Chapter 1

Ichigo was woken by a screaming Kon. "wake up, wake up! My beautiful Rukia is here!" He stomped on Ichigo's head before being roughly thrown into a wall.

"I'm up you stupid toy. What the hell?"

"There is no time to explain Kurosaki. Something was stolen from Soul Society, and it needs to be found. Tonight." Rukia threw a shirt at him before exiting back out the window.

Koga stumbled down a street, trying to ignore the fact that he'd just had a sword stabbed through his chest by some freak in a white mask. He dumped the creeps body in a dumpster but couldn't seem to let go of the sword he'd been stabbed with. The blade was pure white with red markings along it, and even as he knew it wasn't possible the sword was speaking in his head, urging him to kill.

His eyes glowed softly gold in the dark alley, but his mind was already crumbling under the pressure.