James immediately ran to Carlos who had an unconscious Logan around his shoulder and James took the other side. "What the hell happened?" James asked worriedly looking at Carlos who was watching his step.

"There was this random huge guy, who appeared out of nowhere, if it wasn't for Ari. We would have been toast" Carlos explained with a heavy breathe.

"Where is the guy now?" James said ready to take him on. Carlos only shook his head and gestured to behind them. James looked behind him and saw a giant man unconscious on the ground.

"Ari did that?" James whispered and looked at Carlos who closed his eyes and nodded. James furrowed his eyebrows and observed Carlos, he was looking pale and you could see it perfectly through his tanned skin and that scared James.

"Carlos, bro are you alright?" James spoke up and Carlos opened his eyes and looked at him. James noticed his eyes were half dilated and he seemed uncoordinated. James was beginning to become really concerned, plus the dead weight of Logan that he was carrying isn't making things better for him.

James looked out in front of him when he heard a twig snap, he saw Kendall and Arianna talking as they came through the clearing. "Kendall quick grab Logan, Carlos is going to collapse" James quickly demanded and straight away Kendall took action and pushed Carlos off Logan and put Logan's arm around his shoulder.

Arianna watched as Carlos instantly put his hand to his head and began to fall forward, she immediately jumped forward and Carlos landed in her arms. "Carlos! Carlos!" Arianna shouted out his name, but there was no response.

"Logan's shoulder is messed up pretty bad, not broken, but fractured and its really bad" James analysed his shoulder. "Put him down, I can pop it back in" Kendall spoke up and leant Logan against the brick wall.

Kendall reached forward at Logan's shoulder but was quickly cut off by Arianna. "Wait! What are you doing!?" she said concerned.

"I'm popping his shoulder back in, it will hurt but it needs to be done" Kendall explained with a sigh, he knew Arianna would be concerned, Logan looked like he was in so much pain, even being unconscious. "Shouldn't that be done by a professional?" she choked and didn't take her eyes off of Logan.

"I am a professional, Logan may be the most knowledgeable with medical stuff, but doesn't mean we can't know at least the basics" Kendall explained.

"And popping shoulders is basic knowledge now!" Arianna screamed. "Ari, calm down, I know you don't want to see Logan in anymore pain. But neither do we, you have to trust us when we say it is the best for him" James said soothing her nerves and Arianna sighed before nodding and looking back down at Logan, while keeping a good grip on Carlos.

"Okay, Logan buddy, this is going to hurt but it needs to be done okay?" Kendall said firmly. Logan lifted his good hand up and landed it on Kendall's shoulder which startled everyone. He fluttered open his eyes and forced them to be connected with Kendall's gaze before nodding and replying "make it quick" he bit his lip preparing for the pain that was about to shoot through his left side.

"three..two.." Kendall didn't even get to one and he pushed Logan's shoulder and the loud screams echoed off the trees and rattled everyone's ears. When he had calmed down, the small down of whimpers and hissing was heard between short breathes.

James put his hand on Kendall's shoulder to pull him to the side so they could talk. Everything was going downhill, every move they made ended up in a disaster, and with no chief, there was no them. James knew that and he didn't mind admitting it, it was Kendall that was going to be the problem. He needed to know now, that there only option was to call headquarters and request a helicopter rescue. James knew the consequences they would get, but right now they needed all the help they could get.

"Listen Kendall, I need to say something without you interrupting, it's really important" James said firmly with both hands on each shoulder and he made sure Kendall's eyes were locked on his. Kendall felt his heart race become faster and he sighed heavily before nodding and replying "okay."

"You and I both know that we have no choice but to call headquarters-" James made sure he said soft enough so that Arianna couldn't hear them, even though she was distracted comforting Logan and Carlos. "-and don't day we don't need them, because you can clearly see we need to just get back to headquarters. This is getting far enough! Buzz is on our trail, we have two men down and an innocent with us. If you deny this you will kill us all" James stated uninterrupted by Kendall.

"James I understand and I know it's what we have to do, even though I can't stand doing it. Our brothers are injured and I know we have no choice; call them, because if you rely on my to do it, it won't happen" Kendall chuckled at the last part and walked off and kneeled beside Arianna who was checking on Carlos.

James sighed and shook his head, his brothers were so confusing sometimes, but they were hard to come by, so James just took it as it was. All four of them were total opposites, but he guessed that's what united them together.

He pulled his phone out from his back pocket and turned it on, lucky it was off otherwise Buzz would of tracked them...oh shit!

Just don't think about it James, you can sort it out later, right now everyone is calmed and not fighting. Just keep it at that, you can sort it out later, and fight at headquarters.

He watched his phone continue to turn on and he quickly pressed the dial and held it to his ear. Not one ring was heard when a women's voice came through the speaker.

"Hello, this is above and beyond how may I help you today?"

"This is agent 0156, I need to be in contact with Commander Lou-sander immediately" James said sternly, how a proper agent would talk.

"Diamond, James, we are waiting for a pick up, as soon as he answers we will disconnect in order for a private call" the women replied with a more serious tone.

"Commander Lou-sander who is it?" the commanders voice was rough and crackly, like a typical old man who has gone through tough times in his life.

"Commander this is Agent 0156, James Diamond" James said clearly.

"Yes Diamond, what can I do for you?"

"I need a two helicopter rescue, two agents down and we have an innocent" James commanded not wanting to fool around and have questions asked.

"Where is your supervising chief?"

"He was taken by Buzz sir" James answered back quickly.

"Who is this innocent?" the commander asked and James had to stifle his voice so that he wouldn't be punished later.

"The chiefs daughter, we saved her life while the chief was being taken. We have full custody of the keys and she is currently in possession of them" James said as much as he could think of that would clear anymore questions.

There was silence for a moment and the soft sound of the commanders breathing was coming through the speaker and James stood there as patiently as he could, finally he replied.

"Two rescue helicopters are on their way now agent Diamond, I have pinned pointed your location and it is being sent, just hang tight Agent Diamond, help is on the way" the commander said lightly and hung up after the final word and James sighed and walked over to the others.

"Who did you call?" Arianna asked looking at James.

"Headquarters. There on their way with two rescue helicopters" James sighed with relief and had a gently smile after woods.

"Wait what?" Arianna suddenly spoke up and looked at both boys evenly, feeling the anger begin to build inside. Both Kendall and James looked at her curiously, waiting for her to say something.

"You called headquarters?" she said trying to keep control of her voice. "Yes, for help" James assured her.

"You do this now!" Arianna said angrily standing up from her spot and James and Kendall just stared at her. "We aren't going to leave it, people are hurt-" James was cut off.

"Are you saying you could have done this, this whole time? Call the fucking headquarters for help!" Arianna screamed with fury. James and Kendall stayed silent, "You could have called them before! You could have stopped this from happening in the first place!"

Arianna walked fiercely to James and pushed at his chest, making him fall back a step. "You could have called them this whole time and yet you decided to call now! When they are hurt and we can't do anything about it! Making us fucking drive from fucking base to fucking base! With our lives at stake! You just let us do it!" Arianna screamed getting up into James face continuing to push at his chest and James kept taking steps back.

"Junior enough! Stop it!-" Kendall yelled but was cut off by Arianna. "No! Don't! Don't you forget that you were hurt as well! You nearly stopped breathing Kendall! And now Logan and Carlos are down and you don't even seem to give a shit! 'oh they will suck it up'" Arianna mocked Kendall's voice. "Well in case you hadn't noticed, they are fucking unconscious! How do you think they feel! Worse than you probably did! I can't believe you wait until now, to call them" Arianna's began to crack as she calmed down.

When she had finally spoken her word, she backed off and looked away and her breathing was incredibly heavy. "Junior you okay?" Kendall spoke up taking a step forward in attempt to calm her down, but she only retaliated. "Don't touch me" she said quickly backing up faster.

Arianna turned around and walked a couple of metres in front and sat down, attempting to calm down, she didn't want to be so rude. But Logan and Carlos were hurt and she was scared, she was becoming attached to them and if something was to happen to any of them, she would completely lose it.

Kendall walked towards her but was gently stopped by James hand against his chest. "Leave her, shes not mad, she is just scared" James whispered and Kendall looked back at her and stopped.

"I don't think you heard her? She almost had a fit" Kendall whispered but in a yelling tone.

"I heard her loud and clear. Just give her a moment to cool off, it will be okay when they get here. Just trust me" James convinced Kendall and he nodded in response.

Kendall sighed before adding, "how do you know so much?" James shrugged and smiled, "I am a ladies' man remember?" he wiggled his eyebrows and Kendall chuckled and lightly shoved his shoulder.

It would have been only ten minutes before they heard the sound of helicopters approaching and instantly James stood up ready to signal them. The helicopters spotted them instantly and began to land; the paramedics jumped out before the helicopter hit the ground and ran over to the five.

James showed them to Logan and Carlos and they were instantly examined and put on stretchers and carried to the helicopters. Kendall and James looked back at Arianna who hadn't even budged. "We need to go" Kendall shouted over the helicopters noise to James. "Don't worry! I'll take care of it!" James shouted back and walked quickly over to Arianna and sat next to her.

"Agent Knight! The first helicopter containing Agent Mitchell and Agent Garcia is prepared to take off at your orders" a man explained to Kendall. Kendall furrowed his eyebrows, at his command? His command then, he was going to use this as his advantage.

"Very well! Agent Mitchell and Agent Garcia can leave immediately. I want engine two cut off until, Agent Diamond and myself are ready for our departure" Kendall yelled his commands and the man nodded and ran back to the helicopters, soon enough the first helicopter was lifting in the air and the second ones engine was becoming softer and softer.

James looked back and watched as the helicopter took off with his two brothers and fly over their heads. He looked back at the other Helicopter and saw Kendall speaking with a group of men and noticed the engine beginning to slow down. He smiled; obviously it was a sign that he had permission to talk to Arianna.

James looked back at his feet and sighed and let his heals hit each other, letting the sweet silence soak in. James knew that Kendall would become impatient so he decided to start, "so?" he whispered while still staring at his feet.

"I know what you're going to say, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about the headquarters shit" Arianna spoke up not looking at James. James lifted his head and went to say something but was cut off by her, "don't" she stated. "I'm the one that has to be sorry, I over reacted and I'm sorry" she sighed and finally met her eyes with his.

"It's okay, I know you were just scared" James whispered and Arianna looked away guilty. "It's okay to be scared Arianna. Things are so confusing and hard to comprehend for you right now, that all you can feel is 'scared'" James explained and Arianna looked back up at him and smiled. "What are you scared of Arianna?" James asked hopeful she would answer.

Arianna sighed and looked away again and stared in front of her. There was so much that she was scared of, or scared for. A couple of days ago everything was normal and normal! Now she is stuck in whatever the hell all of this was.

"A couple of days ago, everything was normal-" she sighed "-and now I guess it isn't" she explained and stared at her feet. "I come home and I see Logan and then my dad is taken suddenly things just started to cave in, something bad after another. I guess I'm, myself, am scared for others, not particularly what's going on around me" she explained and looked back at James.

"Who are you scared for?" James furrowed his eyebrows, intrigued by what she was getting at.

"You-" Arianna said plainly and it shocked James but Arianna continued sighing before continuing "-and Logan and Carlos and Kendall and my dad. I just don't want whatever happened to my mum to happen to you guys or my dad. I don't want to lose you guys" she explained and smiled to show she cared.

James gave small smile and pulled his knees to his chest and entwined his fingers in front of his knees before adding. "I won't let anything happen to anyone, that's a promise I intend to keep not only for you, but for myself" he assured for himself than Arianna. "They are the only family I got and your father has been like a father figure to me. The father I never had" James explained.

"What happened to your family?" Arianna whispered.

James sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, "if you don't want to talk about it then-""No! Not its not that. I just didn't know where to start. Well, to make things short, my parents died when I was very young. I was two and I had to rely on my older brother and sister. She was 17 and my brother was 15 and I was two. My sister just sticked around so that we weren't put into an orphanage because she didn't like us, but she didn't hate us either, so she told me. My brother loved my sister so much, from the bottom of his heart and he loved me as well. My brother was a very caring person, always putting others before himself, especially me and my sister. One day my brother told me to go into my room. My sister came home and she was drunk and my brother tried to reason with her, tell her that she needed to be here more. She only lost it and criticised him, until eventually she slapped him and left and that was the last time I saw her. My brother just let it slide, but as the days grew into weeks when she wasn't coming home, I could see my brother deteriorate and soon he started drinking. Until the worst happened, he became an abuser against me, it started when I was ten until thirteen when my brother came home and he was holding a knife and it was covered in blood and so was his hands and basically he was covered in it. He was drunk and he bent down in front of me and whispered 'I found your sister, and I killed her' he chuckled after woods, he was so loud and he went into his room and closed the door. I stayed in my room and just stared at his bedroom door and then there was banging, it lasted for about a minute before there was big thud and there was blood coming from underneath the door. I called the cops and that's when Buzz found me, told me he could take care of me and that I would be able to forget everything and I did" James stopped and wiped at his eye.

"We should go" James whispered and picked himself up and began walking. Arianna watched him walk off before sighing and following slowly behind. They climbed into the helicopter and Arianna made sure her eyes never left the window she felt her cheek itch as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

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