This story originated from a friend, Risque Tendencies, who threw a bunch of SIH and JR characters into a generator and used the two that popped out. Rather, I threw in characters from a bunch of series that I like (most have the seiyuu Okamoto Nobuhiku (Kisa in SIH) as a character) into a generator I use for school and out popped two random folks. Onodera Ritsu from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Okamura Rin from Ao No Exorcist came out in that order.

Well, to make a long story short, I did what I could to come up with a plausible story for these two. It takes place a couple years prior to canon time with Onodera since I wanted to keep Takano out of the picture. Rin is sixteen in the story.

Thanks a bunch to Risque Tendencies who reads my chaptered stories beforehand to ensure my mistakes are not in abundance.

Also, I don't own anything. So suing will earn you a smile.


What About the Others

Part – The First

Normally one didn't wake up from a decent night's sleep and think their life was about to change. Not just change, but rearrange itself into the completely bizarre. Sure, subtle differences in one's day-to-day routine kept a humdrum life from feeling too boring. Most people expect those minor changes; such as taking a different route to work, or buying a different meal in the canteen. What one doesn't expect is to be bitten by a stray animal, thus allowing the victim to start seeing things that really shouldn't be there.

Onodera Ritsu, editor in charge of the great Usami Akihiko and underling for his own father at Onodera Publishing, was not having a good morning. First his alarm clock had died mysteriously at 3:29 in the morning, thus making him jump out of bed an hour later than normal. He couldn't find a cab which meant he needed to run to the subway. Gone was the opportunity of wolfing down some sort of nourishment. The banker's meeting started at exactly nine o'clock; which meant he had all of ten minutes to make it to the train station, hop the train, and make it the three stops to his work building.

Never gonna happen! He shouted inside of his head.

The editor did make it to the subway station just as the train left the station. Onodera put his hands on his knees to catch his breath and could feel the sting of frustrated tears in his eyes. It was bad enough he had a horrible stigma at work, being the son of the owner, but showing up late to his first banker's meeting was going to look bad on his resume.

He took his mobile from his pocket and watched the minutes tick by; 8:52, 8:53, 8:54. Well, that meant he'd fully miss the beginning of the meeting. A small bit of hope had kept him going just a few minutes prior, but with each passing second he let the reality sink in…he was fucked.

Other passengers seemed to have deserted the area as he looked up to see the lights overhead flickering with energy. It was not his day, nor was it his year…bloody hell, it wasn't even his life-time. Someone had it in for him, probably in hell, and relished the idea of making his life a living hell.

Ritsu glared at his reflection in the plastic sheet covering the advertisement on the wall. His eyes looked hollow and he could see the sleep deprivation bags under his eyes. What he wouldn't give for a little bit of a break, anything to help him gain his footing.

Of course, just the thought of needing better footing was enough to curse him as a dog, by the look of it, crashed into his leg and caused him to lurch forward. He fell to his knees and smashed, face first, into the side of the animal, which promptly did an about face and dug it's teeth into his hand.

"Ahhhhh!" Onodera screeched as he tried to wrench his hand away. The dog, which resembled a creature from a horror novel, held tight and Ritsu could see blood seeping from his hand and onto the floor.

He looked around for someone, anyone, to help him out, but the place seemed to be vacant. True, there hadn't been many people around to begin with, but it was rush-hour, so there should have been at least a handful of passengers waiting for the subway. In that moment, when he realized he was facing the creature alone, Onodera realized he might not make it out of the issue unscathed.

The thing started growling and let go of Onodera's hand, which caused the man to fall forward onto the ground. He tried to push himself up, but used the wrong hand and immediately felt the sting of debris pushing into the bloody holes on the lower part of his hand. This caused an intake of breath as he rolled to his side and held onto the hand with his other. That was when he noticed he wasn't alone in the station anymore.

Standing about ten meters away was a school-aged kid wearing a school uniform similar to the elite-type uniform he'd had to wear when he was attending boarding school abroad. At first glance the kid looked like he was going to freak out at the sight of the creature. Then the kid pulled out a sword. This caused Onodera to pause as he sat up on his posterior and started to massage his smarting shoulder.

To him it looked as if the kid was about to square off with the dog-thing. Ritsu watched in awe as the creature started to stalk the boy like prey. He'd have chalked his experience up to having a concussion until the school-boy started to burn alive with blue flames.

"Hey!" Onodera shouted, attempting to stand and help. Then he realized that while the kid was engulfed in flames, he wasn't actually burning to a crisp. "Uhhhh," he stuttered dumbly as he tried to see if he had been rendered unconscious and was in the middle of a strange dream. He pinched himself and it hurt, as did the wound on his hand that had started to fester.

Ritsu looked at his hand and back at the boy. They locked eyes for a moment and it seemed as if a bolt of electricity hit him square in the chest. The boy averted his eyes, swung his sword, and sliced the creature in half. Onodera watched as the dog burned into nothingness with a look of wonder on his face.

Within moments the boy had sheathed his sword and turned off the fireworks. Onodera watched as the boy walked toward him. Cautiously he allowed his savior to walk toward him until he was a couple meters away. At that point he too started to walk backward until the boy stalled.

"You okay, old man?" the boy asked, concern in his blue eyes.

"I'm not an old man," Ritsu said without a second thought.

"Okay," the boy said. "But your hand?"

Ritsu held up his wounded hand and watched the blood fall from the gaping holes on both sides. Obviously he wasn't okay, but he could hardly think of that in that moment. He was still a little confused…okay, make that a lot confused.

"I'll be fine," he mumbled.

"Let me see," the boy reached for the lacerated appendage and Onodera shrank back. "I'm not going to hurt you, but you've been bitten by a demon, which means you might need special treatment for that."

Onodera lifted his hand and offered it to the boy with more thoughts swirling in his head than he knew what to do with. What just happened? Who is this kid? How does he know that that thing was? How am I going to explain my absence to my father? Will I lose my hand? How on earth did that kid burn with no damage to his body?

"My name is Okumura Rin," the boy said as he applied some sort of gel-like substance to the wound and wrapped it in long leaves of some sort. "My brother would be better at this than I am, or even Shiemi would know more about this. It should work though."

Onodera listened to the kid ramble for a spell before he realized that the pain in his hand was indeed gone. To say he was amazed was an understatement, so he just nodded and said a humble thank you.

"Someone's gonna need to come by and check this later. Where do you live anyway?"

Ritsu looked back at the boy and took his hand away, rather quickly, which ended up with a tear in the final leaf Okumura was fastening to his hand.

"Hey, chill out!" Rin snapped as he pulled the hand back and finished fastening remaining leaf to the man's wrist.

Ritsu had finally come back to the real world and realized he had been attacked, a stranger was helping him, and he was late for work.

"Sorry, but I really need to go to a hospital," Onodera said quickly.

"No hospital can treat a demon wound. I told you, this will help, and I can get someone to check on it in an hour or two, but I need to know who you are."

"Onodera," he answered absentmindedly as the whole situation finally came crashing down around him. "And I am late for work, plus I've got to go to the hospital, and you should be in school."

Rin laughed, the man was starting to lose mind a little. He wasn't going to last long enough to get help, which meant he'd need to follow the man until his brother could come and make sure everything was okay.

"Okay, I'll just make sure you get to the hospital before I head back to school."

"I don't need help from a high-school kid," Ritsu snapped. At this he turned and walked toward the exit of the subway. He noticed the kid was following him, but that only made him speed up, causing him to trip up the stairs a couple of time while his mind tried to catch up with the rest of his body.

Once he exited the subway he stopped dead in his tracks, eyes wide with confusion.

"Creepy, aren't they?" a voice beside him stated.

Ritsu nodded and reached his hand out to see if what he was seeing was real.

"I wouldn't touch those," Rin admonished gently. "I remember the first time I saw them, right before my father died."

"What are they?" Ritsu didn't know what was up or down anymore.

"They're demons," the boy explained bluntly. "Welcome to hell."

Onodera felt a pain in his stomach before he keeled over, passed out cold on the ground.

"Great," Rin said with a grin. "We might be able to pass this off as a dream," he said to himself as he used his mobile to call his brother.