A/N: So, uh, I wrote another one. I admit it; I'm addicted to this format. I've even generated another fifty words that I'll be working on for the next few days. Hope you enjoy reading this one! Also, a big thank you to Megan (WritingPurple) for being my awesome beta and putting up with my routine whining.

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1. Way

The new girl was confused – there was just no way Stevie and Zander weren't dating – but everyone else assured her that they were just friends.

2. Gene

Rain must be in her genes, he thinks, as she leads him into the storm, his hands in hers; bright grins illuminate their faces as they begin to dance.

3. Epic

He would never brag about his lyrics, but the way she smiled when he sang them to her always made him feel pretty epic.

4. Neighborhood

A park separated their neighborhoods; sometimes, when they had exhausted all their song ideas, they would take turns pushing each other on the swings.

5. Loader

The first time someone confused them as a couple, they were at a shooting range; the attendant smiled to herself as she watched Stevie adjust Zander's posture over and over again.

6. Folk

The day she brought him to meet her parents, she made him buy three pounds of pork related foods.

7. Differential

At some point, the line separating best friends and lovers blurred.

8. Elite

He surprised her that first day he sat down next to her at lunch, even though Molly was eyeing him from the Perf table.

9. Supernatural

She would never tell him how cute she thought his werewolf howl really was.

10. Pick

She's never asked, but he knows he won't return the guitar pick she lent him at their first ever band rehearsal; it's his favorite one.