As promised, here's the epilogue. This should lead into a sequel I'm planning on writing. There won't be any real action in it, just lots of romance and family stuff that will involve the entire team. Before I get to that, though, I have a Christmas spinoff which I will explain later, so why don't you go ahead and read this and then we can get into the multiple stories I hope to write. Enjoy!



One year later…

Natasha awoke suddenly and sat up in bed. It was still dark outside, no later than 5:00am if she had to guess. She sat there for a moment, trying to remember what it was that had woken her in the first place when a sudden nauseating feeling overcame her. Natasha jumped out of bed and ran straight for the bathroom.

She rushed to the toilet and proceeded to throw up everything she had had for dinner the night before. When she was sure nothing else would come out, Natasha stood up and flushed it all away. She went over to the sink and turned on the water before removing her wedding ring and splashing cold water on her face. This was the third day in a row she had gotten sick.

"I must have some sort of stomach bug." She mumbled, drying her hands and putting her ring back on. But something inside her told her that that wasn't it. She tried to think of what else could cause nausea, but nothing came to mind except…

Natasha's heart rate accelerated and her palms got sweaty as she went over to one of the bathroom's cabinets and retrieved one of the pregnancy tests she always had on hand. She sat down on the toilet, took the test, and waited. After fifteen minutes had passed Natasha checked the test, and sure enough there was that little pink cross. She was pregnant.

Unsure if she was excited or terrified of her discovery, Natasha grabbed the test and hurried out into hers and Clint's room. She figured she could at least tell her husband. However, when she reentered the large bedroom they shared in Stark Tower, Clint wasn't in bed like she had thought he'd be. Curiously, Natasha wandered into the hall and followed the faint sound of the living area's television. When she got there she saw Clint sleeping on the couch with Mara resting on his chest while a random program played on TV.

Natasha smiled and walked over to the couch, planting a kiss on her husband's and daughter's cheeks before settling into one of the armchairs. She took one final glance at her pregnancy test, then set it down on the end table next to her.

"I can tell them when they wake up." She thought to herself. No use in waking them now. Natasha curled up in her chair and closed her eyes, resting her head against the arm. Thrilled, frightened, and nervous thoughts swirled through her head as she thought about raising another child. It had been hard enough raising the one she already had, and Mara was only three! "But this time will be different." Natasha thought positively. "I'll have Clint to help me." She smiled happily at this thought, and suddenly she wasn't as anxious anymore. With her newfound confidence she quickly began to drift to sleep, excited for what the morning's announcement may bring.

Omigod. I'm done. I think I'm gonna cry! I never thought I'd actually finish a fanfiction! Woooohoooo! I've actually accomplished something! Anyways, thank you guys sooooo much for your awesome encouragement. I know I say this a lot, but I couldn't have done it without you! But wait! Just because Taken is finished doesn't mean the story is! Like I mentioned earlier I have a couple of stories planned to build off of this, starting with a Christmas sequel/prequel! So, why don't I give you some titles and summaries that I've managed to come up with:

First, the Christmas one (Don't laugh at the name!)

Assassin's First Christmas: It's been a couple of months since Clint and Natasha rescued their daughter from a twisted human experimenter, and they're finally ready to relax and spend the holidays as a family. There's just one problem. Natasha has never celebrated Christmas.

I know, crappy summary. I've never been too great at those. Anyways, I figure I should point out that this story takes place after chapter 15, but before the epilogue. Hence the sequel/prequel. So tell me what you think of that idea. After this story, which it shouldn't be terribly long, I have a sequel that takes place after the epilogue that will get in to Natasha's pregnancy as well as what's been going on with the team. No action in this one really, just family, romance, and a hint of drama:

Life Goes On: A year after Clint and Natasha reconciled due to unlikely circumstances, Natasha is pregnant with their second child! With help from her husband, as well as the other Avengers, she's confident that things will be easier this time around. However, things aren't always as they seem…

Oooooh! Mysterious, right? This story will pretty much take you through Natasha's second pregnancy, since I knew I couldn't just leave you hanging there after the epilogue! So, obviously this one will take place after the epilogue. I have one more story planned for this storyline (which doesn't mean I'll be done with it. This is all that I've thought of). The next one would be a prequel to the entire story, so tell me what you think of this one:

Alone: When Natasha finds out she is pregnant with Clint's child, she tries desperately to find him and patch their shattered relationship. But when she realizes he has already moved on, Natasha is forced to go through her pregnancy alone.

So, yea. This one will just show you how Natasha struggled through her first pregnancy all by herself. There will be hints of Blackhawk through flashbacks and other stuff like that, but this will all be Natasha-centric. And that's what I have planned for Taken so far! I may take it farther, but that's only if these other stories are a success, meaning it's up to you guys! After these are done, however, I hope to write a full on origin story (which will have nothing to do with Taken at all! It's not a prequel) that will show Clint and Natasha from the very, very beginning. I mean like Red Room, circus, that sort of beginning. All the way back to how they first came to be as skilled as they are now. Eventually, I hope it will lead up to the current movies that are being made right now, which means this will be an ongoing story. So, yea. That's all I have planned thus far. Tell me how you liked the epilogue and what you think of the upcoming stories! I heart reviews! And, if you are interested in any of my upcoming fics, please feel free to follow me as an author! Well, see ya'll next time! Oh, and Merry Christmas! Haha, this is what happens when I wake up at 5:00am on Christmas morning and my parents won't let us go downstairs til 7:00. Bleh, I'm tired. BYE!