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"Flashback"/ Web of Intrigue!


[The Darkest Light]

Chapter 6: Gathering the Nine - Part 3


"How is he?"

"Well its a good thing you got him to me when you did, any longer and we might not have been able to save him" laying in bed was a comatose blue-haired boy who was currently breathing through a ventilation, to his left, sitting on a nightstand were glasses that were connected to a pair ear protector alongside a long and rather flat sword wrapped in bandages.

"A punctured lung, diaphragm, and stomach along with three fractured ribs... the muscle structure around the wound appears to have come from a saw blade, had the weapon struck an inch to the right, then Chojuro would've bled out long before his arrival"

Ao gave a deep sigh, the four that had trespassed onto their borders had not only demonstrated abilities that surpassed their own forces, but that black clad blonde was definitely inhuman. About thirty-percent of their squads were killed while the other seventy-percent where either lucky to have not received an injury or laying in a hospital bed either rejuvenating or fighting to stay alive.


"Mizukage-sama" he acknowledged.

Mei Terumi was a blood-rose haired beauty wearing an ocean blue kimono and Kage hat, "What... happened" she demanded, after examining several dismembered or melted wounds of her dead or dying Shinobi she had very much wanted to know who or what was responsible for incapacitating her forces.

"We might want to take this to your office-" he recommended, Mei turned to see several more Medics rush towards the rooms, few taking bringing out body bags.

"Yes, that we shall"

The two Shunshin'd back into the Kage Tower, "Now, explain... what happened?"

Ao closed his one eye, "When we had tracked down the source of the Sanbi's Chakra, we were expecting the Bijuu to have resurfaced... that wasn't the case-"


Trees fell and blood splattered, having failed to get information out of the four intruders the end result was a struggle between the unknown enemies and the Kiri Shinobi. Their forces were quickly thwarted by the use of the elder's Yoton-based Jutsu, 'Didn't think they'd have a Yoton user ... this will make things more difficult' Ao thought as his eyepatch was removed and his Byakugan blazing to life.

"Ack!" the tall red, heavily 'steamed', armored man slammed a bone crushing fist onto a Kiri Jonin, breaking the rough stones beneath them to pierce the man's backside and blow a crater below them, the force itself knocked away nearby Shinobi.

Ao could see several Chunin have their throats torn out by the green haired member of the group, through his 'All Seeing Eye' he was able to see the that they were under the influence of a B Ranked Genjutsu. With a burst of Chakra, he found himself in front of her, easily blocking a Kunai strike with one of his own, with a kick to the abdomen and an open palm to the chest, Fu was knocked back several feet, causing her to drop the illusion.

Ao quickly sped through hand signs as Fu doubled an intake for oxygen, while not as lethal as the Hyuga Clan's Gentle Fist, his palm technique was strong enough to deal internal damage with a ten percent chance of incapacitation to bodily functions.

"Suiton: Ja no Kuchi! (Water Release: Snake's Mouth)" generating a spiraling column of water and Ao's expertise in Suiton, manipulated the rising waters into a snake's gaping mouth. With a hiss, the liquid reptile was sent slithering towards its target, only to suddenly exploded back into nothingness before it could even reach five feet of its prey.

'What!?' the moment his Jutsu was neutralize, his Byakugan caught the sight of what appeared to be the fourth member of the team. Shifting his gaze, left and right, his surrounding squad was bisected if not slashed apart, what placed him on full alert was that his Byakugan could only yet barely catch a glimpse of the moving target.

'Kuso!-" his hands forming a Rat sign, activated his Chakra Sensing Technique, in hopes of detecting where the blonde would strike next. Sadly, he never anticipated for him to have four of his ribs shattered by a mere tackle. Naruto flipped onto his feet and tossed the Anbu onto a tree, the full impact cause the plant to snap apart and uproot from its position.

While the Byakugan could in fact see anything within its 360 field of vision, it would be considered useless if the user failed to counter something that was much more faster.

"Fu, how're you holding up?" he heard the teen say, all she could do is nod with a slightly more calmed breath.

"Good, Roshi! Han!" getting the attention of both Jinchuuriki, "We've wasted enough time here, if we stay any longer then that battalion might prove to be a problem!" the blonde shouted.

'He knows? Is he a Sensor too?' Ao thought.

"Watch out!" Fu shouted as the newest member of the Seven Swordsmen appeared with his blade, Hiramekarei, blazing with ocean blue Chakra, and ready to decapitate. However, instead of a blood gushing fountain, the results were that of a sword clash, with sparks flickering ever so often. The blonde's arm had morphed into deadly claws, the blue haired teen felt a trail of sweat fall down to his chin.

His opponent had yet to show signs of struggle between the clashed weapons, and had also kept his attention on the rest of his teammates. Giving a sigh, "Get to Kumo... I'll catch up with you" he stated. To their surprise, the three acknowledged and flew off into the distance.

"They... can fly!?" Chojuro muttered before his blade was forced onto him, an increase of pressure was applied as the razor sharp appendage clenched the weapon in a vice grip.

Dark brown eyes met malicious yellow, in an instant, Chojuro found his blade knocked away from the center of collision and was sent crashing onto Ao by a spinning back kick. "Chojuro... you okay?" non-Hyuga grunted/asked, still in pain from the previous attack.

"I'd be lying... if I said... yes" spitting out a small amount of blood, he could feel it... his shattered ribs, throbbing out the red liquid that coursed within them. They felt the an increase in temperature, the turned their eyes back to the battlefield to see it in flames, Kiri Shinobi backed away as they grew larger

and burned more fiercely.

"Ao... do you feel that?"

"Yeah... that Chakra... it feels like that of the Sanbi"

A Bijuu's Chakra was much more powerful than that of an average Shinobi's, it carried rage, power, and most of all, malice; making it nearly impossible to suppress.

"Ao-Senpai, is he a Jinchuuriki?" this was answered with a quick response, "No doubt about it, this amount of malice could only originate from that of a Bijuu... ... ... ... ... unfortunately, only a few of our current troops have any experience on Fuinjutsu, we'll have to stall him until the Seal Unit arrives"

Unbeknownst to them, their opponent heard everything.

End of Flashback!

"What happened?"

"What happened? He read us like a book that's what happened... it was as if he was ten steps ahead of us... I was hasty... and Chojuro paid the price for it" Mei narrowed her eyes.

"Explain yourself"

"We got desperate, our forces were running low on Chakra and the battalion had yet to arrive... so we attempted the Bijuu Chakra Seal... six were impaled and Chojuro took a fatal blow for me" he spoke down in shame.

Mei furrowed her brow, "I expected more from you Ao, you who are among our strongest Shinobi would have known better than to continously engage an unknown enemy, and a Jinchuuriki no less... if what you said was true and had full control over his Bijuu, then it would have been wise to order a retreat... fortunately for you, with the Sanbi's sudden appearance, I need every able Shinobi setting up defenses incase of an attack, so no punishment will be handed out until all tensions have ceased" she stated.

"Furthermore, you'll accompany one of ten squads to warn the surrounding settlements, if the Sanbi has been spotted, lead them into the safe zones"

"Hai, Mizukage-Sama"

Kumogakure - Seven Hours Later

"Mmm~~~ soft and dry on the outside, sugary sweet on the inside~~~" Fu spoke in glee upon finishing a Sakuramochi, a sweet pink rice cake filled bean paste and wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf. Having successfully infiltrated the village, the four Jinchuuriki had rented out a room at the local Onsen; due to their extended flight from Suna and their struggle in Mizu, they needed the well deserved rest.

Doors opened and in came Roshi, still steamed from his time in the hot springs and soon followed by Han who carried an Armor Maintainance Kit from a nearby Weapons Shop.

"Where's Naruto?" asked Fu.

"Well... since neither Two nor Eight are within the village borders, he decided to hunt for information" Han replied.

"Wait, he's infiltrating the Office?" Roshi asked, reffering to the Raikage's personal archives.

"Not exactly..."

Kumogakure Hidden Valley Anbu HQ

Taking advantage of the mountains misty climate and rocky setting, like with all Hidden Villages, provided the Anbu Corps with a secretive base of operations; only known to the village Kage and current or retired members.

Naruto trailed through the steep passage way that led two directions, further into the valley or a two hundred foot drop to one's death. It was't too difficult to obtain the location of the base, by targeting lesser ranked Shinobi, he was able to narrow down a few members of the special operatives and consume them; gaining the information he needed to locate and a disguise to infiltrate.

He shifted his hands into a cross-formation and created four clones, both disguised as an Ox, Bat, Wolf and Spider masked Anbu. Biomass swirled across the blonde's body before morphing into a Phoenix masked spec ops, not seconds before turning the corner and towards their destination. The purpose of the clones was to serve as his Squad as to not draw suspicion from any of the other members.

The five stepped forward towards a hollowed out opening and promptly walked through it. Upon entering, a pair of spec ops immediately lay eyes on them, however any thoughts of intruders was dismissed after witnessing the disguised blonde give the hand sign encrypted pass code.

Acknowledging, the two Anbu stepped aside and let the 'squad' pass.

Taking the steps to the lower levels, Naruto accessed his Web of Intrigue to view his most recently absorbed memories. Learning the HQ's layout, the squad proceeded to the fourth level, an area containing an archive with nearly all of Kumo's recorded Intel; no doubt excluding any S-Ranked secrets.

Ignoring the passing Anbu, he finally stumbled onto a steel enforced room, guarded by a Tiger and Dragon masked Anbu, if his memories served correctly they were among the most skillful in entire force; both experts in Taijutsu and Genjutsu.

The two eyed the five that suddenly became four, their line of sight snapped away as their necks were dislocated and bodies were crushed, skinned, and finally absorbed in a most gruesome fashion. "Ox, Wolf, stand guard, Bat, Spider, you're with me" the original spoke, morphing an arm into claws and shredding the lock's components through its keyhole.

With nothing keeping the steel doors closed, Naruto pushed the door open and led his clones into a room with many file containers. Normally, Naruto would have gone on a manhunt and consume any Shinobi with knowledge of Two and Eight's location, however it would prove pointless as the only ones with said information are the Raikage and the Anbu assigned to guard them.

He did however learn that the Raikage never kept any A nor S Ranked Intel in his personal archives, instead he had them stored away in the Anbu HQ for safety purposes.

"Look for anything, reports, logs, records..." he ordered.

It took no less than five minutes to find the desired information, all within a well hidden floor safe. He dispelled his clones and skimmed through the pages, growing surprised at each passing phrase. "Shimagame... this I've gotta see" he muttered, having read about an ancient colossal turtle that Kumo has raised since its founding, the forest on its back is said to be a training grounds for elite Shinobi including the Raikage himself.

Its even considered to be the equivalent of Konoha's Forest of Death.

According to the records, within the moving fortress resided the Bijuu Temple, a sacred and isolated area where Jinchuuriki can quickly progress in controlling their tenant's Chakra.

Knowing that A almost never let Two and Eight leave the village walls, the chances of them being on the island were theoretically high, "Boss we've got a squad heading our way" Ox stated., having spotted the spec ops via Thermal Vision.

"Right then-" stashing the folder beneath his armor and walked out, "Once it's clear, dispel yourselves" the original ordered, as he closed the door behind him and took the path they came in; casually passing by the upcoming Anbu.

Shimagame - Two Hours Later

"Hmm... Makin' beats and rhymes... I'm makin' 'em live... yeah I can go with that" a dark skinned thirty-five year old man spoke. Branding a pair of oval shaped sunglasses, along with a white scarf, Hitai-ate, and one strap/shoulder flak jacket, a red rope belt, and a standard Kumo hand, shin guards, and Shinobi Sandals; on his left cheek and right shoulder was an imprinted tattoo of an Iron Kanji or more specifically the Tekko Fuin (Iron Armour Seal).

Quickly jotting down the lyrics onto a small notebook, "Can't you go a single day without rapping?" a blonde haired young woman in a black and violet blouse and pants, both with cloud designs on them, as well as a common Kumo Hitai-ate, sandals, and weapon holsters.

These were the Two and Eight-Tailed Jinchuuriki, Killer B and Yugito Nii.

"Never!" B declared.

Not a second later did the surrounding over-sized animals look out into the distance, standing up from their seated positions on full alert. "Hmm?" the two hosts took notice and turned in their general direction, "What is it?" asked Yugito.

B closed his booklet and surveying the misty horizon, like most Jinchuuriki, B possess an advanced sensory ability, allowing him to detect Chakra signatures without the use of the C. Sensing Technique. "Don't know... but it's coming fast" he spoke seriously.

Surely enough did a small speck bolted from the sky and landed at the edge of the island, sending out an audible boom upon impact.

"B!" the deep voice of the eight-tailed Ushi-oni was heard from within said Jinchuuriki's mindscape.

"Yo Gyuki, what's happenin'?'

"I don't know... I can feel it's power radiating from afar, its bone chilling... yet it feels awfully familiar"

'Think it might be bro? Don't think I've missed out on anything important for him to-"

"No... its definitely not your brother... it might be mine"

Trekking through the unknown training grounds, Naruto scanned the area with his basic Hunter Pulse as the mist cloaking the colossal turtle's shell shielded the island from any form of Chakra-based sensory; giving it the perfect camouflage against Shinobi.

Several miles in, the blonde Proto-Type noticed a change in the scenery; tall trees covered all but a few spots of sunlight, leaving the area darker than most. Hearing several snaps and feel the ground quake, Naruto picked up a rather large signature speeding towards him.

With a roar, out swung a twenty-five foot albino gorilla. Naruto took a glance around the ape and zoomed in to spot their nesting grounds, many families already on the move. Naruto could only guess that his malicious Chakra had labeled him a threat to the group.

"Easy big guy, don't want to-" before he could finish, the ape had already risen both arms and slammed them on his target. Not two seconds later were his appendages knocked back, Naruto who had morphed his arms into black shields, flared his Killing Intent in attempt to stop the ape's assault. While it did intimidate it, the albino gorilla did not flee, it instead beat its chest and gave a ear-piercing roar.

Naruto smiled, "Determined to protect your family, as should any natural born leader... I do not wish to harm you or your family but, if you continue to attack me then I won't hesitate to end you" he spoke with eyes glowing yellow.

The ape snarled before swinging a fist at the blonde, Naruto morphed his arms back and stopped the blow with an open palm, he then grabbed the fist and effortlessly tossed the gorilla overhead and onto the ground. He then morphed his arm into a Flail and crushed it's arm off, the primate's roar of pain echoed throughout the entire island.

Not giving time for Naruto to reel in his weapon, the ape used his one still attached arm to lunge himself, hoping to snag and tear apart the blonde with his gaping jaws. This however proved ineffective as the Proto-Type brought his free arm and leg up, keeping the ape's mouth open before setting it ablaze with a stream of flames.

Given an opening, Naruto reverted his Flail back and roughly pushed the burning ape back. Jumping on its chest, Naruto synchronized his Claws and Hammerfists to morph an arm into a jagged spiral Drill.

With a clockwise spin, he plunged the rotating blade deep into his opponent's torso, letting flesh and blood spew into the air seconds before his biomass sprouted, breaking down and consuming the gorilla into nothing more than a large puddle of splashed blood.

Naruto felt a sting crawl up his spine, hinting that his virus was further enhancing his genetic code; this proved positive as both upper-appendages morphed into dark-skinned, bulkier arms (Muscle Mass). Cracking his knuckles; giving the sound of crushing metal, Naruto gave a glance to the worried and frightened ape family, the younger males ready to protect in their leader's place.

Naruto turned away and muttered, "Sorry" before continuing forward.

Not twenty minutes later did the Proto-Type arrive at a rather interesting sight, an average sized home that closely resembled Gyuki.

"I've seen stranger" he spoke.

As he proceeded to knock on the door, he stopped and tilted his head, allowing a pair of Senbon to fly by and impact the door. As expected, Two and Eight's Anbu guards dropped down from the trees above, Tanto's ready to be drawn and hand's ready to weave seals.

"Who are you? How'd you find this place?"

'Seems there's no getting around this' he thought, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, it wasn't all too difficult finding Shimagame" reaching into his utility pouch and bringing out documented coordinates.

"The hell did you get those!" one demanded.

"You guys should really increase security around the archives" letting the page flutter away in the winds, "I'm not here to fight, I just need to speak with B and Yugito" this only increased the standoff's tension.

"You infiltrate our HQ, steal classified information, and caused havoc on the island, you honestly expect us to believe that you're just here to talk"

"To be fair, it attacked me first-"

"Silence! We're placing you under arrest, the T&I Department will reveal your true intentions"

Naruto sighs, "If I ain't going in, then they're coming out-"

"What are you-" without warning, Naruto flared his Chakra, causing the Anbu to shutter at the malicious feeling. The amount of Killing Intent that flooded the area forced them to their knees, soon enough, "Stop!" Yugito shouted as she jumped out of a window of the second floor.

Knowing he had gotten their attention he cut the flow of Chakra and allowed the Anbu to breathe normally.

"So you're Matatabi's host-"

She rose an eyebrow in confusion, "Who?"

'So she still hasn't bonded with her Bijuu, I wonder if B and Gyuki have'

"Yo! Number Nine! What's brought you here on a day so fine!"

"So you know, I'm guessing Gyuki told you?" his response was a grin from the Kumo Jonin.

"Wait, what? B, you know him?"


"It's best we speak in a more secluded area, I don't really trust your bodyguards with information I'm carrying"

"If you gotta stay low, might as well go with the flow~"

Naruto momentarily stares at B, "Does he always talk like this?" he asks Yugito.

"Most of the time"

Shimagame - Falls of Truth

Sitting in at a nearby log by the large waterfall and entrance to the Bijuu Temple, Naruto made sure the Anbu kept their distance before even starting a conversation.

"So who are you?"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, member of the Uzumaki Clan and Jinchuuriki of Kurama and Isobu, the Nine and Three-Tailed Beasts" while Yugito was greatly surprised that her fellow blonde was a host as well, she had great doubt at his second statement.

"That's impossible, no Jinchuuriki has ever had two Bijuu sealed within them and even if they did-"

"They're bodies wouldn't be able to handle the mass and would eventually overload and poison their Chakra Coils, which would spread and shut-down bodily function leading to death I know... I'm... a special case"

B could tell the blonde was uncomfortable with the subject and decided to move on, "So what's the deal, not here for a meal... are you?"

"No-" attempting not to roll his eyes at Eight's attempt in rapping, "I'm here to warn you about the Akatsuki criminal organization" he said.

"Akatsuki?" Yugito spoke.

"There are ten known members, composed of S-Ranked Missing Nin whose goal to capture and extract the nine Bijuu"

This got their attention, "What for?" B asked, rather seriously.

"We have yet to discover that information"


"Four, Five, and Seven are traveling with me, we're gonna eliminate the Akatsuki before they can do the same for us"

"And just how are you planning on doing that?" asked Yugito.

"We're setting up a base of operations in Uzu no Kuni, from there I'll be training them to fully master their Bijuu's Chakra... amongst other things"

"Hmm... S-Ranked Criminal Syndicate, the Nine Jinchuuriki banding together, and the chance to get more inspiration for my songs! I'm in!"


"Oh come on Yugito, I've almost never been outside the village borders, with me being the village 'guardian' big bro A and the council have restricted me from leaving Kumo"

"But what about-"

"Yugito, they're Chunin ready for promotion, they can handle themselves without me-" B stated, "But what's your choice?"

She remained silent, not really knowing what to say, in her younger days she as well as B suffered prejudice from the villagers due to their condition. However, once A took seat as the Raikage, Jinchuuriki were overlooked as cursed children and were seen as heroes. The bonds she created overtime made it difficult to leave; it would also result in status of Nuke Nin.

But her fellow hosts, they needed her just as much as the village, and if she stayed, the Akatsuki would eventually come for her.

"Can I think about it?"

"Take as much time as you need... meet us in Training Ground Seventeen"

"Sure thing!" B replied, holding out a fist.

Raising an eyebrow at the gesture, Naruto just rolled with it and fist-bumped with B before taking to the skies and back to Kumo.

"Oh~~~" Eight spoke with sparkily eyes, "He can fly!" Yugito could on stare in surprise.

The Following Day

"Naruto, what did you do?" Roshi asked, taking frequent glances around the village, as more Shinobi patrolled the roof tops.

"I've located Two and Eight... though the method of finding them, would eventually get the attention of the Raikage... those Anbu probably reported me too" he replied, currently shape-shifted into one of few Ex-Kumo Anbu he had consume.

The three knew of his little espionage in the Anbu HQ and understood why he went at it alone. Had they all gone, then the village would be after them as well and while Naruto could morph into a completely different person and cover his tracks, they couldn't and even under a Henge Kumo would eventually track and put them down for theft of S-Ranked Intel.

"So... what did they say?"

"Eight's in, Two hasn't decided yet"

"If she isn't... what then? One and Six are out, if the Akatsuki go for them how will we know about it?" asked Fu.

"I've thought about that actually, after we setup in Uzu we'll fly a quick errand to Yuki no Kuni (Snow Country), with their tech I can put together some distress beacons"

Causing little to no suspicion, Naruto dropped his disguise upon reaching the Training Grounds, sadly there was one thing he did not anticipate.

"Hey! What are you doing here, this is a private Training Grounds!"

It was occupied.

Not far from their position stood a three man squad of Chunin. One was dark skinned woman with long crimson hair and amber eyes, wearing a short-sleeved dress with filly edges complete with a Kumo flack jacket, a pair of yellow stud earrings, fishnet stockings, thigh-high boots, a bandana-style white cloud Hitai-ate, and a Katana strapped to her back.

The second, was dark skinned male with short, spiked, white hair; wearing a dark outfit consisting of an overlong shirt with a hood, red bandage hand guards, Kumo shin guards, and a black Hitai-ate. He too is seen with a strapped Katana and a lollipop hanging from within his mouth.

The third was a fair-skinned woman with a stoic expression on her face. She had a blonde asymmetrical bob style hair cut with the front bangs reaching her shoulders, she also wore a rather low-cut outfit that displayed her well developed cleavage, just beneath her mesh armor. Her attire also consisted of a short skirt, red hand guards, high boots, and a modified Kumo flak jacket that shielded her midsection. Much like her teammates, she carried a weapon of her own, a Tanto strapped to her lower back.

They were Karui, Omoi, and Samui, student's of Killer B.

"I know, that's why I choose to meet here"

"With whom?" Omoi asked a bit curious.

"Your Sensei, who else?"

"Oh, so these are Eight's students" Roshi spoke, generally surprised.

Knowing the four had knowledge of their Sensei's condition placed the squad on guard and on full alert, "Where is he anyway?" asked Han.

"Probably getting nagged at by the Raikage, most likely wants Intel on me"

"Wait a second... you're the one they're after!" Karui shouted in realization, unsheathing her blade in and hoisting it in a threatening manner.

"Crap-" Omoi adds in with a sigh and follows suit, Samui only narrowed her eyes at the four assailants. In most cases, anyone would show signs of hostility, nervousness, or hesitance like Omoi, these four didn't so much as falter at the Karui's hostile demeanor.

"We are not enemies towards your village or your Sensei, however we are only here to speak with him"

"We'll see about that" Karui retorted before blitzing forward at surprising speeds, "I'm gonna regret this" Omoi added, following Karui's lead. They however, never caught Naruto's sudden grin.

"And three, two, one-" he said, seconds before Yugito bolted from the trees and grappling both Chunin's wrist, effectively stopping their Shizā Keisei (Scissor Formation).

"Yugito!? What are you doing!?"

"Savin' Nine from a blade so divine... had Two not been so fast, your ending breath would've been your last"


"Stand down you two, they're not our enemies"

"But Sensei, they-"

"I know... and for good reason" Karui reluctantly backed away along with her teammate, Samui herself walked up and towards the group.

"B-Sensei, you seem to have a history with these people, if you don't mind me asking, who are they?"

"I wouldn't say history but, yeah, we're somewhat close... these guys share a common thing with me and Yugito-"

"We're Jinchuuriki" the whiskered blonde finished.

This got mixed reactions from the three; wonderment, confusion, and a pint of fear, why would four Jinchuuriki come to Kumo?

"So when do we skip?"

"That depends..." all five turned to the sixth, "Yugito?" he asked.

She gave a sigh, "I've thought about it... was a difficult decision to make, but... I'm in" she responded, earning a cheerful shout from the mint-green haired girl, "I'm not the only girl on this team anymore!" thus earning sweat drop from the group.

"Get packing you two, we're move within a week"

"Why the extended time?" asked the feline blonde.

"We don't exactly travel by foot, so we're gonna teach ya how to fly" Fu responded.

"Wait, wait! what's going on? Where are you taking Yugito and B-Sensei?"

The five turned to Naruto and merely stared at him, after understanding why. "Oh you guys suck" he then proceeded to explain the situation concerning the Bijuu and Akatsuki, by the time he finished explaining Two and Eight's recruitment, Karui was already attempting to strangle the Proto-Type.

'This is gonna be a long week' he thought as Omoi and Fu were attempting to pry the red-head off him.

Next Chapter: Commencing Operations

AN: And so end's the three part saga with the long awaited chapter of The Darkest Light, now before you guys say anything, I'd like to point out why this chapter took the longest to write. First off my biggest difficulty was how to portray the characters, I wanted B to remain somewhat like his canon self and reduced his rhymes. Yugito, I'm doing things a bit different with her, as you can, doesn't have a deep bond with Matatabi and is somewhat cautious on how she handles situations.

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