Benny Weir sat in Biology, the last period of the school day, listening to the teacher drone on and on about mitosis. "Will this never end?" Benny thought to himself. It was Friday and Benny was more than ready to get out of school. He looked over at Ethan who was doodling a spaceship on his completed homework assignment. Benny began motioning to Ethan who turned and looked at him. "After Class?" he mouthed across the isle.

Ethan looked at Benny with a gleam in his eye he knew exactly what Benny was talking about. That was the night that they would finally be allowed to stay home alone without Sarah, and since Jane was going over to her friend's house they were gonna tear it up. Everyone had been talking about this party for weeks and Benny and Ethan could hardly believe it was finally time. The bell rang resulting in Benny shooting out of his desk and out into the hallway heading towards his locker.

"Benny wait up." Sarah called from down the hall, Benny turned towards her as she took notice of his usual messy hair, blue and white striped polo shirt, and tight blue jeans. She motioned down the hall, "You seen the new guy yet?" Benny's gaze followed to where she was motioning, there stood the most amazingly beautiful guy Benny had ever seen. He took in the way his dark black hair flipped messily to the side and the way his dark skinny jeans made his butt look good. He noticed the way his tight white shirt defined his abs, and how cute he looked in his lime green jacket, complimented by his black Converse with splatters of pink and green paint on then.

"Benny, are you even listening?" Sarah asked, her light brown hair falling in curls complimenting her cocoa colored skin nicely. She began playing with the string on her burgundy sweater as Benny continued gazing dreamily towards the perfect guy just feet away from him. Benny nodded an began walking over to the model of perfection. Sarah scoffed as Benny left her alone, she stormed off angrily towards Erica, to confirm the weekends plan of hunting for guy, for dinner, and for the perfect dress for the upcoming formal.

"Hey i'm Benny, I noticed you were new here." Benny said as he approached the guy who had so effectively caught his attention. The guy nodded, a subtle, shy nod. "Well me and my friend were having a party tonight , if you wanna stop by if would be a good way to get to know people." Benny suggested. Again he got the same shy nod, as the students face turned a light pink color.

"Thanks." He said his voice flowing smoothly as he grabbed a black backpack with a big white S sewed into the back. Benny ripped a piece of paper out of his notebook and scribbled something onto it. He handed the paper over to the shy, beautiful, nervous guy.

"That's my number, call me if you need anything okay?" Benny asked. He nodded and took the piece of paper from Benny his hand shaking very slightly.

"By the way, my name's Spike Mitchell." He said quietly as he walked away from Benny heading towards the school entrance. Rory and Ethan approached Benny watching the new guy walk away.

"Who's that?" Rory asked his blonde flyaway hair bouncing as he glided over to Benny. Benny's Gaze followed Spike till he exited Whitechapel high and made his way into the street.

"That's the new kid," Ethan started, "I can't remember his name." Ethan began racking his brain for he name of this unknown guy

"His name's Spike," Benny said. Ethan and Rory pondered the information watching Benny's awkward stare. "Guys?" Benny said waiting for assurance that they were listening.

"Yeah Benny?" Ethan asked as Rory started at Benny waiting for him to say more.

"I think i'm in love." Benny said

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