Kelly Jones sat peacefully underneath her favourite tree in the St Trinian grounds. She sat there basking in the sun and embracing its warm, today was her day off and she fully intended to enjoy that. It was rare for a Head Girl to have the opportunity to take time out from her duties, there was always some amount of drama whether major or minor to deal with. However, today was an exception to that general rule. It was the day after their celebratory party and all the girls were currently in bed nursing hang overs or just crawling into bed after passing out in various places.

The Head Girl herself was too nursing a hangover as well. She didn't usually suffer from hangovers; Jones was one of the few lucky people to not have to endure that type of pain. But last night she found herself drinking Tania's and Tara's new flavoured Trinski, after three bottles of that she was officially in the land of the spinning world. Kelly wasn't sure what exactly went off last night, she could remember snippets of the night before but that was all. What she didn't need now was five smug St Trinians who had made a miraculous recovery, so miraculous that Kelly made a mental note to call the Vatican.

"So, when's ya wedding?" Taylor said smugly with her annoying, squealing voice. Kelly frowned before she turned around to face her supposed ally.

"Excuse me?" She answered with a raised brow.

"Do you not remember Kelly?" Polly said, emerging with Andrea, Chelsea and Annabelle from behind Taylor's back. "You got down on one knee to Flash last night and then called him loser when he told you that you had drunk too much." Kelly inwardly groaned; she had feared that she had done something like that.

"I was wondering," Chelsea said, preventing Kelly from unleashing her sharp tongue on the smirking Geek. "Can I be bridesmaid?"

"No, there isn't going to be a wedding Chelsea. That was just a result of the new Trinski; nobody's going to be getting married unless Taylor and Andrea give in to the sexual tension between them."

"Oi, yous the one who's got it bad yeah? Not me!" Taylor screeched back. "You own up and face it like a big girl init."

"Don't be stupid Taylor, I haven't got anything other than a screaming hangover that is getting more and more irritating, if you want to keep all four of your limbs then I suggest you jog on and get off of my case." Kelly hissed.

Polly sighed, this was typical Kelly behaviour. Whenever the girl was proved to be wrong, she would resort to meaningless threats. Honestly, she couldn't comprehend why an intelligent girl such as Kelly would attempt to lie to a Geek, especially one who had known her for years. It was amusing for her though, Polly did enjoy watching Kelly silence a girl with nothing but her stare. But that icy glare didn't work on Polly; the Geek had seen it so many times that she had become immune to it. The trouble with Kelly Jones was her pride and Polly had made it her mission to demolish that barrier.

The Geek had in listed St Trinians finest minds to help on her quest, but they had all decided to drink themselves stupid the night before so she was left with whoever was awake at the time. Admittedly, these four girls that had accompanied her to visit Kelly weren't even her fourth choice but she knew she would have to make do with what resources she could find. Besides, they could have some skills that would become useful against Kelly Jones. Chelsea was a Totty, therefore she would know all about relationships and body language. Andrea was the gentle one who painted things in a calmer light and you couldn't have Andrea without Taylor, they were like Yin and Yang. Finally Annabelle had tagged along to learn how to avoid Kelly's death glare. Somehow, Polly reasoned, that would help her when she became Head Girl.

"Don't lie to me Kelly, I can see right through you." Polly commented with a roll of her eyes. "Just do us all a favour and do something about it; your teenage hormones are driving everyone insane."

"Yeah!" Annabelle agreed with her new found confidence. "We've all seen you swoon over him."

"Init," Taylor mumbled.

"Oh stop being such a drama queen Belle, life isn't a fairy tale. No man is worth the aggravation or the hassle."

"Oh get a grip; we all know who you think of when you smile. I'm not buying it." Polly stated before staring straight back into Kelly's icy glare. "Now get some pain killers down your throat and let Chelsea do your hair. You have a date tonight and you agreed to this yourself last night before you start arguing." Was all Poll said before she pushed her glasses up her nose and walked off with the four other girls in tow, leaving a blanked face Kelly behind.

What else did she do last night?

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