Flight of the Angel

Chapter one

Leo's POV

"Leo can we get pizza?" mikey asked I smiled at the younger turtle "not until we finish our mission not shhh we don't want the purple ninja's to know were here" Mikey smiled and wooped silently then went back to counting the ninjas in purple. I smiled and looked over at Raph trying to kill Donny. "Raph Donny shhh we don't want to blow our cover" Walking over to them I tried to pull them apart "Raph this isn't the way to deal with…"this got me thrown backwards with a growl from Raph. Donny started again "Just because I'm cleverer than you..." Raph lost it he jumped on top of Donny and started pounding him with a fist. "Guys let's all be friends here" Mikey exclaimed. "No not until he" pointing at Donny" says sorry" Raph was angry real angry. Donny was annoyed "At least I don't talk to a pet turtle with no brains…" Donny Retaliated he regretted it instantly and backed away giving Raph the opportunity to run across the rooftops and away in the night. Everyone looked at Donny "Donny!" What at least I didn't blow our cover" Everyone's eyes widened and they slowly turned around. In a circle surrounding them were at least 20 foot soldiers…

Raphs POV

I ran and jumped across rooftops not caring where I was headed I could only see anger this however caused me to run into a Big brick wall. I stood up and tried to see where I was. Great on the outskirts of town, I was considering turning back when I heard a young girl scream from down one of the alleyways. I ran moving in the shadows to the place where I had heard the screaming. There up against the wall was a young girl around the age of 14 and in front of her was a large group of Purple dragons. I did a summersault and dived in front of the dragons momentarily surprising then. "You know you should pick on someone your own age" I started to fight using my knowledge of fighting to prevent them from getting to the girl. One of the ninjas spoke up" Get out of our way punk you have no business here she belongs to us" This time raph replied with fire in his eyes "You gotta be kidin right anyone who screams and cowers in a corner isn't…" I looked behind me nothing DRAT should have paid more attention to her. Felling a powerful wind chilling my back I looked up just in time to see the girl with a huge pair of whitey blue beautiful angel wings fly off.