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Max's POV

I watch Fang fly off with his wingless "Gang". More like gang of misfits. Really a starfish?!. He left me for a starfish and my clone?! Seriously?

I have to get over this I have worse problems. Angel. Even thinking her name hurts. My baby lost.

"Max, what are we going to do?" Gassy asks. Hiding back his tears. Angel was his little sister.

"ahh.. Dylan" I have to keep them busy while I go searching for information. "Can you get them something to eat, and I will meet back at the hotel later?"

"Sure Max" he says, and he leads my flock off

Now I can get some answers. I know angel's not Dead. I can feel it. I will do anything and everything to find her. I promise myself that.

5 hours later -

I have looked everywhere, by air and on foot.

"I can help you" I spin around in the direction of voice.

It's an old woman, who I could take for sure unless she has a gun, then…

"I know where the little girl is you are looking for"

I look at her stunned. How does she… I wipe my face of all expression.

"Follow me." She whispers.

I all I can do is follow her. It's the only lead I have.

She takes me through an ally. I tense, readying myself to fight.

"Through here" she opens a wooden door with tons of locks.

I hate dark spaces.

It's really dark but with my enhanced sight I can see a desk with a tall man sitting behind it.

"Welcome Max, I have something you want."

"Let's talk" I say.

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