Chapter 2-

Ghost Hunters International to the rescue:

Mr. Carter called in a few favors and was told that they would be here in a few days. Mr. Carter, soon after Mrs. Carter told him of the incident, decided it best to set up cameras. He had them set up in the bedrooms, hallways, and the living room and kitchen. He viewed the footage with horror. At night, more happens than he thought. It showed things all the way from doors closing and opening, lights coming on and off. But there were two things that freaked him out the most. One was what he saw in his son's room. He muttered something about Susie's imaginary friend and then before Mr. Carter could blink, his son's blanket was violently thrown across the room. His soon darted awake and shaking, took his blanket back. The other thing was what happened in Susie's room. Susie was just going to sleep.

"Good night Danny."

Mr. Carter saw a dark shadow that was the size of his son, almost, come across the screen. Susie, who was laid out in the bed, had a blanket tossed over her. But what freaking out Mr. Carter the most was what he heard.
"….goodnight Sam…"

Susie giggled, "Susie… my name's Susie."


Mr. Carter was nervous, but happy, when the day came that the invsitgators would come. He had the film from the cameras to show them.

Mrs. Carter had Susie stay in case the investigators wanted to ask her questions. The family waited in the living room for the investigators to arrive since they were due today. Little Susie played with Danny, which worried Mrs. Carter. Ben glared at little Susie, he didn't like that his little sister got so much attention. He continued to glare,

"Your imaginary friend is so stupid! He's not even real!"

Ben gasped and they watched in horror as something tore at his shirt and he was tossed backwards. He landed on the floor two feet away in shock. Susie gasped, "Danny! Leave him alone!"

They heard a low growl, but then, they felt the coldness (the room was slightly colder than normal) leave. Susie smiled, "It's okay. Danny left now. He was just getting mad at Ben."

Ben got up slowly. He looked down. Mrs. Carter gasped and ran for the first aid kit. She came back. Ben's shirt was torn slightly, but his chest had a burn mark on it that was slightly bleeding badly. Mrs. Carter touched the mark carefully. Mr. Carter came up. He took his hand in a fist and put it against his son's chest. It fit perfectly.

Lily Carter finished up bandaging her son's chest. Then, the bell rang. Mr. Carter practically jumped up. He opened the door, and a few men came in. They were nice enough. Mr. Carter shakily told them about the events. One man nodded,

"When was the most recent event?"

Lily gulped, "Moments before you came."

"What happened?"

"Ben, my son," Mr. Carter explained, "insulted Susie's imaginary friend, who I don't think is imaginary at all. Ben was pushed back several feet, and-Ben, show your chest."

Ben looked shocked for moment, but then nodded. He took off his shirt, which the invstigators noted was torn up, and revealed the bandages. Mrs. Carter took off the bandages and the investigators' eyes widened.

"It looks like a fist."
They all nodded. Mrs. Carter motioned for them to sit, which they did. The lead investigator, turned to Mr. Carter, "Just what do you think is happening?"

"Susie's imaginary friend. It first started when we moved here, and that's when she made the new friend. She said that he's been here a long time. Everything that happens to Ben happens when he insults that imaginary friend. We've had doors close and open. Lights flicker, noises, and everything in between. But there are a few things stand out the most."

Mr. Carter leaned in, "One- The basement. No matter what I do, I can't open it. I hear things from down there. The land lord told us how everyone has tried it, but no one can get it open. Two- the thing's attachment to my daughter. I have proof of that of video, which I can show you in a minute. Three- This thing, this ghost, has been here for a while. After we moved in, which took some time since I think the ghost kept bothering us because one of the men was pushed down the stairs and the old furniture would suddenly appear and replace the new stuff. Anyway, the neighbors warned us. They said the place is haunted, they told us a story, which I'm sure that they will repeat to you if you ask because I can't remember what it was. I do remember the name. The name was Daniel Masters. When my wife asked Susie what her friend's full name was, she said it was Daniel Masters. That's when we called you guys."

The leader of the group looked thoughtful, "Can we borrow the camera tapes?"

Mr. Carter nodded, "Sure."

Soon, after telling them all the things that happened, the investigators left to debrief and watch the videos at their HQ (which was their hotel room).

Susie sighed, "Poor guys."

Mrs. Carter raised an eyebrow, "Why is that Susie?"

"Danny doesn't like Ghost Hunters…."