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Mr Question Mark felt the air blow against his face as the airship flew through the air. One of his arms, the one that had been bitten into was in a cast. Well, not a cast per se but rather a large bit of cloth that had been turned into one.

Both he and Aeris had been found by the group, pleasantries being suspended until after they were safe in the air. The others had tried to tend to Mr Question Mark's arm but Mr Question Mark had treated it himself and the pleasantries had commenced.

Not wanting to be a part of them, Mr Question Mark had retreated to the top of the airship, where he now was. Thankfully, Cloud had not mentioned his bike and Mr Question Mark wondered if he would. After all, Mr Question Mark was injured and talking advantage of an injured person wasn't something that Mr Question Mark guessed Cloud would do.

Still, there was a more pressing issue at hand. The Lifestream. It had wanted to take Aeris but. The very thought that it could manifest itself was surprising enough but to think that it could think, could perform individual actions. Mr Question Mark didn't know what to think.

But what he did know was that someone else, not the Lifestream had raised Sephiroth. If they had tried to do so, then the Lifestream would have probably attacked them like it had with him. But Sephiroth had still risen. That meant that he was facing a threat that was unknown to him. And he didn't like that.

Mr Question Mark ran the details of what he already knew in his head but a sound off to his right disturbed him. He turned his head and saw someone standing in the entrance towards the belly of the airship. Aeris.

Mr Question Mark turned a soon as he saw the face, not towards it but back towards the moving scenery. There was not much he could say to her. It had nothing to do with him whatsoever.

There were footsteps and Aeris soon stood next to him, watching the scenery as well. The only sound was the sound of the engines and the fluttering of Mr Question Mark's tie in the wind. The sound of the door opening was heard again and Mr Question Mark had a look. In the doorway stood Red XIII, Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel. The only reason he saw them was because the doorway only held enough view for those but he was sure that everyone else was there.

He turned back to the scenery. The trees past them underneath the airship. Where were they even going? Mr Question Mark wasn't sure that Cid had given directions but he knew that their destination hadn't been identified yet.

"Thank you." Said the soft voice of Aeris next to him. Mr Question Mark didn't say anything. Aeris would do all the talking now. "You saved me and brought me back. You risked your life for a stranger."

She turned to him and gave him a smile. Water was forming at the edge of her eyes but she made no attempt to hide it. "And-"

"That's enough." Said Mr Question Mark. Aeris looked at him in surprise. Had she annoyed him somehow? "I did nothing to be thanked for." He continued. "I brought you back partly because of my own selfishness. It may be justified selfishness but it was what it was. I didn't do it to save you. So," Mr Question Mark turned back and walked to the doorway where everyone was. "Don't assume I'm a good person because of it. Now come. I have something to ask you."

He disappeared through the doorway and into the belly of the ship, Aeris and the others following slowly behind.

"Now" said Mr Question Mark. Everyone was inside the conference room just left of the staircase that they had descended although Mr Question Mark was certain that he only needed Aeris for his discussion. Regardless, everyone was present and the only thing that affected was the amount of people who heard the conversation. "I want to ask you about the Lifestream."

Aeris nodded ready for her questions.

"Recently, at least in the last 3 days, have you sensed any…abnormalities in the flow of the Lifestream?"

"How do you mean?" she asked. "Of course some parts of the Lifestream increase in some areas because of death of application of life so you'll have to give me a little bit more to go with."

"Then…how about large amounts of the Lifestream gathering in one place? Recently that is."

Aeris put a finger to her chin before nodding. "I think I remember a few while in was in the Lifestream."

"Can you sense them now? Tell me their location?"

Aeris shook her head. "Sorry. I had unlimited access once I was in the Lifestream but not anymore. The best I can do is remember. I'm not sure if I can sense it anymore because of it."

Mr Question Mark nodded. He expected as much. It wasn't going to be that easy. But at least his hunch was right. At least partially. He now had a way to take down the raised Sephiroth.

"If I may ask." Said Red XIII. Mr Question Mark waved his one good hand in confirmation that he could. Upon seeing it, Red XIII continued. "Why do you need to know the location of concentrated Lifestream?"

Mr Question Mark looked at him. "Isn't it obvious? Because of Sephiroth."

The reaction from everyone was almost instantaneous. Numerous eyes shot towards where he was sitting, all of them with the same look: what was he talking about? Mr Question Mark read them all and decided to explain. He cracked a stiff neck.

"Alright then guys. Pay attention. You all know how I told you that Sephiroth is back?" Everyone nodded except Aeris. "Well, Sephiroth is back." Said Mr Question Mark. Now everyone knew. "It happened back at the Northern Cave, and he was raised the same way that Aeris was. Taken right out of the Lifestream."

"But that has happened before." Responded Tifa. "Around a year ago."

Mr Question Mark nodded. "Yes. But the difference was that Sephiroth's body was switched with another's. Then after that body was defeated then the original body was switched back. I don't know the details but that's it in general." Of course if Mr Question Mark had actually bothered to ask he would have discovered that the people who knew most about the incident were in front of him.

"That's the difference. This time, Sephiroth's body hasn't been switched but actually taken out and moving of its own accord. Now there's one thing to consider here. And that is that Sephiroth has definitely lost a lot of his power. Being absorbed in the Lifestream without movement will do that to you. And it's because he was raised that I need to know the location of this concentrated Lifestream."

Confused looks came from everyone. They understood that Sephiroth was alive now but what did that have to do with this concentrated Lifestream?

"Now, this concentrated Lifestream." Said Mr Question Mark. "Sephiroth must have this in order to maintain his body. We've already seen the concentrated Lifestream of Aeris. That green version of her. I think that because we got rid of that, the Lifestream has permitted Aeris to be raised. Not the best explanation, I know but it's the best I have right now. Now, regarding Sephiroth, he wouldn't have that Lifestream version of himself. I would have seen it if that were the case. So, the best guess is concentrated Lifestream in different places."

There was silence as the people in the room processed the information they had just been given.

"So….if we destroy these concentrated Lifestream points, we'll destroy Sephiroth?" asked Cloud.

"I wouldn't say destroy but rather kill. He'll die, again, and that'll be that." He nodded, satisfied with his explanation and turned to Aeris. "Now, can you remember how many of these Lifestream Points there were?"

Aeris frowned and crossed her arms, thinking hard. Everyone looked at her as she tried to remember. It was a while before she spoke.

"5 points, I think. I can remember 5 points. Not where they were though. Sorry." She apologised and bowed her head.

Mr Question Mark didn't say anything but merely rested his head on his good arm thinking. No-one wanted to disturb his thought process as he was the only one who even knew where to begin thinking. If it was any quieter, the occupants could have sworn that they could hear the gears in his brain turning.

It was a while until he spoke.

"Midgar and the Northern Cave. That's two. The points will definitely be placed at places where there would already be a lot of concentrated Lifestream. Therefore, Midgar and Northern Cave. We'll go to the Northern Cave last anyway so there's 3 places left."

Everyone racked their brains with the information that they had just been given. Places with a large amount of Lifestream…a large amount….

There was only one thing that automatically came to mind at that moment.

"Mako reactors." They all said. "The rest will be at Mako reactors."

Mr Question Mark rubbed his top lip. "Most likely. We'll start with places that we're familiar with. Anyone have Mako reactors near hometown or place where they grew up?"

There were glances towards Cloud, Tifa and Barret. They in turn did not look at anyone but rather at the ground. Mr Question Mark nodded to himself. It was unlikely that the Mako reactors with the needed Lifestream were those reactors near their town but it was worth a shot.

He stood up and prepared to exit the room by walking to the only exit. "You guys decide on where we're going first. Make it quick."

Their destination was decided in less than an hour. It turned out that Corel was going to be their port of call and they directed the airship in that direction. They arrived quickly and the occupants wasted no time getting off and searching the town. Although it was unclear whether or not the Lifestream Point would be in the town or inside the Mako reactor itself but there was no harm in making sure.

Unfortunately no-one knew what they were looking for and in the entire town, everyone turned up nothing, earning strange looks from the residents of Corel.

They all sat in front of the end of the rail-line in the middle of town. They had been a large sloped barrier, almost like a ramp attached to it after the events of 3 years ago. Although Mr Question Mark had no idea what that meant it obviously had meaning to the rest of the group.

"Anything?" asked Cloud although he felt that he already knew the answer. Indeed the answer was no, seen in the shaking heads.

Mr Question Mark yawned, rubbed his eyes with his good hand and looked down the railway. Barret had told him that down there lay the Mako reactor and trains had been used to transport employees of the reactor to their workplace. He listened as well as the others decided that the Mako reactor was last and headed there. They filed out, down the rail-line Mr Question Mark not joining them but sitting on the ramp.

Although he had not told the group probably because it would mean nothing to them he had figured something out. According to some of the local residents, someone had ventured towards the Mako reactor around 3 days ago but they were covered in a large hood so their face or gender could not be seen.

"Mr Question Mark!" called Yuffie from ahead of him. "You coming?"

Mr Question Mark responded by standing up and walking down the track keeping silent the entire time.

The walk itself was fairly long; the group staying on the tracks the entire time with many conversing with one another but all the while, Mr Question Mark was silent. Still in thought over the mysterious figure in the hood, he did not know how much time had passed before he stopped as he ran into the back of Aeris.

Aeris turned around and said, "We're here." Indeed they were. In front of Mr Question Mark lay a large expanse and building. Uncharacteristically, Mr Question Mark had not taken in his surroundings while he was walking to the Mako reactor and part of him felt vulnerable.

He felt silly for feeling vulnerable but the thought was still there. He stood in front of a large metal door that was connected to the track. Obviously the track went back inside the building and trains were used to go between the reactor and Corel. The door itself was not the most amazing feature though. It was the large tower like structure that surrounded it. The silver metal looked rusted after years of not being used but it still felt intimidating being in front of it.

Fumes rose from the edges of the tower and the smell of the area was similar to a garbage dump.

There was a bonging sound from the door and it appeared that Cloud and Barret were trying to get it open using force along. They struggled but it was clear that their attempts would meet with little success.

"Looks like we have to find another way in." said Tifa. "Alright, we'll all have a look around and meet back here in 10 minutes. Try everywhere guys." She turned and left, the others taking the same idea and moving around the reactor. Only Mr Question Mark stayed where he was. It was unlikely that they would find another entrance and even if they did he doubted that it would lead to the middle of the complex in front of him.

He scratched his head. Where would the Lifestream Point even be in the reactor? It was heard to say but he had to look inside the structure to have an idea.

His thoughts went back to the figure in the hood that had been mentioned. If the figure had been here, then how did they get in the complex? Had they even gone in? There was no evidence to suggest so.

Mr Question Mark started to go along that train of thought, namely if someone had gone in before, how had they done so?

He looked down at the tracks. The condition that they were in made everyone's shoes reasonably dirty so it was easy to see footprints. Unfortunately there were too many to accurately determine if any of them were the figure's.

He then went to the large door that Cloud and Barret had tried to open. It was unlikely that he would be able to open it with force alone but that wasn't what he was looking for. There was a slight opening in the wall on the left but since he had been looking at Cloud and Barret before, he had not noticed it.

Before he inspected the opening he had one thing to check out. It was the hinges of the door itself. It appeared to him that the doors opened like how an automatic door might, sliding off to the sides. He walked to the edge of the door nearest to him and ran his finger down the metal nearest to the wall. Unlike the rest of the building this part was relatively smooth. It looked like this door had definitely been used recently.

Smiling, he moved to the opening, a screen taking up the place. He pressed it and it gave off a faint glow in the light of the area. The words that appeared on the screen were as such:

Opening code:

There was a touch screen keyboard underneath the words and Mr Question Mark didn't need an explanation. The opening code was like a username, needed to open the door and the password was required to open it.

If he had time, he would have tried to solve it, there might be a clue in the words however, he felt that he was rushed. He pulled his sonic screwdriver from his blazer pocket and pointed it at the screen and pressed.

The familiar high-pitched humming sound came from the tip and for a little while there was nothing but soon a *beep* came from the machine. This was followed by the word 'ACCEPTED' and the door shifted a tiny bit before opening to reveal the interior.

Surprisingly the door opened with little sound and soon the interior of the reactor was open to him.

He looked behind him. The others weren't there yet and Mr Question Mark felt that he would investigate on his own. He stepped inside the structure, the light from outside providing little illumination. On the inside, green lights often sprung up but then flickered out.

Mr Question Mark took a step inside again, and then another, and then another. Soon it was not long before he thought he stood in the middle of the room he was in but he couldn't be sure.

Suddenly, there was a shift in the ground and Mr Question Mark stumbled as the floor beneath him moved. A grinding sound showed that whatever was moving had not done so for a while and Mr Question Mark tried to reach out a hand to steady himself but found nothing. He elected to lie down on the ground as the floor moved.

As it moved, Mr Question Mark found himself moving away from the door in a circular fashion. When he had stopped, he couldn't see the door, not because he had moved a long distance away, in fact he had only been moved 180 degrees but rather because something was in the way.

Something large.

Unable to see properly, Mr Question Mark reached for his sonic screwdriver again and pointed it at the object. There was only really one word that could describe what lay in front of him.

Fancy. A large retro train cart stood in front of him, the one that one would use coal to fill up. He marvelled at the beauty of the machine in front of him and walked up to it, peering inside the window. He was about to shine the sonic screwdriver into the window when a large mechanical sound reverberated throughout the room. Mr Question Mark looked back to where the train had come from but found nothing and then looked back at the door.

It was closing. Mr Question Mark looked at it for a few moments stupidly before realising that he was inside the complex with no way to get out. He ran up to it, stumbling as he did so and just as he reached it-

*CLANG*. The metal doors shut tight, locking him out. Now in darkness, Mr Question Mark shined his screwdriver near the door, trying to find a panel like the one outside but to no avail. He switched settings and used the screwdriver against the door but again no avail.

"No way…." Saud Mr Question Mark to himself. The only way to prevent the workings of the sonic screwdriver was a deadlock seal and there was no way that the civilisation that he was in now had the technology to have one. That left only one option.

Someone else, a traveller like him was responsible for this. Mr Question Mark rubbed his chin. But what would they have to do with the Mako reactor? Now that it had been decommissioned there was no reason to come here. The only person that came to mind was that mysterious figure but who were they?

They had come around 3 days ago. With his own timeline that coincided with one event: the rising of Sephiroth. It may have been a coincidence but it was too perfectly played and Mr Question Mark didn't like it.

What was going on on this planet? Mr Question Mark looked back at the train with that one thought. Sephiroth rising? Mysterious figures that were extra-terrestrial? What did they have to do with each other?

"Man….I really need a holiday. A proper one." Said Mr Question Mark to himself. There was no point moping about what was happening. So, Mr Question Mark decided to look around some more.

The first point of action would have to be that train. Mr Question Mark approached it and shone his light in the window. Nothing strange in there, just a collection of controls. It looked like the coal needed to fuel it was already burning, a small fire burning it. With a little prodding, that fire would be made larger but Mr Question Mark had no need to do that right now. Stepping back from the train, Mr Question Mark shone is light around the room he was in.

There were numerous platforms on a few levels, accessible by ladders and as an educated guess, probably led down to more corridors that surrounded the reactor. There were too many to look through himself and the Lifestream Point could be down any of them. Regardless, Mr Question Mark didn't think that he could reach those platforms with ladders because of his arm.

Now, these platforms were on the sides of the room and at the back, there was a small control panel. Mr Question Mark took no hesitation in approaching it. Some buttons of it were lit up while others weren't and levers were all over the machine itself in places that didn't have buttons. There was one button hat caught Mr Question Mark's eye. Not because it was large, or red, or big but because it had the word 'Light' written under it.

Mr Question Mark pressed the button and the whole interior shone with a healthy glow. Mr Question Mark pocketed his screwdriver and pressed the button again. The lights went out. Convinced that it really was the light switch and not some contraption that had a secret nefarious agenda, Mr Question Mark flicked on the lights again.

Indeed, the interior was just as Mr Question Mark thought it was, the levels were available to be reached by ladders and the train was facing the door. It sat on a turntable, which explained how Mr Question Mark had moved earlier. Not that it mattered now. What Mr Question Mark needed to do was get everyone who was outside on the inside.

And the only way to do that was to break the door down.

The rest of the group –Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Yuffie, Cait Sith, Red XIII, Vincent, Aeris, Cid, Marlene and Denzel-were all outside, standing near the door that separated them from the inside.

"Where is he?" asked Cid. "That brat better not be late."

Red XIII stuck his nose in the air and gave a sniff. "I can't smell him. Either he's not here or his smell is obstructed by something."

Cloud sighed and rubbed a hand through his hair. "Man. What are we going to do? First my bike, then this. I'd rather not admit it but that kid is someone that we might need to destroy these Lifestream Points."

"What do you think about them anyway?" asked Yuffie. "I dunno, but they seem kinda weird to me." She gave a small shrug.

"I have no idea." Said Cait Sith. "But after what we saw with Aeris, I'm willing to believe anything."

All eyes went to the girl that Cait Sith had just mentioned. "You did see him defeat that …thing or whatever it was right?" asked Barret. "It took us out pretty quickly and it was against us. I find it hard to believe that the kid could just defeat it like that. I mean, we don't even know how he did that."

Aeris gave her own shrug. "I know about as much as you. When I woke up, his arm was as you found it. He didn't really say that much. But I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt."

She was met with silence but it was Vincent who spoke. "I agree. But there is something about him though. Like he's not telling us everything."

"He's telling us nothing though Vincent." Said Tifa. "We don't even know anything about him. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt like Aeris but what if he's someone from Shinra? The way he took down that cloaked man at the City of the Ancients proves that he knows how to fight. And he strategizes well. He could be a Turk. Dresses in a suit."

All of the group seemed to have doubts about Mr Question Mark but none wanted to say it in front of him. Marlene and Denzel listened into the conversation. In their eyes, there was nothing wrong with Mr Question Mark however the adults didn't seem to share their opinion.

Cloud waved a hand. "Well whatever. We should split up and look for him. He could have broken his other arm and right now we don't need any other surprises."

Just as Cloud finished there was a loud crashing sound. Following this, the door that was a large obstacle for them was ripped from its place in the building. The group went wide-eyed at the sight of the door being taken out of its place and stared as it was pushed slowly forward by whatever had pushed it out of its place.

There was a soft coughing sound among the scraping of the metal door on the rails and the group slowly parted as an old looking train with its front bashed in came out from the Mako reactor slowly. It didn't look like it would function again either and it soon came to a complete stop.

The same coughing sound came from the centre of the carriage and many of the group assumed battle positions to attack the unknown threat. They waited for the occupant to step out and when they did-

"Sorry." Said Mr Question Mark, still coughing. "Am I late? It's hard to drive a train with one hand."

The group had nothing to say to that.

After a quick rundown of how Mr Question Mark had managed to get inside, and a lecture of how he shouldn't have gone alone, Mr Question Mark showed the group the inside of the Mako reactor.

Each had a look at the platforms, of which there were 5, along with a tunnel that was dug into the wall to the left of where the train was. Judging by the fact that there were 6 entrances, it was decided who was going into which one.

As there were 12 people, 2 would go into each tunnel and Mr Question Mark was going into the one on the floor that they were on because of his arm.

After a long discussion as to who would go along with him, the group decided that it be Aeris. Any questions that Mr Question Mark asked regarding that choice were ignored. As thus the groups were decided.

They were:

Cloud and Marlene
Tifa and Denzel
Barret and Cid
Red XIII and Cait Sith
Yuffie and Vincent
And that left Mr Question Mark and Aeris

Mr Question Mark had no problem with the groups themselves and he and Aeris watched as all the groups ascended their ladders until they were standing in front of their tunnels.

"Alright?" asked Cloud across where he stood. "Everyone have a look down these tunnels and if you find anything strange, give a shout." His voice echoed in the close space. "We should be able to hear you due to the echo."

"What are we even looking for?" asked Tifa from the opposite side of the structure.

Mr Question Mark shrugged. "Try looking for something that has the words 'Lifestream Point' on it. Other than that, anything strange."

There were murmurs of agreement that bounced around the room and they all went into their tunnels without looking back. Only Cloud did and he called out to Mr Question Mark, "You take good care of her alright?"

Mr Question Mark scoffed. "Don't worry. I don't plan of reviving her again in any regard." With that they both went into their tunnels, Mr Question Mark holding his sonic screwdriver in his good arm as he went down the tunnel.

Aeris followed at a good pace in the tunnel, looking at Mr Question Mark the whole time. Mr Question Mark kept his eyes on the path ahead, looking at anything that caught his eye but found nothing after they had walked a few metres.

He turned to Aeris. "Can you sense it? Are we close?"

Aeris closed her eyes and focused but she shook her head. "No. I can't sense anything. It is possible that the Point isn't here."

Mr Question Mark looked forward and kept walking. "I was thinking that too earlier but not anymore."

Aeris raised an eyebrow. "Oh? And why is that?"

"The door." Mr Question Mark responded.

"The one you smashed open?"

Mr Question Mark sweatdropped at that reply but nodded. "There were signs that it had been used recently. Also, Corel townspeople saw someone heading towards the reactor although I'm not sure if they went inside, the possibility is high."

Aeris nodded as she followed his train of thought. The tunnel they were in maintained its straight path. "So you think this person has something to do with this? What's happening now?"

"Hmmm. Seems likely. But I can't tell if it's two people or just the one." Said Mr Question Mark but he was consumed by his own thoughts. What with that follower of 'Iam' at the City of Ancients it was clear that he was involved. But what did that mean? What was Iam up to? It didn't make any sense. What did resurrecting Sephiroth have to do with anything?

"Seems like you have a lot on your mind." Said Aeris as she continued to look at Mr Question Mark.

"Yeah." He agreed with a grin. "And I'm supposed to be on holiday."

"Holiday?" asked Aeris. "Do you have a job right now?"

Mr Question Mark pointed his sonic screwdriver at Aeris's face, she responding by covering it due to the light.

"Why are you asking about me and not the situation? We might find anything here but you're asking about me." He frowned and moved the light back in front of him. "Don't delve too far into me. You might not like what you find."

He continued walking and Aeris still kept her pace. There was a small silence before Aeris spoke up again. "So, do you have a job? What is it?"

Mr Question Mark sighed and chuckled. "Yes I do have a job. But I don't know what it is. Bodyguard? But then again, you don't ask advice from bodyguards. In that case, an advisor? But you don't ask advisors to protect you. In the end, it's a mystery to me as well as you."

"Then why are you here?" asked Aeris. "Doing this? You could just ignore the problem you know? Tell someone else? Why do you chose to act and try to save everyone?"

Mr Question Mark stopped and gave her a strange look. "You're asking me for a reason?" She nodded. Mr Question Mark shrugged. "Don't have one or need one. Wising for other's happiness, is that so bad? Do you need a reason to put a smile on someone's face?"

Mr Question Mark kept on walking and left Aeris behind who was partially stunned. She hadn't expected an answer like that. She hurried to catch up to him and found that his device that acted as a flashlight was off. Yet there was light. She looked ahead and saw the end of the tunnel, a light appearing from it.

She looked at Mr Question Mark who had a displeased expression on his face. "Don't go towards the light huh?" he said to himself probably. "I have a bad feeling about this." Regardless, he took a few steps forward with Aeris following and soon they were in another room.

And it was massive.

It was probably the centre, a large metal circle covering the circle room but only touching the edges. Right in front of Mr Question Mark and Aeris was a wide metal 'road' that led to another circle in the centre of the room. On it was a small pedestal and on that was a cube. It was tiny and green but shone with a glow that could even be seen in the light of the room.

Further up on the room, metal circles that went around the room like the one that Mr Question Mark and Aeris were standing on surrounded the room at other levels but unlike theirs, there was no metal 'road' that led to the centre of the room.

Mr Question Mark pointed to the cube with his good hand after pocketing his sonic screwdriver. "Can you sense that?" he asked Aeris.

She focused but she shook her head. "My sensing of this concentrated Lifestream must have a limited range."

Mr Question Mark rubbed his chin. "That's not good for future aspects. At least try to remember what it feels like, when you're sensing and the 'aura' of the object. That might help you later on."

She nodded and kept on focusing, trying to remember every detail. As for Mr Question Mark he peered over the edge of the metal circle that ran around the walls of the room, into the bottom. Unlike where they were, it was poorly lit and it was hard to see anything.

Mr Question Mark reached for a glow stick inside his blazer and cracked it, quite difficult with one hand, and dropped it into the hole. It fell for quite a while and soon it hit the bottom. There was nothing, just brown ground, perhaps dirt at the bottom.

Satisfied, Mr Question Mark looked up at the circles above him. What were they for?

He got his answer almost immediately as a small face appeared over the edge of the one closest to him.

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" called Marlene from where she was. She waved and Mr Question Mark did so to and soon he saw Cloud's face over the edge.

"It appears that all of the tunnels lead to this room!" said Cloud. "The others are already here!" Indeed as soon as Cloud said that, numerous faces appeared over the edge, some cheerfully waving at him while others giving stares.

It seemed that only Mr Question Mark or Aeris could destroy what was obviously that Lifestream Point. Mr Question Mark looked back at Aeris who had finished focusing. It was clear that it had taken a toll on her as sweat dripped down her head.

He pointed at the Lifestream Point. "I'm gonna head over there. You better stay here." She nodded and wiped her forehead. He turned around and walked along the 'road' towards the cube. He looked at it and picked it up, turning it over in his hand.

Being a collection of a force, it was rather solid in his hand. He tossed it into the air and caught it with his hand. It had a standard weight and his analysis was that it was just like an ordinary cube apart from it being green and glowing.

He put it down and brought out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the Point and scanned it.

Analysis: energy signature recorded. Object consisted of 100% Lifestream

Satisfied that he could now scan for the unique energy signature of the Points, Mr Question Mark pointed is sonic screwdriver at the cube.

"What are you doing to do?" asked Yuffie from above.

Mr Question Mark rose his head saw 10 faces all looking down at him. "I'm going to disperse it! It'll separate the cube and destroy the Point. I dunno what might happen after so look out for anything unexpected!"

He pointed his screwdriver at the point and pressed down the button. The low pitched hum came out if the device and the cube started to quiver slightly. It did so for a while before it was shaking so fast that it became little more than a blur. A few minutes after Mr Question Mark had pressed down of the button, the sound of glass breaking sounded throughout the room. Mr Question Mark, unable to cover both his ears and closest to the cube was actually thrown back from the soundwave.

The otters on the other hand were luckier. Aeris who was the second closest fell back onto her bum while the others hid behind the metal circles. As for Mr Question Mark who was thrown back he toppled over, losing the sonic screwdriver on the metal 'road' in the process. But it didn't end there; he continued to roll, until there was no 'road' left. He rolled over the edge but he lashed out his hand just in time to catch the edge of the 'road'.

Groaning because he had managed to roll onto his injured arm in the process, he hung precariously over the edge. He looked down and saw the empty space beneath him, the faint light of the glow stick still faintly visible.

Of course, the fall would kill him but thankfully he had saved up his regeneration energy. He doubted there was a way up however so he grunted in pain as he lifted himself up with one hand.

He exhaled heavily as he failed the first time and looked up. The others were managing to look over the edge and stared at the hanging figure. Mr Question Mark looked over to the side and saw that Aeris was just managing to stand up and headed over to where Mr Question Mark was.

"Are you OK?" she said. Her voice however was fairly soft but Mr Question Mark thought that that was the effect of the blast on his ears.

"I'm fine. Just get me up." He said and Aeris grabbed his hand. She groaned as she managed to lift up Mr Question Mark a few centimetres up but then released him. Mr Question Mark who was not prepared for such an action let out a small gasp as he fell to where he previously was.

He looked up in annoyance. "What was that for?"

He saw Aeris's face, pale and scared. She was looking at him but Mr Question Mark observed that it was not at him, but past him.

He looked down behind him at the ground and went pale.

It had moved. It fact it was still moving. The glow stick showed that the dirt was moving ever so slightly in its pale light. Maybe not dirt, but skin, thought Mr Question Mark. Extremely eager to remove himself from where he was he shouted out to Aeris, "Hurry up and-"

He never finished. How could he as a louder sound than his voice echoed in the walls of the complex.

It was a roar. Not one of a creature that was large, no, it was one of a creature that Mr Question Mark had faced before.

Sweating he looked behind him.

He had been right.

Looking right back at him was the face of a menacing dragon, brown skin surrounding its red eyes and sharp teeth.

"That's not good." Said Mr Question Mark as the creature let out another roar.

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