Chapter 5-

Going over evidence:

"Okay," Paul said. They were all in the hotel room going over all the evidence, "Several things happened. First off, listen to this. This is creepy. It's when Berry and I were near the basement and Berry tried going in. First, it's Berry's voice. Then an unknown voice that sounds, in my option, annoyed."

"If you don't want me going in there, then I won't. You have nothing to fear."

"I don't fear you."

"Okay," Susan said, "That sounds like he said 'I don't fear you.'"
"Insane," Berry said, "I didn't hear anything while we were there."

"There's more. First it's Berry's voice, then the same ghost voice."

"Daniel, show us what you can do-"

"It's Danny."

"Okay," Joe said, "He hates being called Daniel. That's bad news, considering we were calling him Daniel the whole time."

"There's still more. First it's my voice, then it's the same voice again."

""I don't think you should challenge it. The EPF has never gone this high, whoever, or whatever is doing this has some serious power."

"Damn right."

Kris choked back a laugh, "Did it just say 'Damn right'?"

Berry nodded, "That's what it sounds like. It's strange. We never get such clear voices, and I think the ghost was right. It is powerful, especially if the EPF was the highest it's ever gone before."

"Still more," Paul said and sighed, "There's a lot more actually. We continued asking it questions, and after no replies, we asked it about the information we got. We asked it about the name masters. We didn't hear anything, but the recorders did. First it's Berry's voice, then the ghost's."

"Daniel, listen, we looked you up. We think you're Daniel Fenton, is this correct?"


"Daniel, we looked up the name Masters, did you know Vladimir Masters?"


"Whoa!" Scott said, "That's weird! Such a clear voice."

"Still lots more. First, it's Joe, then the same ghost that Berry and I were listening to."

"Daniel if that was you, can you say that again please."


Joe blinked. "I asked it why it was there, and it said protect in a very clear voice. But, protecting what?"

"Good question."

Paul nodded at Berry in agreement. Scott looked at them, "Listen to this. While Joe and I asked it to touch the flashlight and we got laughter. Lots of laughter. I was looking over it again, and after the laughter and before Kris called us, it said something listen."

*Laughter* "…Idiots, I can do more than that."

Joe gulped, "Okay. This is one seriously creepy ghost. After that, we asked if it was Daniel and it dropped 20 degrees in the room."

"That's not it," Kris said, "While me and Susan were in the living room, watch this."

The video showed Kris and Susan in the living room.

"Daniel, are you here?"

A dark shadow went across the corner. It was the size of a teenager and it just stood in the corner.

"Kris, did you see that?"


"Over there, I saw this shadow go across the room. But it was almost three dimensional."

Kris nodded at Susan. "Daniel, was that you?"

"Kris, the EPF has never gone this high with a normal ghost."

There was laughter. "….who said I was a normal ghost…"


"No kiddin'."

"Let's continue. Daniel, why are a ghost?"

They heard a low growl and Susan jumped. "Holy shit, did you see that?"


"Over there, near where I saw the shadow, two freaky red-green eyes!"

Sure enough, in the corner there were two glowing eyes that suddenly dimmed. They were glowing a green but were tinted with red.

"Never ask."

"Okay," Kris said, "There was a bit more after that. We didn't hear it's replies, but the recorder did. It said 'never ask.' I assume it was replying to my question of why it was a ghost. But the most interesting thing was when we were gone. While we were packing up, we left the camera going while we went upstairs to help you guys. Look at what the camera caught while no one was there."

The screen showed a dark shadow the size of a teen. It looked like it was wearing a black robe. The form was easily defined, but still very creepy. It was just standing there with its head down. Then it looked up. Glimpses of white hair could be seen and two eyes stared at the camera. Then, Kris and Susan came in again and the figure vanished in a mist.

"Well," Berry said, "This place is defiantly haunted. But why? The ghost confirmed it was Daniel Fenton, err…Danny Fenton."

Paul nodded, "Maybe we should just give this evidence to the family."