Drabble #2 Kuroko Kasamatsu R-18

Prompt: Tags from a picture of Kuroko wearing Kaijou's uniform and knee-high socks like Kasamatsu does. A friend of mine reblogged it on tumblr and tagged it with Kuroko/Kasamatsu and my brain couldn't help but write it.


"Kuroko—ughh—stop i—ahhhh!"

Kasamatsu threw his head back and moaned when Kuroko gave a particularly hard suck. Biting his lips to prevent more moans, he tugged on Kuroko's head, silently telling him to stop.

But Kuroko didn't stop. Instead, he took Kasamatsu even deeper in his mouth and squeezing his base with his hands lightly. Kasamatsu's grip on Kuroko's hair tightened as he tried to suppress the moan threatening to come out.

But Kuroko wouldn't have any of that and proceeded to trace his senpai's opening. Kasamatsu winced and tugged at Kuroko's head as his finger entered him, stretching him for what was about to come.

"K-Kuro-ughh-stop it!" Kasamatsu exclaimed, his voice shaky from the pleasure going to his head.

Kuroko stayed silent as he inserted another finger into the tight hole and Kasamatsu moaned as Kuroko managed to find his prostate. He felt Kuroko stretching him and touching his prostate and it was driving him nuts.

Kuroko opened his eyes as he continued to suck Kasamatsu's length. His sky blue eyes darkened even more with lust when he saw his senpai's red face and panting for more but trying to resist as best as he could. Quietly smirking, Kuroko traced his tongue over the vein on Kasamatsu's length and simultaneously harshly scrapped his prostate.

Kasamatsu groaned in pleasure as white hot pleasure shot up his spine arching it off the wall he was leaning against and released right then and there.

Kuroko eagerly gulped down the essence and slowly sat up, staring at his senpai with lust filled eyes. Softly smiling, Kuroko leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Kasamatsu's mouth before leaving a trail of saliva to the older teen's ear.

"I won't let Kise-kun have you, Kasamatsu-senpai,"

Kasamatsu knew that Kise couldn't save him now.