shaking me. "I'm not worth your life you stupid little girl! How could you even consider ending your life to save my own? Why would you? Why do you care about what happens to me?" He screams at me wanting to know why I cared when even his brothers didn't. The archangel of the light may have been the devil to all of you and even to some of his brothers, but to me he was – and deserved – so much more than that damning title.

"Because I love you!" I scream back at him. If you thought he was shocked before, you should have seen his eyes now. Wide and unbelieving he attempts to move away from me…the exact opposite thing he did all those years ago at Elysian Fields. Thinking fast on my feet – something I'm great at – I grab his arms and look directly into his eyes. My evergreen eyes beg the man in front of me to believe what I say and to say something – anything – in return. The rain continues to pelt us both and lightning flashes in the background lighting his angelic face.

However, words are not the action his mouth takes next. Instead, soft, firm lips quickly smash themselves onto my own sending me straight into my own personal Heaven. The archangel's delicious mouth molds with mine, giving me the most passionate kiss that anyone could ever receive. The long fingers of my hand weave themselves into his short hair as his hands grip hard onto my waist. Lucifer's silver tongue slides out of his mouth and runs across my bottom lip which I open just for him. He runs that delicious tongue over my own resulting in a full body shudder which he can feel. A growl escapes from his lips as he pulls away to look into my eyes once again.

Lucifer just stares at me as my chest rises and falls quickly as I try to regain my breath. "When they said you were dead, I knew I had no chance of ever becoming the angel I once was. Just as you are the only hope for Heaven, it seem that you are my only hope, too," he pulls in a shaky breath looking off to the side. "I love you, too." He murmurs a little embarrassed which is the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life let me tell you.

A slight giggle escapes my lips as I look at the second most powerful archangel in history being embarrassed my confessing his love to a girl that virtually just came back from the dead. "However," he says as one hand moves to grip the back of my neck causing me to bite my lip something he seemed to like very much. "If you ever do anything like that ever again, you'll find out just how terrifying I can be." I never doubted that sentence for a second.

Playing coy, a take a step forward making sure our bodies are pressed as close as…supernaturally...possible. "Promise?" I ask my fingers tracing patterns on his chest.

Before he gets a chance to respond a voice from Bobby's doorway interrupts our little game. "So you came all the way back from the dead because you missed making out with the devil?" My dad calls out into the rain with a smirk on his face due to the tomato blush that just swept across my face causing Lucifer to laugh immensely at MY embarrassment. Though normally a sexy sound this time all it causes me to think is Jackass.

Never on to be outdone, however, a comeback quickly came to my mind as the blush subsided. "No…" I say wrapping out arm around Lucifer and pressing my body into his. I look back at my father who is both disgusted and confused. "I also missed the rough sex," I said causing a very sexy rumble to be produced from Lucifer's throat as he laughs even harder. Winking at my dad, I snap my fingers sending Lucifer and I away to a place where we can continue our game of Angel and Witch.