Chapter 11

"Come on girly I though a cat always landed on their feet!" Raphael Yelled at me. I stared at him with an evil smirk. "Raphael the apparent muscle ohh such a challenge" I taunted before leaping down and split kicking him in the face. "Man its just like your dancing" I heard mikey say "Well here a move you might like I exclaimed twirling once on my toe like I was point dancing and leaping into a somersault before rendering him unconscious with a pressure point. "Idiot" I exclaimed under my breath "HEY! ONLY I CALL MIKEY AN IDIOT" Raphael yelled at me. "Oh you do care" I smirked again causing him to leap at me he managed to get me down before leo and Donnie joined the fight. "Finally a bit of competition" Laughing I transformed to a cat and ran to the other side of the room before changing back. The turtles stared at me before charging "Goodbye turtles but I think ill take a souviner" I picked up mikey before changing again this time into a white tigeress and with a sleeping mikey on my back I ran off. Leaving the turtles with somewhat confused expressions.


"Team go!" I could only think of getting my unconscious brother back from that white beautiful demon. I had to admit she was pretty darn cute with a dangerous side. Raphs type but then she regarded me as a challenge and I knew she was wise. Whilst running behind her I heard my hothead of a brother yelling insults at her. As punishment we got a ninja star thrown at us and a roar. Soon we were hot on her heals that is until Donnie tried to leap for raph who had decided to try and slas at the tigeress. The tigeress threw herself over an impossible for us to jump roof into shredders tower and shook mikey of her back down onto the path. I motioned for us to follow and we quickly scaled the building and were watching the exchange. "Father is this what you wanted?" She asked

"ALANNA I ASKED FOR A RAT! SPLINTER DEAD" He bellowed. Wow must suck to have as father like her. I glanced at my team WAIT wheres raph. OMFG I exclaimed spotting him behind shredders chair. "Father I wish for you to know that the rat made some accusations against you" "He did what!" Shredder was angry now and even Raphael looked scared.


I was furious after all she was my best ninja "ALANNA YOUR MEANT TO BE THE BEST NINJA, WHAT ACCUSATIONS DID HE MAKE?" I looked at her and started walking. "H-he well um" Stammering child. "W-well father he said you started the brawl and it was over love" "Hmm interesting bring Skyler your pathetic excuse for a sister here" I ordered. She scurried away. If only the turtles knew of my control over her. She came back quickly with a fearfull look on her face. "Alanna where is she?" No I would not get angry yet.


My head was spinning and the bright light made a headache spring onto me.