A/N: This story came to me after reading some stuff on Shattered Glass on the Transformers Wiki. I thought, "Hey, a shattered glass plot for the (Prime) Universe! Neat-o! So this is the result. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1

Seeing Double

With the way the battle was going today, Optimus and his team would be able to retrieve enough Energon to last a few megacycles. That was good. Their supply wasbeginning to dwindle, and the mine that was located on the monitor at base was chock full of it. The only downside was that the decepticons had also spotted it on their radar. Everyone was sure that it had to be Soundwave's efforts. Bumblee could swear that he had eyes in the earth if that was possible.

Bumblebee and Arcee were currently retreating back toward the GroundBridge, the yellow mech holding a processing machine that could store tons of unrefined Energon. As his frame was overall more sturdy, he offered to old the device containing the cybertronian lifeblood while Arcee took the rear, laying down cover fire as she followed him. Optimus and Bulkhead were slowly withdrawing as they stayed strong with a frontal assault aimed at Megatron and his bigger sentries, the insecticons. To the duo's left, Smokescreen flanked the decepticons who were planning to dothe same to Optimus and Bulkhead. With the help of the Phase Shifter, he easily dispatched vehicon after vehicon and managed to stun the excess of Insecticons.

"Smokescreen. You may now withdraw. We have secured the Energon," Optimus called into his comm. There was silence before crackling static was heard. Smokescreen was patching in.

"Roger that boss! On my way!" With his proclamation, Smokescreen launched a missle from his arm before subsequently converting into his alt mode, a high speed sports car. The missle hadn't inflicted significant damage as it hadn't hit anyone head-on, but the airborne grounders and insecticons (Who weren't flapping their wings) was a testament to the effective splash damage that it caused. This afforded Prime and Bulkhead to high tail it right behind Smokescreen.

"Not this time, Prime. If you survive, there won't be Energon for you!" the Dark Lord, Megatron shouted confidently at Optimus' retreating vehicle form. Megatron was currently on a rocky formation that overlooked the GroundBridge that had materialized a distance down the cliff. With practiced precision, Megatron aimed his mighty fusion cannon mounted on his arm to sight in on Optimus' retreating form. But then, he noticed the yellow scout retreating with the Energon container. Everyone knew that Energon was volatile when reacting with anything flammable.

Arcee nearly reached the end of the tunnel and looked behind her to see Bulkhead and Optimus coming in. But something had caught her eye. A glint of sunlight bouncing off of metal, on a far off cliff.

Her Optics widened when she realized that Megatron was aiming right at them. Without a second thought, she turned around and waved her arms to urge Prime and Bulkhead forward.

"Bulkhead, Optimus, hurry! Megatron's aiming at you!" She shouted, hoping her voice would urge them forward. The two mechs kept moving forward and Optimus turned his head to see. Sure enough, a muffled boom was heard before Megatron's arm mounted cannon released a concentrated blast of Nuclear Energy.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion for Arcee, as the energy released from Megatron's cannon zeroed in on their location, all of them save Smokescreen, who was the first through, halfway through the GroundBridge.

She noticed that Bumblebee had just entered the silo when she warned Optimus of the shot Megatron took. Optimus' face took on a mask of fierce determination. It had only been two seconds since Optimus had entered the GroundBridge. No matter how fast he and Bulkhead could manage to run, the shot would hit someone.

But he could still change the outcome of who it would hit. That who would be Prime himself.

Stopping to turn, Optimus readied both arms, the servos now retracted, and in their place, two broadswords.

"Arcee, GO!" Optimus ordered, noticing her straggling behind. There wasn't much she could do in a situation like this, and unfortunately, in her mind, she realized this. Turning to retreat into the silo, where all of the Autobots were now inside, she risked one last glance to see the blast from Megatron's cannon impacting Optimus' swords.

"Wait a minute," she observed quickly. The GroundBridge tunnel reacted violently the moment that blast had entered into the portal entrance. Energies were becoming unstable, and Arcee attempted a jump for the other side.

"Arcee!" she could hear Smokescreen's concerned shout as he tried to make a reach for her. But he was already too far from the portal to make an effective rescue. Abruptly, the direct passage between where she stood and the silo had closed off. Turning completely around, Optimus was picking himself up off the ground. He grunted halfway through, but retracted his swords after standing to full height. He noticed the predicament they were in now. Turning to the direction they were attempting to escape, the portal to that side was already closed to the point where he could not make it through, lest he lose limbs and possibly offline in the process. Unfortunately, he thought, Arcee would not be ab;e to fit through either. Only someone of Jack's, or the other humans' statures could fit through without difficulty.

"I guess this it then," Optimus heard Arcee say from beside him. Her optics were closed, and he wondered briefly if she was already accepting the possibility of being offlined. He exhaled calmly from where he stood. A prime could not show weakness in front of others, for those others' benefit. They could still see hope that way. And he would make sure that optimism would still be present, even if these were their final hours.

"As unpredictable as this situation could be, their can be a way," he said simply. There was nothing else he could say. Would say. The time in the frozen arctic was different. There was still an obvious chance with the GroundBridge saving them. But now, it seemed the GroundBridge would be their end.

"We may still survive this yet," Optimus amended, confidence returning at the sight of their SpaceBridge prison suddenly opening on one side. It was fluctuating, widening and contracting. And it was situated too high for Arcee to reach.

"Arcee, look," he said, pointing to the fluctuating opening. "Jump on to my shoulder," he added. He kneeled down onto one knee to afford her a convenience of leaping on.

"Ok, now I feel like Jack," she commented offhandedly, as Optimus rushed forward and successfully leaped through.