Symmetrical Love

A series of drabbles about Liz and Kid and their relationship. Each drabble will bounce back and forward through their relationship. Updated when I get an idea.

Chapter 1: Sleeping

Kid and Liz had only been a couple for a short time but they had been close for a long time. They had spent a long time fighting for their lives, putting their safety in each other hands. They had developed a bond and it quickly turned into something from friendship to a romance.

Now they found themselves in bed together, something about sleeping next to each other just felt so natural. Neither of them had a better night sleep then when they slept knowing the other was by their side. It would have been perfect expect for Liz habit of sleeping on his arm cut off Kid's circulation. Kid being a shinigami didn't need to sleep as long as Liz and he often woke up before she did, with his arm numbed.

Kid was one those people that gets up as soon as they wake up but he didn't have the heart to wake Liz from her peaceful slumber. With his free hand he gently moved a few stray hairs from Liz's face. Liz had decided to use his shoulder as her own pillow, she could hear his heart beat and it would gently lull her to a deep sleep.

Kid thought to himself that Liz had become his 'sleeping beauty', a thought he had several times as this became a daily occurrence. The thought to leave occurred to him but he saw Liz's soft pink lips curled into a smile.

Kid came to the conclusion that she must having a pleasant dream and decided not to wake her. Something like that always happened he could never bring himself to disturb her sleep. Kid just held Liz tightly and watched her sleep. He gently caressed her face a smiling creeping on his face.

Kid spent the next hour just watching Liz sleep waiting for her to wake up. Eventually Liz let out a yawn as she opened her eyes she was greeted by a pair of bright yellow eyes and a broad smile.

"Good morning." Kid smiled placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Good morning." Liz smiled back. "Were you awake long?"

"No, I just woke up."

Authors Notes: Okay, so I'll post a drabble when I get an idea for it. These stories will take place in the Expecting series I did for Soul Eater. If you haven't read those stories it's okay this will focus on Liz and Kid I'm just going to reference a few things. Until next time leave me a review telling me what you think