OTP Challenge, Day 1: Holding Hands

Leaning back against the head board of their shared bed, Gamzee held Tavros close during the after math of yet another bout of heated love-making. Both were breathing hard and cooling off as the thin sheets covered only their lower halves, and like he did after every time they settled down from a round in bed, Gamzee was fiddling around with Tavros's hands.

As restless as Gamzee was, he never just held his lover's hands. No, his fingers were constantly moving and playing with Tavros's, intertwining, petting, and stroking. He would map out the ridges and lines and bones and tendons beneath the skin for each one in great detail while Tavros smiled on.

Gamzee had always had the strangest obsession and interest in Tavros's small hands. It never ceased to amaze him how the same hands that Tav used to scratch behind Tinkebull's ear to where to small lusus would roll over onto its side for bell rubs could claw at his back so desperately to where it drove Gam insane. These same hands were strong enough to work a lance and a wheel chair and bring animals across Alternia to their knees before Tavors and were also gentle enough to send shivers and sparks through Gamzee where ever he was touched.

Holding Tavros's smaller hands in his long, slender ones reminded Gamzee of the day he first held Tav's hand in his. Tavros was gesturing wildly at his card games, explaining them to Gamzee while he listened intently, a small, dopey smile on his face as he watch Tav's hand fly all over the place with excitement like the fairies the little troll was so intrigued by. If only Gam could catch oneā€¦ And he did. He just reached out and took Tav's hand in his own, stopping the Taurus mid-rant. Tavros just looked at Gamzee for a moment before a little, loving grin played at his lips as he rested his head on Gam's shoulder affectionately, the Capricorn nuzzling his dark brown mohawk in turn.

Gamzee smiled at the memory fondly, hugging Tavros close by placing the palms of his hands to the tops of Tav's, resting one of the joined hands onto his shoulder and the other onto his waist. Tavros hummed happily at the sweet embrace, but that hum turned into a purr and a small coy grin as one of Gamzee's hands drifted lower on Tavros's body, inching under the sheets that covered them both.

Their next round was about to start.