Hey guys! This is just a really short chapter about Max's dreams while she's out cold… Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING except Phil and Gracie

Here's a quick Recap of the last Chapter:

Dylan's POV

"I need you to come fast and be careful of…" I hear Fang being tackled and beaten, sounds of struggle and then silence as the call has been disconnected.


Gracie's POV

I look through the window and what I see makes me cry.

Max's POV (out cold)

All I see is white.

Then Fang. He gently caresses my face and softly kisses my lips. "I love you Max"

"I love you too Fang" he smiles and leaves me… he flys off with myself… no Maya. I feel my heart drop and all the warmth of that last moment is last and replaced by hate and jury and loneliness.

He left me. for me?

Then Angel. She smiles brightly at me and I smile too.

"Angel! I found you! Where have you been I thought you were dead!" she looks at me. She again looks like the sweet six year old I woke and was taken by erasers so long ago.

"I would never leave you Max…. I've always liked you best… "

"I know Angel, your my little girl."

Then she explodes with rubble. I see her in the tunnel under Paris. Grief hits me like bricks and there is darkness.