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"Seitei, these are the files you asked," said a woman, about Ishido Shuuji—or rather, Gouenji Shuuya's age.

He and you are in the same room, his 'throne' room as majority likes to call it. And well...

... Actually, he's pissed.

It's good that you love the same sport as he does, which is soccer. It' s good that you're the woman he has a crush on. But still though, just how dense are you?

This rare time when his 'throne room' is empty, with no one else beside you and him...

Well, it's not like he's going to do anything weird, but just... at least you could've acted like you cared.

But you didn't.

"...? Seitei? Are you sick?" you asked. Sadly your boss didn't at all, but instead he asked you to come closer. So you did.

You walked closer to his throne and him. A few steps.

But he gestured for you to come... closer.


You're literally in front of him now.

"Umm, Seitei? Do you need anything?" You asked. Instead of replying, suddenly he stood up and lift you, and he sat back, and made you sit on his lap. He hugged you tightly then.

"Seitei?" You asked again, confused.

"Stay," said the Seitei Ishido Shuuji, your boss.

"...?" You were about to ask again, but his steady breathing and silence informed you of his slumber.

"...Aah, you're really tired. I won't leave, so please, get a good rest." You said softly.

But then again, you're tired too. You've been running around the Fifth Sector's base for quite a while.

His warm embrace feels like a lullaby, and you found yourself drifting into sleep.

"I love you..." Gouenji muttered in his sleep.

Extra Optional Ending

Toramaru opened the door to the 'throne' room abruptly.

"Seitei! Seite—AAHHH!" He panicked, and quickly covered his eyes. "I'm so SORRY, I didn't mean to interrupt... whatever you were doing, Seitei!" Toramaru said, blushing beet red.


"...Oh, they're asleep..." Toramaru mumbled. "It's all well, then..." Toramaru said, smiling, seeing Gouenji with his (Toramaru assumed) lover.

He had never looked so peaceful like this.

This whole Fifth Sector's Soccer ordeal made him restless, and Toramaru's glad to find him finally resting comfortably.