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"Flashback"/ Web of Intrigue!


[The Darkest Light]

Chapter 1: The Third ProtoType

Mid Atlantic – 9:15 PM

"Hey Capt'n not to question your judgment but… are you sure it's a good idea to bring the kid along?" a sailor asked before taking a sip of sake.

The man nodded, "I know it seems like the worst decision… but that kid's got two things none of us have" he explained, the sailors who were listening edged closer.

"That kid's an ex-shinobi... turns out his village banished 'im after a failed retrieval mission…"

"What!? Why would they do that?" few questioned.

"Well, that's the second thing mate… that kid… is a Jinchuuriki-"he said making several men gasp.

"And not just any either… the host of the Kyuubi" the men nearly spit out their drinks.

"Don't go acting like those old fools, Jinchuuriki are people as well, don't ever forget that" he said, hesitating at first, the sailors nodded.

"Hey kid, why don't you come join us… take a drink" the captain offered.

A blond haired whiskered boy, who was leaning against a wall with his arms folded, stared out into open waters. He currently wore a white shirt with a red spiral flame design, orange pants, blue shinobi sandals, and a pair of goggles around his forehead.

"No thanks-"he said not taking his eyes off the ocean.

"Come on Gaki, one drink won't kill ya-"the man replied.

Giving a sigh, the blond turned away and walked towards the group, "Fine… just one" he said taking a wooden sake box and gulping down the fluids before turning back to his spot.

"Whoa… you guys see the look in his eyes… that kid's dead on the inside" a sailor whispered

"Banishment could do a lot to someone, I won't be surprised if he turns on the village" the captain replied.

Naruto shook his head, if they were going to talk about him, then they should whisper it out a bit. It's only been a month out into sea; he had heard of a group of sailors in Shimo no Kuni, wanting to discover some unknown continent and such.

To avoid Jiraiya's spy network, he had persuaded the captain to let him join; now here they are, hundreds of miles out into sea, he could only hope they found land soon.

The Following Day – Atlantic – 8:45 PM

Naruto and the sailors continued what they did for the past month, washing and maintaining the ship.

"So tell me kid, did they really banish you for a failed retrieval mission?" a sailor asked.

"Not just that… during the mission I tapped into my Bijuu's chakra and lost the fight, they read the report and deemed me too unstable to keep in the village so…" Naruto explained while scrubbing harder.

The sailor knew not to push any further so he went back to his duties.

An hour later, the crew went on break, drinking away sake to their hearts content, it wasn't until Naruto noticed a change in the sky's color.

"Hey guys-"he called out, they turned to him before following his line of sight, the Sky was now red.

"LAND HO!" they heard the watchman call out.

The entire crew ran towards the railing, what they saw was what looked like a city or what was left of it.

The place looked devastated, buildings that were near sky level were either partially or entirely demolished and tilted. What looked like large black and red, tentacle-like appendages held what was left of the buildings; they could literally see the smoke and ash in the air from the endless flames within the city.

"Uh… sir… we're not g-going to-"a sailor stuttered.

"Make port…" the captain ordered, though shakened by the city's view, he was still curious about what it held.

New York Zero – Red Zone

The crew let down the anchor and made port, "Alright… one of us needs to scout ahead… see if it's any safe" the captain, he turned to his crew who was giving him a look that said 'are you fucking serious!?'

A moment of silence, Naruto sighed and walked up, "I'll go-"he said. The sailor's gave an audible sigh in relief which made the blonde sweatdrop.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he stated, creating fifty clones.

"Five of you stay here, the rest follow me-"he ordered, getting a 'Hai' from his clones, he then turned to the crew, "Don't worry these guys will protect you while I'm gone, however… if anything happens to me, my clones will dispel themselves, if that happens then climb back onboard and get the hell out of here" Naruto stated, getting a nod from the crew before taking off to the ruined city.

Two Hours Later

Naruto was jumping across the roofs of the tattered buildings; he was amazed that they haven't collapsed yet. For the past two hours he and his clones had searched the city, every building, every underground metro, there was also these heavily fortified bases that he would check up later.

He was intrigued by the strange four-wheeled machines that were scattered throughout the city as well language the tattered papers, magazines, and ads were written in. However what seemed to have shocked him was that neither him nor his clones had found any form of life, the city was completely empty.

As of now, Naruto continues to jump from roof to roof, until he lands a tilted building with a tendril like webbing attached to it and a radio tower. Curious, he slowly approached it, not realizing that he had stepped into several black gooey puddles that latched themselves onto him.

He brought out a kunai and tried to cut open the tendril, "What… is this stuff?" he asked himself, before he felt something crawl up his leg. He looked down to see a black symbiotic liquid quickly crawl up and proceeded to engulf him, "N-Nani!" he said as he attempted to remove it, which only sped up the process.

Naruto screamed in agony as the strange fluid sunk into his skin, bypassed his muscle tissue, and swarmed into his bloodstream. The blond fell to his knees gripping his head, before he stopped and fell unconscious; throughout the city, his clones felt the exact pain and poofed out of existence.

Back at the docks, the crew who were gambling at the moment, jumped when the clones started screaming, and grew fearful when they poofed out of existence.

"Oh Kami! He's dead, BACK ON THE SHIP!" a sailor shouted as he and the rest rushed aboard and readied to hoist the anchor.

Meanwhile – Green Zone

A mid-twenty year old woman, wearing doctor's clothing, was currently typing deciphering data on the Blackwatch's dubbed Whitelight.

"Dana have you gotten everything?" a dark skinned man, wearing a similar outfit asked.

"Relax Bradley, we've got to wait until Heller comes back with the missing data" she replied.

"The longer we wait, the more people Blackwatch will experiment on… it'll be bad if the infected end up escaping then infecting the rest of the Yellow Zone" Ragland replied.

"You worry too much-" they turned to see a second dark skinned man, this one wearing a black and red leather jacket, pants, boots, and fingerless gloves.

"Nice of you to join us James" Ragland stated, getting a shrug from the ProtoType.

"I've got the data you wanted-"he said handing over a cased disk.

"Excellent, let me run diagnostics" Dana stated.

"Daddy!" Heller turned to see his eleven year old daughter, Amaya. Heller smiled and easily picked up his daughter, "How's my little Maya doing?" he asked.

"Don't worry she hasn't been causing any problems" Ragland responded.

"I've got it!" they turned to Dana.

"With this data, we'll be able to recreate the cure-"she stated.

"How long will it take?" Heller asked.

"Erm… a couple months to complete it, then a few years to create enough for all zones" she said.

"How… many years exactly?"

"By my estimate… about three" she replied, everyone looked amongst each other, before Heller broke the silence with a sigh.

"Well then I guess we better get started" he said.

"Right, me and Dana will work on the cure, you work on stopping Blackwatch and Genteck… from what I've gathered… their trying to recreate the Mercer Virus" Ragland stated, shocking Heller.

"I'll get right on that… Maya, be a good girl, don't get into trouble" he said, receiving a salute from his daughter, before leaving the facility.


Tsunade watched as her new apprentice, Haruno Sakura, practiced the Shōsen Jutsu, trying to start a heartbeat within a dead fish.

She heard a tap on the window; she turned to see Jiraiya and motioned him to come in.

"Hey Tsu-hime, how's it going?" he asked.

"Cut the crap, Jiraiya have you found Naruto yet?"

The gama-sennin sighed and shook his head, "There hasn't been any sign of him… the last and only lead, was his appearance in Shimo no Kuni then… nothing" he stated, Tsunade shook her head in grief.

"Keep searching" she said, Jiraiya acknowledged and left via window.

Sakura who was listening in on the conversation, looked down in sadness… her team had broken apart.

New York Zero – Red Zone – Eight Hours Later

Naruto's Mindscape

Within the dark sewer, the Kyuubi growled as the symbiotic fluids closed in on his cage. He roared, causing the liquid to retreat slightly before continuing its trek, the nine-tailed demon watched as the goo entered his cage, turning the water black as it did.

It then roared in pain as black tendrils shot out of the water and pierced through its arm, the Bijuu bit down and slammed a paw against the fluids, this made the tendril recede into the water.

The Kyuubi looked at his arm in shock as it was horribly mutilated, before the water splashed up like a tidal wave and engulfed the nine-tailed beast, "WHAT IS THIS!" it yelled as the tendrils tore through the Bijuu's body, before breaking it down into nothingness.

The tendrils receded back into the now calm waters as the seal tag locking the gate slid off and opened the doors.

Outside the Mindscape

Naruto's eyes snapped open and yelled as various images passed though his mind.

Web of Intrigue

In the center of a large seal, stood an old white haired man, he wore a white coat with violet swirl on the back accompanied by nine tomoes. Surrounding him was a much younger version of the Bijuus.

"I will not live long anymore… Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Choumei, Gyuki, Kurama… even if you are separated now… you will always be together… and the day you will return to be one will…" he stopped and looked at his creations.

"Everyone of you has a name… a different form from before… differently from when you where all sealed within me… follow your rightful path… search for what true strength is… until that day…" he continued, Kurama and few other began to tear up.

A long black haired man, wearing a red samurai armor stood in the middle of a lake as he stared up at the Kyuubi no Yoko. The Bijuu growled behind the mountains it stood behind.

"Kyuubi, you are merely a momentary life, a temporary existence of coalesced energy… energy that was once a single, ultimate form-"the man said as his eyes spun three tomoes, Kurama snarled, "-An unstable force lacking in intelligence or sapience, you require a guide to show you purpose… that guide is the Uchiha" he stated, enraging the fox even further.

"The Bijuu are but slaves to those with blessed eyes… now… OBEY!" the Uchiha shouted as his eyes went bloodshot before spinning into its fourth form.

Kurama stood before a berated Hashirama as he was trapped under his Mokuton Kekkei Genkai.

"Kyuubi… your power… is too great… I cannot let you roam free any longer-"he said, before he rapidly formed hand seals.

A red bun haired woman sat before a chained Kurama, who growled from his prison.

"If you use your power, only hatred will come from it… stay tranquil within the seal" she stated.

A second red haired woman stood before an impaled and chained Kurama.

"Neither of us have any sort of luck do we?" she said, the Bijuu scoffed at that.

"You keep the world at bay… but I keep you at bay" she said before disappearing from her mindscape.

"GRR! Kushina!" it growled.

A blond haired man stood shocked as well as a bedridden Kushina as they looked upon a cloaked masked figure.

"Yondaime Hokage… step away from the host… if you don't, this child won't live a minute longer" he said holding a crying whiskered infant.

The Yondaime stood before both mother and child, as a spectral being shoved a marked claw through his soul. As it did the same claw shot from his chest and clung onto the rampaging bijuu, "Fuin! (Seal)" he declared.

Kurama yelled in pain as he was marked with a seal, he watched as Minato summons a ceremonial throne, 'He plans to reseal me…' the beast thought.

Just then, Kushina grew weak, loosening up the chains wrapped around it, Kurama took that chance and proceeded to impale the child, only to be stopped by both mother and father as they took the blow instead.

The Shinigami then sucked out both the blonds' soul and Kurama's Yin Chakra, the two then began to give their own speech to their new born son, in the end, they stated, that they would love him no matter what.

"Hakke no Fūin Shiki (Eight Trigrams Seal)" they declared, fully sealing the Bijuu into their son.

End of Memory

Naruto gripped his head in pain, before he could comprehend on what had just happened, black and red biomass engulfed his arms and morphed them into a pair of lethal claws.

He breathed in heavily, while looking at his new limbs in shock; he looked at both his palm, back hand, and up his arm showing several black curled spikes here and there.

"W-What the hell is this!?" he said shakingly.

Suddenly the building began to shake, Naruto lost his balance and began to roll towards the edge, his claws scratched along the floors surface creating several claw marks and sparks. The blond fell off the edge, however he managed to sink his left claw onto the roof before he could; Naruto looked down and gulped at how high he was.

The blond looked at his claws, 'Kuso, I can't make hand seals with these-'he thought, unfortunately the building began to shake once more, the blond noticed that it was starting to tilt and reached up with his right claw and climbed up, managing to get his upper torso on the roof.

The tendrils began to detach itself to the building, as Naruto climbed up he noticed the radio tower tilt forward until it snapped and fell forward.

"Oh no… no, no, no, no, no, no, no-"Naruto repeated, until the tower slammed against him knocking him off the roof. The tendrils finally detached themselves from the building, not being structurally able to sustain itself; the building began to crash down.

"AHHHH!" Naruto yelled as he fell five hundred feet.

The blond looked around frantically, hoping to find a way to escape death; only a second later did his eyes landed on a second building. 'That's it!' he thought and nosedived across the air, unaware of the black and red biomass trailing behind him as he flew.

Naruto crashed through a window and slid across the floor, he then sunk his claws down to stop himself from going any further. The blond slowed down his breath and got up, he turned to see the building he was standing on crash down to the ground, creating a large dust cloud.

The whiskered blond sighed in relief and sat down on a tattered couch, he stared at his claws wondering what the hell was going on with him, though he wished he had his arms back.

As if Kami heard him, biomass engulfed his arms reverting them back to normal, Naruto looked at his arms in disbelief, 'What the hell is going on!?' he mentally shouted, before his mind clicked.

'Kyuubi, can you hear me!?' he asked, minutes passed and no answer.

'Damn it furball, answer me!' he shouted, no response.

He sighs in frustration and enters the depths of his mind.

Naruto's Mindscape

The blond walked through the dark knee deep waters as he entered the Kyuubi chamber.

He gasped at the changes within the room, black and red tendrils spread throughout the walls, the waters were now pitch black, and the seal gates were open.

He looked down and picked up a wet seal tag, he then wondered how it had opened and where was the Kyuubi now?

Naruto then remembered the strange images he saw when he was on the roof, they weren't dreams or visions for any of that matter, they were memories, and they belonged to the Kyuubi.

He clenched the seal tag, "Looks like I'm all alone now" he said before exiting his mindscape.

New York Zero – Red Zone – Two Years Later

Over the past two years, Naruto had trained himself in his 'abnormal' abilities; a month after he had come in contact with the black substance; he had discovered that he now had enhanced physical prowess.

He had discovered superhuman speed and strength that could easily rival a Kage, a week later he learned of his enhanced agility when he leaped almost ten stories into the air and run up a skyscraper without the use of chakra. The day after, Naruto then discovered his god-like endurance when he got carried away in running up the ESB (Empire State Building) and falling off; he created a large crater upon impact but was left unscratched, not a bone was left broken.

At the end of the week Naruto had discovered his heightened senses, his vision of sight could literally rival if not surpass that of the Byakugan and hear across great distances; this was when he discovered that there were humans several hundred miles away from the city.

Along with vision and hearing he had gained two other sensory powers, one being a vision that allowed him to see the heat of any living thing (Thermal Vision). The second was somewhat of a sonar pulse that allowed him to pin point a target's nervous system (Hunter Pulse).

It wasn't until six months after, when he came in contact with a helicopter that dropped off a squad of black leather armored soldiers.


'Who are they?' Naruto asked himself, as the squad began to walk through the streets, two held detectors while the others held strange long weapons.

He dropped down from, creating a small crater which did not go unnoticed by the squad.

"Yā kimitachi no seizon-sha? (Hey are you guy's survivors)" he asked.

They all pointed their weapons at him, "Don't move!" one shouted, confusing the blond.

Suddenly the detectors beep skyrocketed, "Uh, sir… we've got a live one" another said, "TAKE HIM OUT!" the 'leader' shouted before they fired their weapons.

"Nani?" Naruto shielded his face with his arms as the bullets passed through him, though it didn't hurt he sure as hell didn't take to kindly to being attacked.

"Uh sir… he's still standing-"one pointed out.

"Well no shi-AHHH!" he screamed, as Naruto punched a hole through the man's chest, the squad watched in horror as black tendrils shot from the blond and began to consume their captain.

Naruto held his head in slight pain as memories entered his mind, along with certain skills.

He then gripped the captain's M4 Carbine and shot forward, the blond kneed a man in the gut before spinning him around and using him as a human shield. "My turn" Naruto spoke in perfect English, before firing a completed magazine at the squad, not knowing what had just occurred, the soldiers took the bullets and fell to the ground, dead.

"Blackwatch, huh?" he said, the soldier was still struggling to get loose from the thirteen year old's iron grip. He dropped the gun, and flexed his hand, 'Well… that's new' he said, before his mind clicked, maybe he had absorbed the Kyuubi like he did to that man; it was the only possible explanation.

He then turned to the soldier and frowned, from the memories that he obtained, the squad was trying to retrieve a sample of what is called, The Blacklight Virus. Though it wasn't only order given to them by the higher ups, he needed to know more.

"Let's see what you've got in that little mind of yours" he said before he snapped the man's neck and consumed him.

End of Flashback

That was the first time Naruto learned of his ability to consume and assimilate, he could absorb one's biomass and add it his own, he could gain one's memory, skill, and appearance of those he consumes. When he discovered that he had consumed the Kyuubi, he had gained every memory, every skill, and every ability.

The memories he gained showed him everything prior to his obtaining the 'Mercer Virus'. The sealing, his parents, Konoha's betrayal on Uzu no Kuni, Kurama's sealing into his mother Kushina and aunt Mito, the battle between Hashirama and Madara, the Rikudo Sennin, everything.

It was needless to say that he was indeed pissed, Konoha betrayed his mother's homeland, his father sealed the Bijuu with in him, and ontop of that Hiruzen knew all about it and refused to tell him. The blond had to refrain himself from leveling the tattered city with a Bijuudama.

He gained several things upon consuming the Bijuu; the first would be his first bio-weapon, claws. Naruto had tested it on several cars, public mailboxes, and concrete from tattered buildings, each and every one of these where slashed in half.

The second would be the change in his chakra coils; they skyrocketed to newer levels and with the addition to Kyuubi's chakra, it was now highly poisonous to others, much like that of a Bijuu. The third and final thing was several of its personal techniques, like its Kitsune-hi-ryū (Fox Fire Stream), Kitsune tsuisutā (Fox Twister), Shōgekiha-juu (Tailed Beast Shockwave), and Bijuudama (Tailed Beast Ball).

While he created left clones to work on the Jutsu, he headed towards the empty Blackwatch bases, hoping to find out more about this, 'Mercer Virus'.

As he arrived he immediately searched the archives, thanks to the information given to him from the consumed soldiers, he easily got in. Naruto read each file and his eyes grew in disbelief at what he found; he first read about the conducted DX-1118 A (AN: Redlight Virus) of Carnival One and Two.

Carnival One, which introduced the Redlight to chimpanzees to determine if the experiments were suitable for human beings. The results surprisingly, came out positive; the animals gained heightened intelligence, increased strength, etc. This paved a road onto the human experiments, aka Carnival Two.

Carnival Two, Blackwatch created an artificial town known as Hope, Idaho where they were supposedly 'testing self sufficient towns in case of a nuclear war'. The Redlight was dubbed a 'harmless' solution for simulating a fallout, and just like that the townsfolk eagerly participated in the tests. 461 subjects were injected with the Redlight.

The results were more disappointing as humans didn't exhibit any immediate change or alterations and it wasn't until the 'Hope Children' that the effects of the virus manifested. The Hope Children, were infants that were born within the artificial town from parents who were injected with the Redlight, only twenty-seven were born and usually lived less than three years; however each child had some abnormal ability, which should results of the virus attempting to achieve something but, failing to do so.

The experiments continued, despite that nearly every townsfolk had been infected and it wasn't until the death of the last Hope Child that the situation became critical. 998 days later, the townspeople became hostile and were controlled by the only perfect genetic match for the virus: Elizabeth Greene.

In response to the threat, Blackwatch leveled the town and secured Greene and her newborn son, Pariah.

Naruto ran his fingers through his hair; this was unbelievable; the Blackwatch conducted human experiments and were stupid enough to continue even after several outbreaks. "Kami, wouldn't Orochimaru love to participate" he said, before opening up the next set of files, under the names of: Blacklight, Outbreak I & II, Alex Mercer, James Heller.

The Blacklight Virus was an evolutionary chimeric mutation-causing infectious agent that can reproduce only inside the living cells of other organisms. It was first extracted and synthesized by a group of Genteck scientists led by Alex Mercer, using a sample of blood from an infected Elizabeth Greene.

The purpose was to find a cure for diseases (Cancer, AIDS, etc.) though were unknown of the true goal to engineer a new version of the Redlight that would be able to copy and combine genetic traits to re-write living creatures.

The effects of the virus proved to be more variable and far more infectious than that of the Idaho strain; as it causes too many infections, spreads over wide areas, and leaves too many surviving entities. The mortality rate is proven to be far lower than then that of the Redlight and the incubation period was much longer. However, the virus was proven incapable of traveling over large bodies of water and was left stranded on Manhattan Island.

Naruto was left confused, so a group of scientists created a virus strain from the Redlight in hopes of finding cures to diseases, but instead ended up creating an even deadlier virus. The blond gasped at the images taken from the infected individuals, deformed creatures that one wouldn't consider human any longer. The photos taken of the creatures shocked the blond even more, though it states that they were created by Elizabeth Greene: Hunters and Hydras.

He shook his head and opened the Outbreak files.

After the successful creation of the Blacklight Virus, Blackwatch had considered Alex Mercer and his group a potential liability after Genteck became scrutinized by Congress, investigations were being proposed. Having feared of any information being leaked, Blackwatch decided to cover it up and silence anyone who was associated with the Blacklight project.

Alex Mercer discovered this and fled the facility, smuggling a vial of the virus out of quarantine and escaping with it. Before he could leave the city he was cornered in Penn Station by Blackwatch, in what seemed like a fit of rage and frustration, Mercer smashed the vial on the floor before being gunned down by Blackwatch personnel. The Blacklight spread to everyone within the station, unleashing a biological apocalypse.

Naruto slumped in his chair, all of this, the city, happened because of some guy was stupid enough to unleash a deadly virus during a tantrum. Though now he began to wonder, if the city was infected then where were all the mutated civilians, he continued reading learning about the events that transpired during the first outbreak, he was shocked to learn that Mercer had survived the gun shots and grew more surprise when he read his reports.

Alex Mercer had the same abilities as him only on a much higher level. He then went onto the second outbreak and had a look of disbelief on his face. Apparently, Mercer had caused the second outbreak due to unknown reasons (AN: Remember, this is a data file, only Heller and the others knew about his intentions).

He continued reading and was surprised that there were more people like him; Alex had given several people a weaker strand of his virus giving them similar abilities to him. Naruto then grew interested when he read reports about James Heller, it just so happens that Alex had given the man a strand of his own virus he dubbed, The Mercer Virus, making him the second ProtoType. He stops reading as the file seems to discontinue, Naruto scratches his head in annoyance, he at least wanted to know what happened to the two and why the city was empty.

Though it seemed possible that they may all have been killed off and the place was now under quarantine, considering that New York Zero was split into three zones and two had living residents. This however brought an interesting question.

"If I have the Mercer Virus, then what was it doing on the roof?" he asked himself, before turning off the terminal.

Eight months later, Naruto had grown accustomed to his abilities and was now constantly training himself, he knew that the Akatsuki would most likely never find him but, there was the possibility that they wouldn't need the Kyuubi after they've collected all nine. So he decided to travel back when the time was right and train to use the virus and techniques Kyuubi had possessed.

He went through the Bijuu's memories; looking through both his aunt and mother's eyes, he learned Fuinjutsu. He created clones and had then search the Blackwatch base for any blank paper that might be available, after retrieving a stack of non-torn up paper, he began to write seals into them before ordering his clones to bring him at least five of each weapons and any ammo they could find.

These included: M49 Beretta, M4A1 Assault Rifle, M249 Light Machine Gun, M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher, and FGM-148 Javelins; Naruto sealed them into makeshift scrolls and then stored them away in a duffle bag.

Apart from his training, Naruto found manuals on the following vehicles: AH-64D Apache Longbow Gunship, UH-60A Blackhawk Transport Helicopter, M1 Abrams Tank, M2 Bradley APC, and M923A1 Military Trucks. Luckily thanks to the information acquired from the Blackwatch soldiers, he was perfectly capable of driving an M923A1 the others however would take up the rest of the year.

"Well, better get started" he said.

Towards the end of the year and to Naruto's surprise, it started to snow. He hasn't seen any since that mission to Yuki no Kuni. He shook the white flakes off his hair and sitting back down on the driver's seat and taking off, "With all this snow, it's slightly colder than every other day" he commented as he drove back to his 'base' on the southern part of the city.

Thanks to his clones he had managed to learn how to drive the tanks, the choppers were slightly more difficult to pilot, he remembered when his first time flying one, he accidentally crashed the chopper tail against a building causing the machine to spiral out of control. He sighed as he drove back, the only way he was getting out of the Red Zone was by helicopter and he wouldn't be piloting one of those anytime soon.

New York Zero – Green Zone

"So what of you got for me?" Heller asked, Ragland motioned him to follow.

"What we have here are several air filters we modified from Bloodtox Pumpers, if everything goes right, we should have enough of the cure to spread through the Red Zone" he explained, Heller nodded, understanding the task he was being given.

"So tell me, have you heard anything from Blackwatch?" he asked, Ragland shook his head.

"Wow for once you don't know-"they turned to see Dana, along with Amaya.

"As it turns out, there are several squads being deployed in the Red Zone, apparently they sent a squad there several months ago and haven't heard from them since" she stated, both Heller and Ragland raised an eyebrow.

"And this concerns us how?" Heller asked.

"They disappeared… meaning they were killed… killed looking for something… and I think we all know what it is" she said, making the ProtoType go wide-eyed.

"I'll be back" he said as he rushed out of the room.

New York Zero – Red Zone

Naruto stood in the locker room; he now wore a black hoodie vest over a red t-shirt, black fingerless gloves, and jeans. He also wore, Blackwatch Commander boots and forearm TACPAD, around his waist were several pouches; containing ammunition, kunai, and shuriken; along with a M49 Beretta.

The outfit was something the blond was able to savage from the both the base and a not so tattered store. Naruto left the room and sat down by the terminal, he opened a rations bar and bit down on it; the blond shuttered at the taste, "I know these things have nutrients and crap but, god damn this tastes like shit" he said tossing the bar aside and knocking over few papers.

The blonds' head lifted when he heard a small clatter, he turned to see a cased disk.

"Now what could this be?" he asked himself, before popping the disk in.

The screen scanned it and promptly showed various information and formulas, though what caught his eyes was the code imbedded within the information: DX-1118C.

"That's the Blacklig-"before he could finish his sentence he heard a loud chopping noise outside. Activating his Hunter Pulse, he saw several people dropping down helicopters and looked ready to swarm the base.

Naruto quickly removed the disk, pocketed it, and turned off the terminal as the door's opened up.

'Blackwatch' he thought as armed black leather armored soldiers, rushed in.

"You! On your knees, keep your hands high!" one ordered aiming his assault rifle, Naruto narrowed his eyes but, did what he was told. He watched as the specters searched through papers, the terminal, the rooms, everything.

"No sign of the package sir" one spoke.

"Maybe this one knows something… hey kid, you wouldn't happen to have seen a- hey, are you even listening… hello" the specter waved a hand over the blonds' face.

"He's not talking… whatever, Red Zone is off limits, any civilian found here is to be seen as infected and will be delt with… now kid… I know, you have what we're looking for, so you can either tell us… and we could escort you to the Yellow Zone, but if not" he said aiming his rifle to his head, "There will be one less infected to deal with-" he said before…


"The hell was that!?" one said, everyone stopping what they were doing and turning towards the sound.


They jumped slightly when a chopper crashed into the base, taking this chance Naruto rushed forward and punched a hole through his captive before consuming him. Those who heard the sound flesh being torn turned to see their last sight… a pair of claws, bisecting them.

"HOLY SHIT!" they turned to see the blond ProtoType and opened fired.

Naruto took a deep breath before breathing out a stream of orange flames, incinerating whoever was in the way. He turned to see more Blackwatch burst in through windows and walls; he jumped to a nearby truck and kicked it towards a squad. Explosions were continuously heard from outside, the blond rushed to the locker room and hefted a duffle bag over his shoulders.

Before he could punch a hole through the wall he was grabbed and thrown into a truck, causing it to explode with the force of impact. Naruto easily got up and patted the flames off the bag, "Well… didn't expect to run into any Evolved here, what with Heller wiping them all out… but I did realize that Evolved can't use those claws… you must be a ProtoType then" Naruto turned to the rather large man, who was rather buffed out and heavily armored (AN: Blackwatch Super Soldier).

Naruto dropped the bag as biomass morphed his arms into claws.

Smirking, the soldier charged forward, jumped up and prepared to punch down; Naruto jumped over him and slashed open one of the glowing blue tubes connected to his spine. The soldier seemed to gasp for air and fell to a knee, the blond rushed behind him and grappled the armored man, he then jumped in the air before slamming him back on the ground.

The soldier kicked the blond off and proceeded to run after him, Naruto rushed forward and avoided the incoming glowing blue fists. He grabbed the man by the wrist before dismembering the arm with his claw.

The soldier yelled in pain and attempted to grapple the blond, only for him to sink a claw into his gut; Naruto raises his other claw and impales the man through the chest, then picked him up as his tendrils attached themselves to the body and tore the man in half.

Consuming the soldier's bio-mass, he learned that these men were injected by a second strand of the Blacklight Virus dubbed: DX-1120. He also discovered the purpose of what they came for; the disk he had in his pocket was a missing coded formula to help recreate the Mercer Virus.

It wasn't until he gripped his chest in slight pain before biomass engulfed his upper torso; Naruto stomped down hard creating a shockwave strong enough to lift both Blackwatch operatives and nearby vehicles in the air before tendrils erupted from his body. This not only killed off every specter and destroyed every vehicle within the base; it also caused the building to collapse.

Quickly grabbing the duffle bag, he jumped out through the roof.


"Bring the gunships, we need evac, NOW!" a Blackwatch Commander shouted over the radio before being blown to bits.

Flown high above the air, Heller piloted an UH-60A Blackhawk, "Heller do you read… what's happening over there!?" he heard Dana said over the earpiece.

"You were right… shitload of Blackwatch storming their base" he said before pressing the trigger and firing two unguided missiles.

"They must have found the data, take them out now-"she stated before.


Heller turned his attention to the base as black tendrils erupted from it.

"What the hell was that!?" she said.

The second ProtoType narrowed his eyes as the tendrils receded, "I think I know-"he said, as he flew the chopper and set it down ontop of a building. He climbed out of the pilot's compartment and dropped down creating a medium sized crater.

Heller watched as the base began to collapse itself in but caught the sight of someone break through the roof and wall run up a building.

"Didn't I take all of these bastards out" he said before running after said person.

Naruto sat on the edge of the small building while looking at the disk, 'They're trying to make more people like me huh… 'He thought before turning his head to the left as dark skinned man jumped over the edge and onto the roof, his arm morphed into what looked like a large blade.

Naruto dropped the disk and morphed his arms into claws, the two weapons clashed against each other; Naruto dropped down to his knees under the pressure. He then noticed the man before him, "You're… James Heller" he said, Heller raised an eyebrow, 'This guy… he's a lot younger than I'd thought he'd be… wait, did they inject him with the virus?' he thought taking his arm blade off the blonds' claws.

"Who are you kid… more importantly what are you doing here?" Heller asked.

Before Naruto could answer they heard multiple chopping sounds, "Just great, they sent a Strike Team" he heard Heller say, "Follow me kid" the second ProtoType said as biomass engulfed and morphed him into a Blackwatch soldier, Naruto doing the same as he picked up the disk and bag.

The two quickly jumped down causing small craters, Heller motioned for the blond to follow him as he wall ran up a second building with a chopper. "Get in" Heller said, the disguised blond nodded and got into the co-pilots seat.

Heller jumped in and started the chopper; seconds later they took to the skies a different route to avoid detection. "So where are we going?" Naruto asked as he reverted back to normal, "The Green Zone… kid when we get there, you're going to tell us everything" Heller replied as he too reverted back to normal.

"Alright, but only if you tell me this… what happened to all the infected in the city?" he asked, Heller looked at him oddly.

"What have you been living under a rock, I took them all out when I consumed Mercer" he replied, Naruto was a bit shocked, "Sort of" he replied as they flew towards the Green Zone.

Next Chapter: Blackwatch Eradication

AN: Hey guys how's it going, now I'm going to explain a few things, first with the Mercer Virus.

Now before you fanboys start complaining to me, I know that the Blacklight and the Mercer Virus are the same thing, I just refer to the Mercer Virus as the strand that Alex, Heller, and the Evolved possessed, just pointing this out so you all don't get confused.

Second thing you are probably wondering is 'How did Naruto get infected?' well let me explain and believe it or not, this actually seems possible. For anybody that has beat both [ProtoType] games you should know this information and if you don't well, SPOILERS!

Now, in the second game's final boss we know that towards the end Heller begins to tear off Mercer's arms, now I noticed that he never consumed them, he just tossed them to the side and continued with the fight though it's possible that they may have been consumed when he used the tendril burst on every infected in the Red Zone, but this is fanfic so let's leave it at that.

During the first game we now that Alex was killed in Penn Station were the virus came in contact with his wounds and infected him, the virus rebuilds the body, develops a consciousness of its own and believed itself to be Alex Mercer.

Now I believe that even though Alex was consumed, the virus within his torn arms still has consciousness though lacks intelligence since the brain was consumed but, was smart enough to know that it needs a host and that is where Naruto comes in, he comes in contact with it, the virus latches itself on and turns him into a ProtoType. (And that's my explanation!)

Third thing, yes I had Naruto consume the Kyuubi and most of you are wondering if he also consumed Minato and Kushina, the answer is no, once Kurama was consumed the only thing keeping the two there was both the seal and the Bijuu and with it gone they no longer have a physical appearance and their sealed chakra was most likely added towards Naruto's coils.

Now for the fourth and final thing, will Naruto return to the elemental nations, the answer is yes after he helps Heller and his group unleash the cure he will return to deal with the Akatsuki and no he will not be aiding Konoha.

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