Chapter Two

When everything seemed to calm down and quieten, she could feel Logan begin to loosen his muscles and his breathing intensified. "Ari, are you okay?" he murmured. Arianna didn't answer; she didn't know how she felt. "Where is my dad?" she whispered. Logan sighed and gripped her tighter, "they took him Ari" he answered. "What!" she screamed pushing her way out of his grip. "They took him!" she yelled again. "Ari, please you have to be quiet" he said normally, unaffected by her screaming. "Have you got they keys" he asked. Arianna furrowed her eyebrows and chucked the keys onto his lap. "Do you want to tell me what the hell is going on!" she screamed her hands on her hips. Logan sighed before picking himself up, "I need to make a call first" he said quietly walking into the kitchen. "No!" Arianna screamed. Logan stopped and looked at her, "don't leave me" she said quickly walking back to his side. "I won't. I promise" he assured her, before pulling out a phone.

He held the phone to his ear for a second before someone answered. "Kendall" he said still remained calm and quiet. "We have been raided. Yeah, at the chiefs place" he explained. "Yeah I do. We are gonna' need an escort" he said grimly. "Ten minutes is too long" he said anger beginning to rise in his voice. "Eight minutes tops!" he chewed the inside of his cheek before hanging up. He glanced over to Arianna who was watching her feet, he felt so bad. "Go change into something black" he requested. "Come with me" Arianna stated beginning to walk.

"The best black I can do is, black skinny jeans and a black singlet" she said searching through her cupboard. "That will do" Logan shrugged. "Turn around" Arianna snorted. Logan sighed before looking away and it felt like a second before she was done. "You're probably going to need a jacket" He coughed, ignoring how much skin was showing around her arms and chest. "I don't have one" she shrugged. "Fine, you can borrow my leather jacket that's in my car" he suggested before walking out the room, she followed close behind beginning to feel the tears sting at her eyes again.

"Do you want to explain to me what's going on?" Arianna broke the silence, "I don't have time. Right now, I just have to get you out of here" he said with no emotion. Logan quickly unlocked his car and grabbed his leather jacket and then tossing it into her arms. He leaned over to his glove box, pulling a gun out and shoving it into his pants behind him. "Whoa! Was that a gun?" Arianna quickly reacted. "Yes, to defend ourselves if necessary" he explained still no emotion. Logan began to hear loud engines approaching, "damn" he muttered under his breath before quickly opening the boot and pulling out a motorbike. "I think I'm going to be sick" Arianna murmured to herself. "Come on, there's some people you need to meet" Logan explained, pushing the bike to the road. He began to set it up as three motorbikes pulled up next to the house, Arianna stepped closer to Logan, "Logan" she said and Logan popped his head up. "You told us to come quicker, but you aren't even ready yet" a muffled voice said from behind a helmet and they began to take it off, revealing a boy about the same age as Logan, he had dirty blonde hair and his green eyes nearly sparkled they were that bright.

"Give us the run down Logan" she heard another voice say, only it was clearer, she looked over to see a guy about the same age as them, so it was as if the age difference was pretty even. His hair was brown and his complexion showed he may have been Latino, his eyes were a deep brown just like Logan's. "Chief got raided and they took him" Logan explained standing up and switching on the engine. "Who's she?" the third boy asked as if Arianna wasn't even there. The blonde smacked his arm and shook his head, "who else?" Blondie snorted. "Oh, you're the chief's daughter?" he questioned. "I can't answer that, since I don't even know what the hell is going on!" Arianna shouted. "Calm down" the Latino said gesturing his hands. Arianna shot him a look and looked back at Blondie.

"I'm Kendall" blondie smirked, obviously too cocky for his own good. "Carlos, Carlos Garcia" the Latino smiled, being more kind hearted. Arianna heard Logan chuckle but ignored him and looked at James who winked. "James" he nodded. "You've obviously met Logie bear" Kendall smirked. Arianna looked at Logan who slightly blushed but turned away. "Before we go anywhere, can you please explain what's going on?" Arianna spoke up. "Do you have a name?" Kendall asked chuckling. "Tell me what's going on and I will tell you my name" she stated and stared at Blondie, she knew she would have a problem with him.

"Well, I'm sure Logan can explain. For now we need to go" Carlos added. "No! I'm sick of you guys holding it off. Just tell me! I'm nineteen not sixteen!" Arianna said grumpily. "Fine-"James was cut off when they heard a sudden gunshot coming from down the street. "Chuck on the leather jacket. We need to get out!" Kendall said quickly putting his helmet on. Arianna didn't hesitate she slid on the jacket, realising it was a bit big; Logan gave her his helmet and climbed on. "What about you?" Arianna questioned holding the helmet. "Your more important" he smiled and Carlos revved his engine in order for them to hurry up. Arianna put the helmet on and grasped around Logan's waist and closed her eyes, ignoring the speed and the wind that lashed her eyes that were open to it.

Her eyes burst open when she heard shouts from the other guys and the sound of gunshots that were almost itching at her neck. Suddenly she could feel her palm throbbing; she looked down at it risking looking at it. It was covered in blood from the cut that the keys had made, she squeezed her eyes shut in hopes she could shut the pain out. "Ari?" she heard her name and lifted her head to see Logan glancing back. "Logan?" she asked. "We are going to station one, okay. It's not far and we lost the guys with the guns, you should be safe now!" he explained while yelling over the sound of the wind and the roar of the engine. Arianna simply nodded and laid her head back down onto his muscular back.

Arianna nearly fell asleep, she was so exhausted and she could see the sun beginning to rise. She noticed the win beginning to slow down and she opened her eyes and noticed they were stopping and driving into a ramp going down into the earth. Once the engine fully stopped she let go of Logan and took the helmet off before slamming her back into the wall and she slid down and the tears began to fall. "Hey. Ari?" Logan whispered putting his hand onto her shoulder. "It's going to be alright. I promise I won't let anything happen to you" he whispered into her ear. When she didn't give up crying he sighed and pulled her into his lap and let her cry until she fell asleep.

Logan gently picked her up, making sure he didn't disturb her sleep, he made his way into the small room that they were occupying. Logan saw Kendall reading a book, James fixing his hair and Carlos had his headphones in sleeping. "She okay?" Kendall spoke up as he watched Logan lay her down onto one of the beds. "She was just exhausted" Logan shrugged turning around and Kendall gasped. "What?" Logan said worried. "Dude, are you bleeding?" James asked staring at Logan's side. Logan looked down and grabbed at his shirt gently and when he didn't wince he began to shake his head, "It's not mine" he stated and looked down at the sleeping girl. "Her hand" he frowned at the sight of the blood covered hand. Logan bent down and gently grabbed it and observed it, he pulled the keys out from his pocket and nodded when he saw the blood on them. "They keys cut her" he explained and walked over to the first aid. "Look out, doctor dimples is in progress" James chuckled and Kendall giggled at the joke. "ha-ha very funny" Logan snapped. "Blondie and pretty boy, get some sleep, before I put you to sleep. Why can't you be as easy as Latino?" Logan scoffed before putting his attention back to her hand.

Kendall smiled at the sight and looked at James and gestured to them both. "He's got this one for sure" James winked. "Yeah, for his sake. I hope so" Kendall whispered, before lying down, James did the same.

Logan carefully cleaned up the wound and prepared butterfly stitches before wrapping it up in cloth. He winced at the colour of her face, it was pale. Paler than normal, she couldn't have lost too much blood; she would be pale from either shock or exhaustion or both. Logan smiled and pushed a bit of hair out of her face before sighing and shaking his head. "Don't get attached Dimples. Don't do it" he whispered to himself. Logan bit his lip and looked away; he picked himself up and lay down on the bed beside Arianna's and across from Carlos'. He lay there for a few minutes staring at the ceiling before turning the light off and succumbing to sleep.