Alright, let's see if I can post this: ok, I can't directly. So, it's on a website called MemeGen:

(Axis Powers Hetalia Crack Pairing Generator by KihonwaMarukaiteChikyuu)

I guess you can Google that and should come right up. You put in a pairing and how bored you are on a scale of one to ten, then submit and it spits out a crack pairing, who catches them "in the act" so to speak, and what said bystander does. The following are examples of what I got for results.

If you don't mind sharing, I'd love to see what it spits out if you try it. :D

Hungary & Lichenstein; Prussia continues to watch (I'm seriously not surprised)

Russia & Cuba; England is unfazed

France & Spain; Poland writes a song about it

Greece & Belarus; Romano beats them up

Belarus & Poland; America joins the fun

America & Hungary; Spain gouges eyes out with a spork

Sweden & Cuba; Japan beats them up

Not nearly as fun as the deviantart one.

Also, "spork" is not in Microsoft Word 2010's dictionary. D:

Alright: I say i need sleep, but I'll probably be up looking more of these up. So, until next time.