Jetfire POV

I couldn't believe the Boss bot made me fly a patrol with the Starscream of all mechs. I mean the guy barely follows orders, he doesn't help with the base! All he cares about is getting back at Megatron. He always gets on my nerves.

"Well, that raps up the patrol" I said in a attempt to stir up a good conversation. I got a "Humf" in reply. What a jerk. We both transformed. "We had better head back to base. " He shoot me a unusual smirk, bad feeling right about now.

"Why leave so soon?" The red and white seeker grinned. What the heck was he talkin' about. EH?! Did he just give me a low sonic blast? Wasn't that how you usually start a game of chase in Vos? He's waitin' for me. HA! Like I'll lose to a Decepticon creep like him!

"Yo Redalert! Starscream and Jetfire are duking it out here!" Redalert jumped at Carlos' voice screaming through his intercom.

"You kids stay there! I'll be over soon" He Quickly replied. When he got there the kids looked freaked. He turned his head up gun at the ready. He fought hard to keep from bursting out laughing.

"Redalert! thank goodness, they've been at it since I got here... What's so funny?! They're shooting sonic blasts at each other for Pete's sake!" Alexis near screeched. Redalert chuckled and shuck his head.

" Actually, they're not fighting at all. They're playing a game similar to tag." he explained to the kids.

"So, Starscream is actually playing with Jetfire?" Rad asked as he watched the two chase each other across the sky. "It kinda' makes since now that you think about it. heh, I guess we didn't know what we were looking at?"

"Exactly" Redalert smiled, Starscream was warming up to them. Maybe he would calm out a bit more.