Olive sat on her bed, listening to some music while reading some language books. It was a lovely day, or night, rather. It was a night that she could spend by herself with nothing but her books, her words, surrounding her. Olive hummed a song to herself as she rose up and went into her apartment's kitchenette. It had been strange finding a home for herself in the city. She was just getting adjusted to living on her own. After junior year in college, she decided to live off campus, renting her own apartment. It was strange being alone, used to a roommate studying or sleeping several feet away from her all the time. But Olive was a relatively quiet person and appreciated the alone time. Especially since her roommate had been an excessive snorer.

Olive walked into the kitchen, humming a song to herself as she reached in the cabinet and got a jar of peanut butter to snack on. Suddenly, she heard a faint knocking noise. She ignored it at first, but soon it came again. Her heart automatically beat faster, realizing that living in an apartment in this area of town all by herself was sometimes a scary thing. Olive had always been used to this sort of situation since she had been home alone a lot as a kid. But being in danger was something totally different. She looked out the peephole but, to her shock, nobody was there. Olive ran to her bed, diving next to it, and crouched in the corner. A ghost?

"Olive, would you open the door?" an irritated voice called on the other side. Olive sighed.

She opened the door to find a short girl with dark hair and a distinguished blazer standing there. Logainne.

"Hey there, Schwartzy! Um...what brings you here? And at this hour?" Olive asked awkwardly as ever. The other girl just tilted her head to the side and did a smug, yet adorable, grin.

"I've come to rescue you from chronic loneliness!" she responded.

"I don't know what you're talking about…" Olive said uncomfortably. The short girl sighed.

"Don't know what I'm talking about? Oh, please Olive, do you not remember calling me up last week complaining about how you were desperate to find a guy?" Olive gasped.

"I am not!" she said a bit too quickly.

"Are too! The last date you had was last year with that...math major…" Logainne shuddered with mock disgust. Olive chuckled.

It was true. Olive had never had any luck with boys all through her middle school and high school career. She was always a bit shy and awkward. And the with the boys, or boy, she really liked, she was too shy to say so. She only talked to Schwartzy about it because they remained in touch after all these years. They had both grown up mentally and physically, Logainne becoming an aspiring attorney with now-perfect speech. Olive was studying to be an etymologist, no nobody's surprise. But she had also matured to be a lovely girl with long, shiny hair, a pretty face, and a more feminine figure than she had in her awkward pubescent days. Several guys in her apartment building had asked her on dates but she rejected them, knowing that they were all lowlifes.

"I've signed you up for something special tonight," Schwartzy grinned.

"Oh gosh, what did you do?" Olive didn't like the sound of "signed up."

"Nothing really…just a few dates."

"A FEW?!" Olive gasped, "One is enough!"

"Oh, Olive, it's not big deal. Just speed dating!" Logainne said timidly. Olive gasped again.

"Oh God what have you gotten me in to?! You know I'm an awkward person!"
"But it's the only way you'll meet a guy you like!" Schwartzy suggested. Olive sighed, knowing that she was right. She really did want a guy, but she never got around to looking.

Olive looked around her apartment, empty besides her eager friend standing in the doorway.

"Gosh, Logainne, I'm not even dressed!" she complained. The shorter girl smiled, sensing Olive was giving in to her plan.

"Oh, that's no big deal!" Schwartzy shrugged, "just throw on that dress you've got hanging up in your closet. You know, that one pink one you like so much. Your hair looks fine and you've still got some makeup on!"

"I'm gonna kill you for this, Logainne…"

"No you won't. Someday you'll thank me," Logainne grinned. Olive sighed. Maybe she would.