okay, so i rewrote this because i didn't like it and it was rushed... hope you like it

Two kids stood under the cherry blossom tree.

"… I can't believe that you are leaving for the pants… I'm going to miss you athrun" kira said sadly

"I know I wish I could stay with you… but this is an opportunity that dad can't pass up." He replied

"Yeah, I guess…"

"Close your eyes, Kira. I got a surprise for you." Athrun placed something in her hands. Alright open them!"

"What? Oh! A robotic bird! I love it athrun!"

"Tori!" the small robotic bird said

"Now you have something to remember me by." He said with a laugh

"*giggle*I could never forget you athrun. You're by best friend."

" Your mine too, kira. Umm… could I… never mind."

"Could you what athrun?" she asked curiously

"Couldikissyou?" he asked in a rushed voice.

"Oh! Umm… o-okay she said shyly

"Oh look their kissing!" exclaimed Lenore

"I know! They are the cutest couple ever!" Caridad

"I feel so bad that athrun engaged to Lacus…" Lenore said sadly.

"What engaged? You never said they were engaged, that's going to break Kira's heart!"

"I know, i know. I haven't even had the heart to tell athrun. He already doesn't like her..."

"Yeah, Kira hates her. She said she didn't like the way she clung to Athrun"

"*giggle* yeah I noticed, she sulked the entire time Lacus was here. Athrun was afraid he had done something wrong."

"Well... we must get going."

"what already?"

"Yes we must leave soon... When you to the plants you must visit us!"

"Of course we will you and Patrick have been so kind to us. Besides we can't keep kira and athrun away from one another."

"true, well till we meet again, good bye"

well thats a little better...