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I was training in the yard with my team. They were all coming at me in a series of ordered pairs. By quickly deflecting and then striking with my practice sword, I easily defeated them all.

"Wow, Jayden! No wonder you're our leader." Kevin said, a smile growing on his face. I smiled back at him.

"Yeah! It's great to have you back on the team!" Emily said enthusiastically, as she did everything. She was the most cheerful one of us all, which always made her the better ranger. She accepted everyone and saw no faults in anything except the Nighlock.

Emily was speaking of what had happened to me last month. Something I didn't even want to think about. It had caused me to abandon the team while I recovered for a full two weeks! It was miserable for me, but they put on a brave face.

"Thanks guys. You all have improved as well. I think we can be done with training for today."

"Alright! Hey, Kevin, I bet you twenty that I can beat you again in Call of Duty!" mike taunted, and Kevin took the challenge.

"You're on! But you better watch yourself, I've been practicing." Kevin said proudly, and raced to try and get the best controller. Mia said that she had to go and try her new cake recipe, which made Emily and I shudder in terror, not that we let her see. Soon it was just Emily and I in the training yard.

"Jayden…I didn't want to say this in front of the rest of the team…but, how are you doing? Really?" Emily said, taking a shy step closer to me. I smiled at her with compassion. Emily was always so sweet. Looking after everyone.

"Thanks for asking, Emily, but I'm actually doing fine. Really." I smiled again at her and she smiled cheerfully back before bounding away. Seconds later I heard a big crash come from inside and someone screech. I laughed to myself because we all knew that it was just Emily being Emily again. She was cute in that way.

I was cleaning up the swords and the knocked over dummies when Ji, our mentor, ran outside frantically.

"Jayden. There is someone on the phone for you. I think you better take it." Ji panted and handed the phone to me. I looked at him confusedly before putting it to my ear.

"Hello?" I said.

"Jayden Shiba?" said a woman's voice on the other end. She sounded very professional.

"Yes, how may I help you?"

"I'm afraid I've got some bad news. There's been an accident. The entire rest of the Shiba family was murdered on Saturday."

"Wait, what? Entire rest? I didn't even know I had other family, and now their dead?"

"I'm afraid so. There was only one survivor. Rosemary Shiba, your cousin."

"Cousin? But my dad didn't have any siblings!" I yelled at the lady, but she didn't seem to care.

"He had one sister. That sister gave birth to a daughter fifteen years ago. In her will, she stated that your father would be legal guardian if something were to happen to her. Since your father has already passed away, the responsibility falls to you."

"Wait, you mean I have to be a guardian to a cousin I've never even known about?" I was finding this all very hard to grasp.


"But, I'm only 22! I don't know anything about raising a kid, let alone a teenage girl!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Shiba, but you have no choice. Rosemary will be flying in in an hour. Her plane lands at 8p.m., and I expect you to be there to pick her up. Goodbye, Mr. Shiba."

"Wait, lady—" I tried to talk to her but the line had already gone dead. Stunned, the phone dropped from my hand. I looked around at the faces of my team, who had heard the racket and had come to see the situation.

"I have—had, an aunt. She died. My cousin is coming to stay with me. I am now her legal guardian." I whispered, before falling to the ground, unconscious.


"It's done." Mrs. Chester, the social worker, said to me when she hung up the phone.

"So I'll be going to stay with my cousin?" I said, dim in thought. Ever since my mother died, I haven't smiled, haven't laughed. I haven't shown any joy at all. And now I had to go live with a cousin I had never met. Life was not being kind to me.


Oh, Jayden, I thought as I watched him sleep on the couch that Mike and Kevin had laid him on after he passed out. He was always so stressed, and now he was going to be a guardian. No wonder he fell!

I laid my hand on his sleeping face and looked at his closed eyes. He was always so nice and kind. The best ranger of us all. If only I could tell him how I felt. I was going to tell him in the training yard, but then I got to scared. And now I definitely couldn't, with what was going on with him. That would be way to selfish of me.

"I'll help you get through this, Jayden. I promise." I said, and kissed his forehead. As I was walking out of the room, I glanced back at him longingly. Poor Jayden. I turned away regretfully and went to go retrieve my flute to sooth my worries.

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