And now the conclusion.


What About the Others

Part: The End

After a spell in Rin's bedroom where Onodera jerked him off while they battled tongues, he'd insisted on returning the favor. Both almost passed out from holding it in for so long, but in the end they sat together, breathing deeply before heading off to the kitchen to finish the dishes almost forgotten. Rin would wash the dish and Ritsu would dry the dish, followed by Ukobach putting them away.

"What were you like as a child, Okumura-kun?" Ritsu asked as he put a cup on the counter for the pint-sized demon.

"People called me a demon. They had no idea how right they were."

Ritsu took the plate Rin had finished washing and started drying. "But you aren't a demon, like they said I mean. If you had been, then you'd have left me to get eaten."

"That's true, I probably would have, but I did have a temper when I was younger." He handed another plate to Onodera-san.

"And that's changed?"

Okumura took a deep breath before answering. "I guess that depends on the situation. If someone I care about is in trouble, then I tend to kick back to those violent ways."

"Would you change it?" This was similar to what Mephisto had offered earlier that day. Would anyone take or get rid of the past?

Rin thought about that for a moment while he scrubbed a pan with a brillo pad. Changing the past would affect the present and he didn't want his present to change if it meant that now Onodera-san was going to remain with him.

"No," he finally said after a pregnant pause. "Then I might not have met you," Rin deadpanned, catching Ritsu's gaze.

Onodera nodded and took the pan from his hand to dry it. "Would you change your past?" Rin asked, "with your senpai, I mean?"

Ritsu already knew the answer to that question. He'd answered it just a few hours prior.

"No, though I would have done anything to change it before I met you." That's why I've been such a coward, because I didn't like my past.

Rin found himself grinning at that. At least they were on the same page. "What do you plan to do now?"

The elder shrugged. "Mephisto said he'd talk to me about that tomorrow. For now I'm going to continue working as an editor though since I can do that easily from anywhere in the country as long as I have a fax machine."

"You'll have to show me what you do; it sounds more interesting than taking my math class."

"I'll only share with you if you promise to do the work you're supposed to," Ritsu answered with a huff. "That crazy brother of yours told me you've been neglecting your studies. That's not allowed." In an instant he'd turned into parent mode. Luckily Rin just grinned and nodded in acquiescence. "Good," Onodera continued.

A communicable silence followed as the two finished the dishes, occasionally asking simple questions about the past and the present. Within an hour they had finished the pile of earthen-ware and went to take a shower. Ritsu wasn't actually sure where he was supposed to sleep, or in what since his things had been left in Mephisto's care.

He walked into the shower area with a towel around his waist and saw that his little demon lover was already under the spray.

"I guess I'll sleep in the room next to yours tonight?" he asked as he took some soap and started to lather his body.

Rin glanced over and shook his head. "Like hell that's going to happen. Until I have you chipped you're sleeping with me." He looked his lover up and down and noticed the large scar on his leg. That was the scar he was responsible for.

The editor took a step back after he'd washed the soap off his person when he noticed his body being scrutinized. Immediately he shied away and tried to shield himself from the thoughtful gaze directed at his leg.

"Don't…" Rin said, reaching out a hand and keeping Ritsu from turning away.

Slowly he lowered himself to his knees and reached out to touch the leg housing the scar. Ritsu tried to take a step back, but the kid reached out and took hold of his hand; pulling him closer.

"You don't have…" he tried to get out since he was already feeling rather vulnerable in that position, even if Rin was the one on his knees.

Okumura didn't listen and let his fingers ghost over the scar. While it didn't exactly convey beauty, it didn't take anything away from the person standing in front of him either. Ritsu could feel a shiver go up his spine when the tips of Rin's fingers touched the marred flesh.

After feeling the scar, Rin lifted the leg slightly and placed butterfly kisses along the outer edges of the indentation, causing Ritsu to break out in goose-bumps. He'd have stopped the boy, but for some reason he felt as if this were the most sensual time in his life. The feel of Okumura-kun's lips against his blemished leg had not just an erotic feeling, but a deep intimacy that caught his loins on fire.

Rin noticed his lover had closed his eyes and knew that the shower was about to become more than just a shower in a few moments time. He used his tail to pull on Ritsu's wrist, bringing the elder down to his level. When their heads were close, he leaned in and kissed the shy editor, wrapping his dripping wet arms around the other man's prone form.

Said editor leaned into the kiss and let himself be pulled down onto the floor. On the shower tiles, slippery with running water, the two caressed one another and made love in a slow and methodic manner the likes of which neither had done before. He'd not wanted to end the night in such a way, but Ritsu realized that they both needed what they both needed. And what they needed was each other. Thus, the night was not spent sleeping or studying, but mapping one another out again, over and over until the sun came up when they finally fell asleep.


Mephisto and his little brother Amaimon watched the two sleeping together from the rafters.

"Brother, you are bordering on perversion here," the green-haired demon commented since neither the editor nor their younger brother had any clothes on and the blanket that was supposed to be covering them had ended up on the floor.

"This coming from someone who is sitting right here with me," Mephisto commented with a smirk.

"Touché…but why are we here?"

"Just checking up on two of the most ignorant and stubborn individuals ever to grace this world we live in." Mephisto took hold of the smaller demon and they left the sight of an unlikely pair who had managed to make it work.


Three Months Later

Ritsu stood at the stove with his hand gently stirring the oatmeal. He'd already burned one pan and he wasn't about to let some smarmy teenager get the better of him. He could make oatmeal; even if Rin had to be there to make sure it didn't burn or explode.

The editor, turned teacher, turned and looked at his lover and eyed him thoughtfully. That was until he felt the boy's tail reach around and start to touch him in an important part of his anatomy. This caused him to jump back and glare at the youngster with a spoon in the air that happened to be dripping oatmeal onto the floor.

"Do you have to do that, Okumura-kun?" he asked with a stern voice.

Rin giggled. "Sorry, but seeing you in that getup kind of turns me on a little."

Onodera looked from Rin to Ukobach, who kind of shook his head and left the area before he witnessed any unpleasant encounters.

"This," he indicated the apron covered in flowers, "turns you on?" he asked.

Okumura blushed and gave him a cheeky smirk, "I'm a teenage boy; everything turns me on."

"I think we need to give you a shot of something to calm your hormones," he grumbled, turning to continue stirring the oatmeal.

The seed of Satan smiled and set out three plates for their morning breakfast; provided it wasn't completely ruined by the time Yukio graced them with his presence.

"When are your classes today?" the student asked while helping Ukobach cut melons to go with the oatmeal.

"I'm teaching the editorial writing class to *third-years, and then I have two intro to language classes for first –years this afternoon."

After agreeing to teach on a part-time basis, Mephisto had opened up a few extra-curricular classes for students wishing to enter into the editorial or journalism field. Onodera hadn't wanted to originally, but Shiemi had made a comment to him about wanting to attend school to learn how to write for a botany magazine she'd subscribed to. After a little begging on the girl's part, the man agreed to teach five different classes at various levels. Teaching was not something he'd ever wanted to do, but Yukio had mentioned that Moriyama didn't actually attend the school and if he were to teach a few of the classes, maybe she would start to open up a little more.

Normally that type of request wouldn't have worked, but the look in the teen's eyes at the prospect of learning how to write her own articles for publication caused him to buckle. Thus, Onodera had become a sensei at the beginning of the new term.

"Can I come by your place after classes today?" Rin asked, taking over with the oatmeal so it didn't burn and they could eat shortly.

Onodera nodded. Initially Okumura-kun had insisted on him living in the dorm with him, but neither Mephisto nor Ritsu agreed to such. Having the man around might have proven to be quite the distraction. So the editor had been given a place in the teacher's apartment complex. Said complex wasn't more than five minute's walk from where Rin lived, so the demon teen relented and allowed his lover out of his sight. Ritsu allowed him to come by after classes, but he was only allowed to sleep over on Friday and Saturday nights, provided he wasn't needed elsewhere.

Rules had been set up, again, and they were strictly enforced. Mephisto saw to that since both boys were still rather young. If Rin was able to keep his grades up and keep his boyfriend in his life for a term, the elder demon was willing to let Yukio off the hook as babysitter and allow Rin to move in with Ritsu. Initially Onodera hadn't been too fond of that idea, but after a couple of months he realized that it did get rather lonely during the week and he found himself almost wishing the weekend were five days while the weekdays only numbered two.

"We have five days off coming up; would you like to go somewhere?"

Ritsu contemplated the notion for a moment before responding. A trip would have been nice, but for some reason he thought it better to just stay home.

"You can come stay with me," he finally said after rehearsing the best way to say that without possibly hurting Rin's feelings.

This hardly hurt anyone's feelings though since Okumura was more than happy to spend an entire five days with his lover, especially if he could get the man to wear the flowered apron again.

"You realize if we don't go somewhere we may end up never leaving the bedroom," he said with a giggle.

Ritsu blanched and rolled his eyes. Was sex all the kid thought about?

"Then you can take me around this city and show me the sights during the day." Anything to keep them from being overly exhausted when classes resumed. It was bad enough that people whispered about the two of them and that Ritsu kept getting ridiculous text messages from his mom about An-chan, again, which some people took to be Rin sending him messages. The kid doesn't have a cell phone, so how in the hell would he send me a text message!

Okumura agreed and he set their breakfast out just as Yukio walked into the kitchen. Another day was about to start which meant that a whole new adventure lay right outside the door. Rin grinned as he sat down next to the two most important, living, people in his life. He'd not trade his life for anyone's.


Author's Note

*Third-years in Japan would refer to grade 12 in other countries for those who don't know.

And this is it everyone. I am actually sad to see it go! Thanks, as usual to Risque Tendencies, for helping me out! Cheers!

Thank you to any and all who read, reviewed, or anything else with this series. I had a great time writing it and hope you had fun reading such an interesting pair.