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Emily. Oh, Emily. Where did you go? It's been two weeks now. I miss you. Are you still alive? What happened that night? The rangers have been trying to find a way into the Sanzu River to go save you, but with no luck. Jayden is a wreck.

He won't sleep. He won't eat. All he does is search for you. We're all suffering.

Come back to us, Emily. Please.


I was sitting in my bedroom, looking at an old book describing the legend of an old man crossing into the Netherworld in order to defeat Master Xandred. Obviously he didn't succeed, but the stories say he made it in there. Maybe this is my chance.

"I will find you, Emily. I promise." I whispered, before Mia walked into the room.

"Jayden, you need to get some sleep, and you need to eat." She said, looking at me concernedly.

"Not until I save Emily. She's waiting for me to save her." I said, flipping through more book pages. Gently, Mia took the book away from me.

"Mia, no! I have to find her!" I exclaimed, reaching for the book.

"Jayden, you're exhausted. Even if you do find Emily, you're not going to be much use to her if you're dead on your feet." Mia had a point, I realized. With a deep sigh, I nodded.

"Good. Now sleep." She said, walking away –taking the book with her, I might add— and I settled down in my bed, dreaming of Emily.


How long has it been? I've been trapped here for what seems like eternity. Ever since that night in the field. I'm so weak. The poison took so much energy from me, and now I can't even function. My body is sore, and my mind feels like it's dead. I can barely even stay awake, and this poison isn't leaving my system. But, it was worth it. I'm glad I could protect Rosemary. At least she is safe. Jayden can be happy with her, if not me. I don't ever want to put them in danger.

"Yellow ranger…" I heard a creepy voice say from behind the door.

"…Go…away…" I struggled to speak even the smallest of words. My shoulder and my heart were on fire. Although the arrow didn't kill me, the pain and the captivity felt much worse.

"But we need you yellow ranger. You're the key to everything. It's a shame we couldn't get the other girl though. She and you together would have been the real prize." Master Xandred said menacingly.

"Is it because of Jayden? Is that why this is happening?"

"Hardly. It would have been nice if he was being lured here as well, which I'm sure he is. But, his soul is troubled. A pure heart and soul are the greatest of treasures. They provide the strength of a thousand nighlock."

"So, you need me because of my soul?" I was finding this a little hard to comprehend.

"The weaker you get, the stronger I get. And, when you're completely gone, I will be invincible. It's almost time for me to go to the human world. You're ranger friends won't stand a chance." He said, before laughing and turning away like the monster he is. I let out a sob of defeat and bowed my head. How was my Jayden going to get through this one?

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