It wasn't stormy when the new creature came to Camelot-just dark. It was night time, of course it was dark. It wasn't even something Merlin was thinking much about. Arthur had finally gone to bed for the night, and Gaius had run out of tasks for him. So for now he was enjoying the night breeze, and trying not to think about his part in the Lady Morgana's disappearance. Like he did just there, and winced. The young Warlock had a long way to come. At present it was all he could: focus on helping the search, follow Arthur's orders, and pretend he was only bothered by her absence. Only Gaius knew the the true reason Merlin's heart was heavy. It was times like this he wished he could tell Arthur things about himself. The risk was higher then the rewards, so that was out of the question. So much had happened of late that hung heavy on his heart-Freya, Morgana, and of course his own father whom he but barely knew. It was all too much, rattling through his mind. That was probably why he didn't see the attacked before they were upon him. He only had a moment to respond when he felt something sharp pierce his neck, and released a sudden cry of surprise and pain. But before he knew it they were gone and he collapsed, panting. A figure stood before him, but he hadn't gotten a good look before a female voice spoke.
"Did he feed you?"
"What?" Merlin gasped as he looked up and identified the brown haired woman holding what looked like a wooden stake.
"Did you drink his blood?" She growled, kneeling to check on him.
"What? No! What's going on?!"
"Good." She sighed and shook her head. "Too close. Thought I outran them, got here first. Seer is not dependable..."
"What are you talking about?!" Merlin exclaimed. "Who just-where did they go?"
"There." She gestured with the stake to a pile of dust. "I dusted 'im. One of the only ways to kill them."
"What?!" It was a bit much. "Who are you? What are they? Why are you here?"

The woman paused and laughed a bit, stretching.
"I'm a gal out of time. Name's Faith Lehane. I'm here because I followed someone who was supposed to be gone through the rabbit hole. They're creeping all over the place-things like the one that bit you. Vampires, kid. Now, if you'd be so kind as to take me to whoever is in charge around here, that would be swell."

Author's Note: So yeah. That's my basic introduction to this bad boy. Dunno where I'll go with it. The Faith dropped in a Post season 2 Pre Season 3 Camelot is from Post Season 8 of the Buffy comics.