Reid's sister

Morgan pov

I started up my car left Hotch would take Reid with him. "So Anna how was your night?" I asked

"It was going well until that guy..." She said tearing up.

"I'm sorry it happened Anna" I said taking her hand in mine.

Anna took hers back "Morgan I like you but not like this. I'm sorry I'm in love with Hotch I love him it's been a while sense I had that kind of love. Morgan can you be my brother & friend that I never had besides the brother I already have" she said

"I'll think about it!" I said thinking about it.

"Yes!" I said

"What are you saying yes too?" She asked

"I'll be your brother & friend" I said she's smiling I like her already.

Hotchner's pov

I see her getting out of Morgan's car Anna is walking over to me black mini dress and black high heels if looks could kill now would be the time to kill me.

Anna if we we're not in front of your brother and my coworker. I would take you for a ride that you wouldn't for get. My little love bug!

We were walking in "Anna are you your fine?" I asked

I took her to the couch we sat there for an hour glazing to each others eyes for the longest time. Until she started falling asleep she looked like an angel in my arms I knew then & there I was gonna marry her soon.

"Anna lets get you into bed" I said standing up.

Reid came over "I'll do that Hotch no need for you to get all hot and bother by fun-loving sister of mine. I think you two were having to much fun for my point of view" he said Morgan came over, Anna blushed.

"Reid Hotch is in love leave him alone. He doesn't need a talk about sex which you know nothing about" Morgan said taking Anna to bed.

"Hotch I know you mean well but that's my sister were talking about" Reid said

"Reid if she's anything like you she'll be fine" I said getting up & leaving.

She's an amazing person I saw her look at me like I never seen that look before. It's like she's reading my mind without telling me, or before I do something she knows. I hope I get see her tomorrow cause I love her more & more everytime I see her. I want to get to know her.

Morgan pov

Goodness it was a mess last night I hope I didn't make a fool out of myself last night. I'm seeing Reid get up off of couch "is there anymore left" he said.

"Help yourself so how's Anna doing?" I asked

"Asleep I finally got to bed at 5 this morning, she's having the worst dreams. Morgan I know about what you said in the car she turned you down. Hey it happens to the best of us don't worry to much" he chuckled.

"hey now that's not cool man at all" I said laughing with him.

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