Symmetrical Love

A series of drabbles about Liz and Kid and their relationship. Each drabble will bounce back and forward through their relationship. Updated when I get an idea.

Chapter 2: Laundry

The young couple was busy with one of the many chores they couldn't live without, laundry. The manor had a large laundry room where they could wash all their clothes, they could send it out to get done but besides saving some money Kid thought they had to take responsibility for themselves. The problem was that Patty was no help at all and would cause more trouble sometimes it would result in the washing machine to over flow with soap. So in the end Liz and Kid ended up washing all the laundry for the house.

Liz really didn't mind doing the laundry it wasn't too hard and she liked being the one making sure that all her clothes were washed right. The problem came with Kid and his OCD. Liz was able to convince Kid not to freak out about the clothes not being symmetrical while being washed but the problem came when they had to fold them.

You could imagine how strict Kid was when putting away the clothes, everything had to be perfectly folded so it would be symmetrical. If Liz folded something Kid would end up folding it again to make sure it was perfectly symmetrical.

It could got annoying really quickly. Though Liz still enjoyed it, it was a peaceful and quiet activity just waiting for the laundry to finish. She got to spend sometime alone with Kid and just talk without worrying anyone would bother them. It was a silly idea but she even liked that Kid refolded the clothes it but meant that she got to spend some more time with Kid. Even when he was frantic about clothes he was her Kid.

It was a little boring but she loved it if she got to be with him. Liz even liked to tease him a bit and mess up folding it.

"So is this how you like it?" Liz showed Kid the shirt she just folded, one that even a trainee at the GAP would know needed to be refolded.

"No, no, not like that at all." Kid told her as he began to unfold it. "I'll show you again."

Kid stepped behind Liz letting stand next to the table with the shirt. Kid placed his hands onto of Liz's and guiding her on how to fold the shirt.

"There perfect." Kid announced.

"Yeah, perfect." Liz grinned.

She turned on her heels and left a kiss on Kid's lips.

"What was that for?" Kid asked a little confused.

"Just for being you." Liz admitted.

She loved everything about him even his OCD tendencies, it was all part of the man she loved even the parts that annoyed her were something that she loved. Everything even the annoying things brought her some joy.

Kid smiled broadly before he pressed his lips to her again and he let his arms wrapped around her again. They found a peaceful silence while in their loving embrace, which was broken when the try buzzed alerting it that another load was done. They pulled away startled before bursting into a shared laugh. If simply doing the laundry with him could make her this happy , Liz decided it was worth a little boredom.

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