"Ran, ran, ran, Byakuran!"

The white-haired teen grins, studying his new surroundings and humming a nonsensical tune.

"This doesn't really seem much different from your previous place," Kikyo notes.

"Kikyo, just the man I needed to see! Go out and buy me more candy!"

"But you haven't unpacked," the green-haired man objects.

"I'll handle it myself, now go go go!"

The long-haired man sighs, accepting his defeat and obediently letting himself be shoved out.

Byakuran shuts the door, twirls once, then claps his hands in delight, lilac irises gleaming.

"Now, to charm over the boy of my dreams~"

The doorbell rings.

"Who is it, at this time in the morning," Mukuro grumbled. He violently throws the door open, uncaring of whether it may hit the visitor.

"Good morning! I'm your new neighbour Byakuran, please take care of me from now on!"

Numerous packets of marshmallows drop onto Mukuro's feet, even more are pushed into his chest.

Mismatched eyes stare in disbelief. Byakuran takes his silence and look of incredulity to mean that he loves the fluffy food.

"I knew it! You're a fellow candy lover! Marshmallows are the absolute best, aren't they? Let's eat these together and share the bliss!"

He waxes poetics and grabs the other for a tight hug, beaming in joy.

Then he gasps. "It's alright if I hug you, right? Some people say I'm too touchy-feely... But I think they're missing out on the joys of skinship! By the way, you smell really nice. Is it your shampoo? Your hair is really pretty! Actually, I can't tell if you're a guy or a girl."

Mukuro decides then and there that he loathes his new neighbour.

Giddily racing back to his apartment, Byakuran laughs exuberantly and grabs a piece of paper.

Step 1: Introduce myself. Give presents. Check.

Step 2: Ask him out on a date.

Step 3: Win him over with my charms. Become official boyfriend.

Step 4: Happily ever after!

Kikyo returns just a few minutes after he does, three full plastic bags in his hands. "What's the matter with you?"

"I'm scheming a devious plan!" Byakuran chirps.

"I see," Kikyo tosses back, not batting an eyelid at the outrageous claim. "So what is the aim of your plan? To usurp the position of Principal at your University? To drive an innocent middle school boy to the brink of madness using underhanded methods, short of stalking? To take over the world?"

His best friend clicks his tongue, shaking his head in mock disappointment. "Why, as my buddy, I thought you had a better impression of me than that! No, the goal of my complicated plan is to win over the heart of my One True Love!"

Now the man blinks and echoes, "One true love?" in confusion.

Byakuran giggles and traces lines in the air. "He has pretty hair, kissable lips, a killer sense of fashion, lovely skin and best of all, sexy bicoloured eyes!"

I don't want to know how he even knows that, Kikyo thinks. In all the years of their friendship, this is the first time Kikyo has heard Byakuran say anything about his love interests.

"Good luck then," he calmly replies.

Ripping into a new packet of marshmallows, the lavender-eyed teen smirks.

"I don't need luck because my plans always succeed, but thanks all the same!"

A/N: Happy birthday twinny! This fic is dedicated to you! I wouldn't write 169 otherwise. This is part 1, I'll work on finishing this later. As in much later. Like one month late later. O Levels for me. I promise I will finish this. Are they horribly OOC? Well it's a modern, no mafia AU, so... As usual, point out any mistakes I missed/made & ConCrit is appreciated.